Best Above Ground Pools 2023 [Do NOT Buy Before Reading This!]

best above ground poolsWe can all agree that owning a pool is considered a luxury for most households.

However, you can reduce the significant expenses that come with in-ground pools such as building permits and extensive labor costs by choosing the above ground pool instead.

It is an effective way to avoid getting permits and following building codes by getting an already pre-installed pool that you can set up in a matter of hours.

Finally, you will be able to rest assured and enjoy with the family during hot summer days.

We decided to present you with a comprehensive buying guide and reviews on best above ground pools that you can find on the market.

Model NameWater CapacityPrice
Intex Ultra XTR (Editor’s Choice)5,061 Gallons$$$
Intex Prism Frame Pool Set1,185 Gallons$
Intex Mini Frame Pool89 Gallons$
Intex Ultra Frame Pool Set3,357 Gallons$$$
Bestway 56407$
Intex Metal Frame Pool Set$$
Bestway Deluxe Kids Swimming Pool$$

1.Intex Ultra XTR – Best Above-Ground Pool with Sturdy Frame

Intex Ultra XTR

If you wish to get above ground pool that will provide you with a peace of mind when it comes to installation, you should consider the Intex Ultra XTR best above ground pool.

It comes with a specific frame that features galvanized steel as well as a precision-engineered locking system for additional durability, quality and stability.

You do not have to worry because the frame is rust-resistant since it features outer and inner powder coating that will ensure its resistance for years after purchase.

Another important consideration is that you will get a two-year warranty deal, which means that you will be able to repair it in case something happens along the way.

It comes with a 110-120V sand filter pup that features a pump flow rate of up to 200 gallons per hour. Other things include pool cover, ladder and ground cloth for additional convenience.


Durable frame
Simple to install
Affordable price tag
Two-year warranty
Ready to use


According to users, the pump is defective

2.Intex Prism Frame Pool Set – Best Above-Ground Pool for Entire Family

Intex Prism Frame Pool Set

Intex Prism Frame Pool Set is a perfect solution that will provide you with the possibility to enjoy in summer days all the way.

It comes with premium features that will stand the test of time, including high-end powder-coated steel frames as well as a durable 3-ply material liner, which will improve its appearance and design.

You do not have to worry because it features the standardized filter pump with the rate up to 330 gallons per hour, which is decent when compared with others on the market.

With its capacity, you will be able to fill it up in a matter of thirty minutes so that you can avoid downtime that comes with solutions that are more significant on the market.

The maximal water capacity is 1,185 gallons, which means that it can accommodate an entire family with ease.


Puncture resistant materials
Metal frame pool
Powder-coated steel
Amazing appearance
Simple to assembly


It is prone to leaking damage

3.Intex Mini Frame Pool – Best above Ground Pool for Children

Intex Mini Frame Pool

Intex Mini Frame Pool is a great solution that will allow your children to enjoy all the way. It is perfect for playing and splashing since it will provide you with peace of mind when compared with in-ground alternatives.

The overall water capacity can reach up to 89 gallons, which is enough to accommodate your young ones for the entire summer. It includes full horizontal beams for a repair patch kit, drain plug and additional comfort.

The frame comes from a galvanized metal steel frame, which means that you will be able to use it for years after purchase. It is simple to maintain, and it comes with a water pump that will provide you with peace of mind when it comes to filling it.

The main disadvantage is the expensive price tag when compared with larger pools that you can find on the market. However, according to users, it is durable so that you will get perfect enjoyment for your loved ones.


Safe for children over three years old
Durable galvanized steel frame
Padded horizontal beams for additional comfort
Simple to assemble and maintain


Expensive price tag

4.Intex Ultra Frame Pool Set – Luxurious Above-Ground Pool for Families

Intex Ultra Frame Pool Set

Intex Ultra Frame Pool Set is the best above ground pool that you can find on the market with a durable frame that will stand the test of time.

The frame is thoroughly engineered to provide you strength, which means that it features durable and sturdy steel frames that are powder coated for additional beauty and resistance.

The combination of increased strength with contemporary appearance makes it a standard solution that you can find on the market. You have to add Krystal clear cartridge pump and you will be able to enjoy sparkling and clear water along the way.

It will be ready in 45 minutes, which is a decent filling time when compared with other above ground pools on this particular list. The unique feature includes dual suction outlet fitting that improves water circulation and it will result in better water clarity and hygiene.

The sturdy ladder will also provide you with additional stability and support while climbing on it.


You can fill it up in 45 minutes
Robust ladders for additional enjoyment
Krystal clear pump for perfect water clarity
Durable steel frames with powder coating


Pricey than other above ground pools on this list

5.Bestway 56407 – Best Above Ground Pool with Affordable Price Tag

Bestway 56407

It does not matter if you are an adult or child, because people of all ages can enjoy splashing and swimming in Bestway 56407 best above ground pool.

It is an excellent alternative to the luxurious and more complicated steel-walled pool, and you will still get the one that will provide you with perfect stability and durability when compared with other inflatable pool choices.

It comes with frames that feature corrosion and rust-resistant coating so that you can protect the pool from abrasion damage and UV rays. Due to the 3-ply PVC support band, you will be able to enjoy additional stability to its wall.

Even though it is durable, you will also get a lightweight pool with perfect structural integrity. It is tear-resistant and it will not fade away in time due to sun exposure similarly to other choices within the price range.


Affordable price tag
Simple to install
No chemical floaters
Perfect stability


It is not as durable as other pools with steel frames

6.Intex Metal Frame Pool Set – Best Above Ground Pool With Durable Metal Frame

Intex Metal Frame Pool Set

If you wish to find above ground pool that comes with a high-end metal frame that will stand the test of time, you should consider Intex Metal Frame Pool Set.

Finally, you will get above ground pool that features durable and reliable metal frames that are tough enough to remain in your possession for years after purchase.

The best thing about it is the possibility to enjoy simple installation with a DVD guide that you will get within the package with all instructions that will help you along the way.

The filter pump comes with decent flow, and you will be able to fill it up entirely in half an hour. At the same time, it features enough room for the entire family to enjoy during hot summer days, which is another essential consideration and reason for its popularity.


Simple to install
Instruction DVD guide is included
Beautiful appearance
It can accommodate the entire family


The initial investment is expensive

7.Bestway Deluxe Kids Swimming Pool – Best Above Ground Pool For Young Ones

Bestway Deluxe Kids Swimming Pool

Bestway Kids Swimming Pool is a great solution that you can afford to your loved ones so that they can enjoy during hot summer days. You do not have to worry because it is simple to install and assemble, and you do not need professional help for it.

You have to follow the instruction manual that you will get within the package, and you can do it in a matter of minutes. It is also lightweight, which makes it appealing in case you wish to move it from time to time, which is not something you will get with other pools on the market.

Due to reinforced rope wraps at the bottom of the liner, you will be able to keep your legs in a firm position with ease. It comes with a flow control drain valve so that you can empty it in a matter of seconds.


The perfect solution for your young ones
Convenient instruction manual for installation purposes
Reinforced rope wraps at the bottom for additional stability
You can empty it in a matter of seconds


Due to the small size, it is not for adults

Best Above Ground Pools Buyer’s Guide

Pool Type

When it comes to above ground pools, you should know that you could choose inflatable, traditional, semi-buried, or fully buried above ground pools.

The decision depends on the amount of money you can invest as well as the size you wish to get.

Choose the Pool Height and Shape

Location is the first consideration you should make, which means that you should take into account safety, obstacles, and available space.

Allow three feet between the pool and other structures, avoid trees since roots can push above pool liners and select the level ground without underground cesspools, septic tanks and lines.

The next step is to choose height and shape, and you should know that the most common forms are oval and round pools. Round ones can reach up to 33 feet in diameter while oval ones can go between 18 and 40 feet depending on your preferences.

Decide the Type

The next step is to determine whether you should get steel pool, the one that features steep walls made of steel, or resin pool, which also features steel walls but other components come from heavy-duty plastic or resin.

Steel pools come with multiple layers of coatings and they are resistant to corrosion, while the resin is completely corrosion-proof.

That is the main reason why resin above ground pools is more expensive than steel ones.

Installation & Maintenance

Most of them are simple to install, and you should check out whether the pool comes with an instruction manual that will help you along the way. When it comes to maintenance, you should find the ones that feature filters so that you can boost water hygiene and avoid further issues that come with swimming in dirty waters.


When it comes to safety, you should consider pool-fencing regulations that you have to consider. At the same time, each package comes with label information that will help you determine what you should do to make it as safest as possible.


We have presented you with a comprehensive buying guide and reviews on best above ground pools that you can find on the market.

It is important to remember that everything depends on your preferences, available space you have in the backyard as well as the amount of money you are willing to invest.

In general, above ground pools are more affordable than in-ground ones, especially since you do not require extensive labor and building permits.

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