Best Angle Grinder 2023 [Do NOT Buy Before Reading This!]

best angle grinderWe can all agree that having an angle grinder is vital for your home toolbox.

They are affordable and can help you finish a wide array of the garden, home, and other DIY assignments.

Even though they look at first glance as simple-to-use tools, there is a wide selection, which makes it difficult to choose.

There are numerous factors and differences that you have to understand before you make a purchase.

That is the main reason why we decided to present you best angle grinder review and buying guide 2020:

Model NamePrice
DEWALT DWE402 Best Heavy-Duty Angle Grinder for Worksites$$
Hitachi G12SR4
Lightweight Angle Grinder For With Great Performance$
PORTER-CABLE PC60TPAGBudget-Friendly Angle Grinder For Heavy-Duty Assignments$
Makita 9557PBX1
(Editor’s Choice)
Professional Heavy-Duty Angle Grinder$$
Chicago Pneumatic CP875
Compact and Flexible Angle Grinder$$
DEWALT DCG413BBest Angle Grinder For Household Use$$$
Ingersoll Rand 301B

1. DEWALT DWE402 – Best Heavy-Duty Angle Grinder for Worksites

DEWALT DWE402 If you want to find the corded electric angle grinder, then you should consider choosing DeWalt DWE402 angle grinder. It will provide you a compact solution that will give you the possibility to work for the extended amount of time without any additional problem.

It includes powerful 11A motor that can reach maximum speed up to 11,000 RPM. Therefore, you will be able to use it for heavy-duty assignments. When we compare it with other products within the same price range, you will get one of the best power to gain ration in this particular angle grinder.

You will get with it Dust Ejection System that will improve the lifespan of this powerful tool. It will enhance longevity by automatically removing debris and dust that enters the apparatus. The leading cause of damages for power tools is the dust in the particles.

It includes two oversized brushes, which are the improvement when we compare it with the previous model. They are also better and thicker than the previous model and feature large-sized spiral bevel gear that will offer you additional transmission life.

You will get a One-Touch guard that will provide you 360-degrees rotation without the need for a wrench. As the addition, it comes with a top mounted spindle lock button so that you can enjoy an extra safety. You can optimize cutting depth by wheels, and change wheels without using tools for removal.

This particular angle grinder also contains small gripping surface, so that you can use it with more comfort during the intensive working hours. Due to side handle design, you won’t experience fatigue and strain.

At the same time, you will get the safety features that include automatic off as soon as brushes wear off and you need to replace them. You will get paddle switch with safety lock so that you can prevent any unintentional startup.


Lightweight and simple to use
Great construction that will provide additional protection
Fantastic features and precision perfect for worksite and home use
Dust Ejection System will protect the tool from harmful debris and dust


You won’t get protective case within the package

2. Hitachi G12SR4 – Lightweight Angle Grinder For With Great Performance

Hitachi G12SR4When it comes to performance and power, Hitachi G12SR4 angle grinder is one of the best ones on the market. At the same time, you will get combinations of dominant performance, reliability, and durability, which is the main reason for its immersive popularity.

As we take a closer look at it, we can say that it is user-friendly and robust. It includes 6.2 Amp motor that can quickly deliver maximum power up to 980W. Therefore, you will be able to use it for heavy-duty assignments.

It comes with convenient spindle lock so that you can quickly and easily change accessories and wheel between the works. In case that you are a handyman and you had prior experience in working with angle grinders, you will get a simple and powerful tool for everyday use.

It is compact and lightweight, which is an excellent feature when we compare it with other angle grinders within the same price range. It weighs only 4 pounds, which makes it easier to hold comfortably without getting muscle fatigue and strain.

The handle is removable, and you can attach it on either side so that both right and left-hand users can operate smoothly. You can use it for different job requirements because it has variable speed settings. It comes with several cutting and grinding wheels that can cut through thickest metal without any additional hassle.

You will be able to adjust the wheel guard for additional safety. At the same time, the tool will shut down immediately after it gets overheated. That way it will protect the operator from injury.

You will get the package-grinding tool, wheel guard for protection, five different grinding wheels, spanner wrench, side handle, abrasive wheels and a sturdy case.

In overall, Hitachi G12SR4 angle grinder is an excellent performance angle grinder that can finish any job that you need. However, it can get overheated quickly on low speed, which is its most significant disadvantage. You will still get a decent tool for everyday use.


Variable speed settings so that you can finish different jobs
Reliable and powerful with excellent performance for tough situations
Different wheels for diverse requirements
You can change wheels in a matter of minutes
5-year manufacturer’s warranty


It tends to overheat at low speed quickly

3. PORTER-CABLE PC60TPAG – Budget-Friendly Angle Grinder For Heavy-Duty Assignments

PORTER-CABLE PC60TPAGThe Porter-Cable PC60TPAG angle grinder is dynamic and robust power tool that comes from the manufacturer that became popular by making high-quality power tools for more than century.

The best thing about it is the compact and lightweight design that makes it highly portable. You will be able to carry it around to construction sites without any muscle fatigue. If you want to purchase corded angle grinder for job sites, it will fit you perfectly.

It weighs only 4.1 pounds, which makes it one of the lightest on the market. Apart from being lightweight, you will get the engine that can boast a great deal of power and provide you incredible performance. It uses 7A motor that can reach maximum speed up to 11,000 RPM, which is perfect for heavy-duty assignments.

It includes cast metal gear that will protect it from being overheated. Therefore, you will get a tool that will stay in your workshop for decades without any signs of damage. You will get grinding and cut guard so that you can perform a variety of activities.

You don’t have to worry because both guards are entirely tool-free, and you can quickly adjust it to keep the job more productive and safe. You will get the package grinding wheel, side handle, and wrench and cut-off wheel. It also comprises a user manual with instructions that will help you understand how to use it efficiently.

When it comes to durability, the three-year warranty is the proof that you will be able to use the angle grinder for years without any additional problem. You will also get one-year free service, to replace worn out parts and maintain it.

In overall, The Porter-Cable PC60TPAG angle grinder is lightweight, versatile and compact angle grinder that fits for both professionals and household users. It has some downsides such as a lousy cutting wheel that wears off quickly. Therefore, we recommend you to purchase additional just in case.


Perfect for job sites
It includes guards for additional protection
Three position handle for versatility
Lightweight and compact
2-year warranty


Cut-off wheels are not that efficient

4. Makita 9557PBX1 – Professional Heavy-Duty Angle Grinder

Makita 9557PBX1It doesn’t matter if you are a repairperson working in the workshop, or hobbyist that needs high quality, multi-purpose tool that will finish grinding, cutting and finishing of metals, Makita 9557PBX1 angle grinder is the best that you can find.

The heavy-duty grinder can achieve immersive performance because it works on the 7.5-amp motor. At the same time, it weighs only 4.5 pounds, which makes it lightweight angle grinder that will reduce the amount of fatigue.

Due to the compact design, labyrinth construction and excellent grip, you will get powerful tool that will stand the test of time. It construction protects and seals the engine and bearings by using a protective zigzag varnish that will reduce the amount of debris and dust.

It has an extra-large paddle for additional comfort after prolonged operation. Makita angle grinder has excellent safety features such as spindle lock that will provide you the possibility to change the wheel without using tools, and limiter that will stop the engine to reduce burnouts and overloads.

Apart from the idea that you will get a high-performance angle grinder, developers invested some time in making a smooth tool that you can work with for hours without getting tired. It has extra-large paddle switch for comfortable and smooth operation. Due to small diameter barrel grip, you can use the machine without getting muscle strains and blisters.

For most angle grinders, safety is a crucial feature, and you don’t have to fear of getting hurt. It includes all safety parameters that will reduce chances of risk. The protective guard will protect you from sparks, while labyrinth construction protects the engine from debris and dust that could damage it.

In overall, Makita 9557PBX1 angle grinder is high torque and high-speed angle grinder that can finish any work that you want. Due to robust motor and high output power, it is not for household use, but for professional and commercial performances.


Durable and robust
Simple to use
Compatible with different bits and accessories
Engine will boost the longevity


It doesn’t have variable speed settings

5. Chicago Pneumatic CP875 – Compact and Flexible Angle Grinder

Chicago Pneumatic CP875If you want to purchase lightweight and compact angle grinder that will provide you flexibility in tighter areas and exceptional maneuverability, then you should choose Chicago Pneumatic CP875 angle grinder.

This particular pneumatic angle grinder contains robust aluminum construction and nothing else. You won’t be able to find rubberized pads or plastic inserts. Everything is entirely metal, which is why you will get durable power tool for everyday use.

We recommend you to use rubberized gloves while operating for more comfortable grip. You can also use it for polishing and buffing almost anywhere and all surfaces. When it comes to power, it works through the compressed air that can reach maximum speed up to 22,500 RPM.

If you want it to work correctly, you need to use 90-psi pressure in the air. This is the standard measure for pneumatic power tools. It contains 1/4-inches collet where you can place attachments for dressing and polishing. You can also use grinding bits and wheels for expanding holes or cutting fine metal.

It consumes 11 CFM, and it can rise up to 22 CFM when you use it under higher loads. That is why you should find a high-quality compressor that can withstand its capabilities.

The main disadvantage is that you won’t get the variable speed control, which is strange at first, but you will get used to it. Due to 1-pound weight and only 4.88-inches length, you will get quite portable angle grinder. It is not too loud when compared with other pneumatic angle grinders, but we still recommend you to use earplugs as protection.

In overall, Chicago Pneumatic CP875 angle grinder is a robust and lightweight tool that will help you finish any job you want. Of course, due to its pneumatic nature, you will need more time to maintain it. You must also have an appropriate compressor that has enough power to handle heavy-duty pneumatic angle grinder.


All-metal construction for additional durability
Powerful and fast
Lightweight and compact
Less noise than other angle grinders


You won’t get variable speed settings

6. DEWALT DCG413B – Best Angle Grinder For Household Use

DEWALT DCG413BWe have all heard about DeWalt, and it’s impressive, reliable power tools that became prominent from the very beginning. The DeWalt DCG413B angle grinder maintains the same and even better quality. It is high-performance, brushless angle grinder that contains kickback brake and a paddle switch.

It has enough power to enter through cement and concrete without any problem quickly. When we combine the idea that you will get paddle switch, kickback brake, and two-stage trigger, you will get straightforward operation. Due to long battery life, you don’t have to make frustrating breaks in the middle of an assignment.

It contains a brushless motor, which means that you will get productive and extended lifespan of this particular angle grinder. Brushless motor also increases battery life and reduces the maintenance time. It is latest technology solution that most high-end power tools have in the arsenal.

We have mentioned above that it is lightweight with only 3.75 pounds, which is one of the lightest on the market. It includes 20V Lithium-ion battery that will provide it high working capacity without the possibility to make short pauses. At the same time, the charging rate is fast, but we still recommend you to have a spare battery.

When it comes to the protection it has overload safety and E-clutch, which means that you won’t get any kickbacks and snags that could make you a severe injury. It can reach maximum speed up to 9000 RPM, which is decent when compared with other angle grinders on the market.

The price is affordable and approachable, and when you compare the extra features with power, you will get a decent tool that can finish some worksite assignments. However, we don’t recommend you to use it for heavy-duty tasks.

In overall, DeWalt DCG413B angle grinder is high productivity angle grinder that contains a brushless motor that will maintain its durability. It is lightweight and highly durable which the main reason for its popularity is. Of course, it is not for heavy-duty assignments, but you will still be able to finish jobs around your household.


Efficient braking
Compact and lightweight
Durable battery life
Brushless motor that will expand the lifespan of tool


It can overheat after prolonged use

7. Ingersoll Rand 301B

Ingersoll Rand 301BIf you want to purchase ideal angle die grinder for an affordable price, you should consider Ingersoll Rand 301B air angle grinder. It is essential, general-purpose tool for grinding. The main reason for its popularity is the idea that you will get all necessary features in the compact and lightweight package.

You will be able to access tight and hard-to-reach areas because of its handy shape and design. Therefore, you can access features such as porting, polishing, breaking sharp edges, de-burring, and grinding on any surface and anywhere.

At the same time, when we compare it with average grinders, it is more powerful and faster. It contains 0.25 HP motor that can reach maximum speed up to 21,000 RPM. Even on this particular list, this is high performance and heavy-duty angle grinder.

You should have in mind that air pressure doesn’t pass 90 PSI. It can easily withstand rough job sites and harsh operating conditions because of robust aluminum construction that will provide you enormous durability. Nevertheless, you will get improved balance and reduced vibration thanks to its structure and ball-bearing design.

The best thing about it is the possibility to reach tight areas without any additional hassle. That is due to its design that mostly looks like dentist tool so that you can grind and shine up almost anything.

You can also avoid energy wastage and injury by accidental startup because it has integral lock throttle. At the same time, the front exhaust will make sure that working surface stays clean from debris and dust.

In overall, Ingersoll Rand 301B air angle grinder is an excellent solution if you want air grinder that can quickly reach any area you specifically want. It doesn’t matter if you’re going to use it for household or professional use because it can withstand lots of work.


Dependable engine that can reach maximum speed up to 21,000 RPM
Reduced vibration and great balance thanks to ball-bearing design
It can withstand hardest job sites
The safety lock throttle is simple to use


Some users state that it is difficult to make it start

Best Angle Grinder Buying Guide

If you want to finish assignments that require cutting, polishing or grinding, the best choice is angle grinder. However, it is difficult to determine which one is the best because there are numerous options on the market.

Some considerations are more, and some are less important, and we are here to present you everything that you have to consider before choosing best angle grinder:

Disc Size

This is the first and most important factor when it comes to an angle grinder. The bigger angle grinder’s disc size, the more power you will get.

However, the dimensions vary from tool to tool. The standard and most popular sizes are 4.5-inches and 9-inches. For example, if you have to finish the smaller job, then the smaller grinder is an excellent choice and vice versa.

Motor Power

Angle grinders measure power in the amp, wattage, and voltage. When it comes to voltage, you can choose between 110 and 230 volts AC; the wattage ranges between 500 and 2500 watts, and finally, amp ratings can vary between 4 and 15. These numbers will tell you the amount of power your motor has.

Even though, the lower score is enough if you need a grinder for household use, for heavy-duty projects you should choose the one with more amps.


Angle grinder contains lots of power. While operating, the disc makes between 5 and 10 thousand RPM. However, when you purchase high-performance angle grinder, it leads to specific risks of injury.


Two things could affect the enjoyment when using angle grinders. Its weight and size. In most cases, these two factors go hand in hand. Unless you need grinder for industrial or construction jobs, you can choose smaller units that are easier to hold for long periods.


We have presented your thorough review and buying a guide on best angle grinders on the market. The main idea is to combine everything that you have read so that you can create a bigger picture and finally make a quality purchase.

It doesn’t matter whether you need angle grinder for professional use or for the DIY workshop because in both cases, you have to prepare for the purchase. Power tools such s angle grinders are durable tools with great lifespan. You just have to choose once.

If you have anything to add or to ask, feel free to use the section below for the comment. We will answer you as soon as possible. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites.

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