Best Attic Ladder 2023 [Do NOT Buy Before Reading This!]

A good and reliable attic ladder is something that will provide us with safety and comfort while climbing up to our attics.

They must be made out of materials that will carry the weight of a grown man, as well as provide stability even for children. It means that these attic ladders have to be made out of materials that will give all of those requirements.

After carefully researching the market, we have decided to present you with attic ladders we find will be the most fitting for your needs when it comes to stability and reliability.

We hope that this cognitive guide will help you with that decision.

Model NameHeightWeight CapacityPrice
Louisville Ladder AA2210 (Editor’s Choice)10.25 Ft375 Pounds$$
FAKRO LST 668757 Ft, 2" to 9 Ft, 6"300 Pounds$$$
Louisville Ladder L254P8 Ft, 9" to 10 Ft250 Pounds$
FAKRO LWP 668097 Ft, 10" to 10 Ft, 1"300 Pounds$$$
Louisville Ladder S254P7 Ft, to 8-3/4 Ft250 Pounds$
WERNER LADDER AA15107 Ft, to 9 Ft, 10"250 Pounds$$$

1. Louisville Ladder AA2210 – Sturdy And Durable Attic Ladders

Louisville ladder AA2210

The Louisville Ladders have opening dimensions of 22.5 by 54 inches. It has a ceiling height that will fit 7-foot 8-inch up to 10-foot 3-inch ceilings, and has a step depth which will fit even the customers with the broadest stepping depth – it goes to 3.25 inches.

You should know that it is made to be sturdy and safe since it was made out of top-of-the-industry materials that are currently extensively used on the market in order to be produced into products that are hard but lightweight.

It can easily hold up to 375 pounds. You will get with it reinforced steps which are also grooved to provide maximum traction to the user.

This attic ladder also has hinges that not only help this ladder unfold smoothly, but they are also keeping the ladder stable, stopping it form any wobbling.

It has an elegant finish that also holds adjustable spring tension.


Sturdy and safe
Good weight capacity


No warranty included

2. FAKRO LST 66875 – Best Attic Ladders With Adjustable Fit


This is one attic ladder that you will install with great ease. It is an insulated ladder with a steel scissor mechanism that is good for rough openings that are 22 by 31-inch in size.

The Fakro LST 66875 best attic ladder is also adjustable so it can fit ceiling heights that go between 7 feet and two inches and 9 feet and 6 inches.

You will get an insulated wooden door frame that keeps and helps with the energy cost reduction.

Since we are all very well aware that ceiling hatches and opening are like a suction hole for the heat that our heating elements provide, and in time, that energy through heat can be immense.

It has strings that are s-shaped, which give this ladder a modern look, and they also come with a handrail, which is a feature that provides us with stability. It has a well-balanced door that opens and closes quickly.

The user weight this attic ladder can withstand is of 300 pounds and has a warranty of two years.


S-shaped strings
Insulated wooden frame


It can hold only 300 pounds

3. Louisville Ladder L254P – Best Wide Attic Ladder

Louisville Ladder L254P

Remember that this particular ladder is imported, but it was made from domestic and foreign materials.

It has a rough opening of 22.5 by 60 inches, so that makes it a quite full attic ladder, which means it can go to a more substantial side, but then again – it will provide stability like no other attic ladder!

Ceiling height goes from 8 feet and 9 inches and 10 feet high ceilings.

Apart from everything we’ve mentioned above, it comes from materials that guarantee that its’ design is safe and sturdy.

This ladder is capable of carrying 250 pounds, which is lesser when compared with other ladders, but since its’ width is sufficient, it will be no problem when carrying users to the top of the stairs.

It comes with, and easy-to-install guide, and even has a strap system that will ensure that installation went without a sweat.


Quite wide rough opening
Easy to install
Made out of safe and sturdy materials


Cannot carry to much weight

4. FAKRO LWP 66809 – Best Attic Ladder That Can Hold Up To 300 pounds


This attic ladder is quite easy to install, and it is made out of good quality wood! The rough opening dimensions of this attic ladder are 30 by 54 inches.

This ladder also has an adjustable height, which means that it can easily adjust to fit ceiling heights spanning from 7 feet and 10 inches and 10 feet and 1 inch in diameter.

As we have said, it is made out of materials that are quite durable, sturdy, and most important – safe for its’ user! It has an insulated wooden frame that helps to reduce energy spending and, in that manner – energy cost.

We are all well aware of how our ceiling openings can be real black holes when it comes to energy efficiency. They will suck out all the heat!

This ladder is designed to prevent that from happening.

It has a well-balanced door that opens and closes with ease. It can hold up to 300 pounds.


Can hold 300 pounds
Insulated wooden door
Easy to install



5. Louisville Ladder S254P – Best Attic Ladder With Adjustable Spring Tension

Louisville Ladder S254P

This attic ladder comes from a unique series of attic ladders that have a weight capacity of 250 pounds, and it is made out of wood.

Due to resistant steps that are added to ensure you with maximum safety and also an adjustable spring as well as T-handle, 3.5 inches reinforced steps, and easy-hang straps.

When it comes to safety, you should know that it exceeds safety standards that are set by ANSI, so that makes it one of the most user-friendly ladders on the current market.

The weight and loading capacity of 250 pounds, and it includes the weight of users or weight of the tools.

At the same time, it features adjustable spring tension; it has added strength and a wire rod under each step that is there, so its’ stability is improved.


Meets or even exceeds safety standards
Adjustable spring tension
Added strength


Carries only 250 pounds

6. WERNER LADDER AA1510 – Lightweight Attic Ladder


This ladder is, first of all, a lightweight ladder that is easy to open and to close. It includes an assist pole that makes it user-friendly for elderly users, which is a feature that not many of the attic ladders on the current market posses.

It can be installed into small openings, which makes it perfect for attics that are hard to access. It has non-marring feet, which ensure no slipping option.

This attic ladder is ideal for hallways, tight spaces in the house, and closets.

Apart from everything, it features a height range that is quite high, and it goes from 7 feet to 9 feet and 10 inches.

This includes floor to floor height. No warranty included in this product.


Includes pole to assist elderly
Can be installed into small openings


No warranty included

Best Attic Leader Buyer’s Guide

Ladder Dimensions And Your Available Space

This feature is quite important to users that do not have attics that have big openings, so it is good to always check the dimensions of your opening before making a purchase.

Length and Weight Capacity Of The Ladder

This feature is something that users should always bear in mind since someone that is overweight might be entering a risky situation when stepping on ladders.

Length is crucial since we need to have our attic ladder touching the floor, thus ensuring that we are in a stable position.


The aluminum-based ladder is the safest one on the market. Wooden ones look good, but might not be as flexible.

Ladder Materials

As we’ve mentioned above, materials are essential for durability. You can choose wooden ones, while aluminum-based ones are sturdier, but they come with a higher price tag, which is something you should remember.


To prevent high energy costs, this is the feature we should turn our heads at. The better the insulation of the ladder – the lesser the energy costs.

Styles and Design

This feature is something that will decorate our spaces around the attic; it is not a safety nor and energy feature. You can choose various styles that will provide you different features and convenience.

You can find scissor-style, folding, and telescopic attics based on your preferences.

Folding ladders can be folded automatically or manually. If you choose telescopic ones, they can glide by using connected sections. On the other hand, scissor-style ladders tend to expand differently when compared with folding ones.

Finally, you should choose based on your preferences.


Attic ladders need to be installed with ease to save us time, and use of power tools that are something that may damage the spaces around our attics.

It is a praised feature that an installation guide comes along with the attic ladder.

Of course, everything depends on type and style that you choose


We have presented you with the best attic ladder on the market. It is essential to read the buying guide and reviews so that you can determine the best one for your particular needs.

Remember that whatever you decide to choose, it should be based on your attic’s dimensions, so you should check that out before buying anything.

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