Best Backpack Vacuum 2023 [Do NOT Buy Before Reading This!]

Do you like to keep both your working and living space clean? If you are reading this review, chances are you do? Besides, one the best and most efficient ways to do so it by vacuuming, but the process itself can be rather tricky.

First of all, with a regular vacuum cleaner, there are several downsides. There is the cord, which is sometimes not long enough, especially when you have an ample space to clean.

Therefore, you have to switch between power outlets, which in itself do not require much effort, but it does meddle with your rhythm.

However, worry not, there is a solution, and that is a backpack vacuum, which is precisely what its name says. A vacuum cleaner you carry on your back. This solves most of the vacuum cleaner- related problems. Also, they are light and do not put much pressure on your back.

So, we have decided to compile a list of several best backpack vacuum cleaners, go through them, and of course, choose your pick if you want to.

Model NamePowerOutputWeightPrice
Atrix - VACBP1 (Editor’s Choice)1,400 Watt106 CFM18.95 Pounds$
ProTeam Super CoachVac1,188 Watt150 CFM11 Pounds$$$
GV 10qt110 CFM11 Pounds$$
Powr-Flite BP6S1,100 Watt120 CFM12 Pounds$$
Hoover C24011,000 Watt9.2 Pounds$$
Sanitaire EURSC412B8.5 Amp120 CFM11.5 Pounds$$$
Makita XCV05Z144 Watt53 CFM9.4 Pounds$$

1. Atrix – VACBP1 – Best Bargain

Atrix - VACBP1

We open up this list with one of the best devices there are, an Atrix product, model VACBP1 is something special. It is designed and perfect for cleaning large spaces like offices, warehouses, schools, hospitals, shops, etc.

It weighs only just over 10 pounds, which is lighter than some of the kids’ school bags, so it isn’t too strenuous. You can use both right and left hand easily.

It safely captures particles with its reliable 8-quart HEPA filter. Its CMF output rate is 106, which, combined with 1400-wat, 12-amp, 120-volt makes one serious machine.

Additional features are 6-inch hose, three blower nozzles, extension cord relief, and set of a hose and filter plugs, etc.

Another positive side of this product is that during the vacuuming process, it successfully removes all bacteria, germs, and allergens, making it impossible for those annoying things to go back to the space you are cleaning.


Strong motor
Removes particles from the air


Not cordless

2. ProTeam Super CoachVac – Best Performance

ProTeam Super CoachVac

Here we the product that is not only more expensive, and when we say that we don’t mean slightly, but instead multiple times, but it gives you the best performance on this list.

It is not only very efficient, durable and lightweight but also noise level production is at a very minimum.

Its motor is super powerful, ensuring proper filtration and good suction with four layers of air filtration. It has 1188, which provide 159 CFM with a static lift of 100 inches of water. Even though this model has a powerful motor, it is virtually quiet, with no noise pollution.

It has a power cord that is 50 feet long and being that long it ensures you could cover large spaces without switching power outlets. It also features a comfortable waist along with shoulder straps. It weighs only eleven pounds.


Great performance
Almost no noise
Long cord


Not cordless

3. GV 10qt Commercial Backpack Vacuum – Most Powerful

GV 10qt

One of the first things you notice when you look at this product is its sleek design. The outer case is made out of the high-quality aluminum case, which ensures it can endure even the toughest commercial jobs.

It is suited for any vacuuming, both low pile and high pile carpets. Premium tools include duster brush, crevice tool, and deluxe floor tool along with the upholstery tool. It can clean carpets, hardwood and upholstery.

It has a three-stage filtration. This means a sealed HEAP filter, which uses a 10qt washable cloth bag, so there is no need to buy new ones. It features 110 CFM and 120 inches of water lift, making it one of the most powerful devices on this list.


2-year warranty
Strong motor


Not cordless

4. Powr-Flite BP6S Comfort Pro – Best Comfort

Powr-Flite BP6S

Another regular backpack vacuum with a more than reasonable price. When using HEPA bags, it is HEPA filtered, which is logical.

It is specially designed for commercial use, most for hospitals, schools, stores, and places that are spacious and require vacuuming. It removes most of the microbes from the air.

It weighs just 12 pounds so it is pretty much lightweight. It also features its most distinct feature, the ergonomically padded waist, and shoulder pads, which, combined with its small weight, give you great comfort.

This part is being made by Deuters, a company that manufactures hiking and backpack gear. Its tool kit fits into the waist strap conveniently.


Great comfort
Perfect for commercial use


Not cordless

5. Hoover C2401 – Best House Vacuum

Hoover C2401

Another typical backpack vacuum cleaner, but the thing that sets it apart from the other product, is the fact that it can hold an astonishing 6.4 quarts of dust, more than any different model.

Of course, if features quality HEPA filters, that prevent particles such as allergens, bacteria, and microbes from going back to the space you are cleaning.

Another distinct feature is that this unit possesses two vacuuming wands, which can be used at the same time, so you can faster cover the same space or just horse around at work.

It weighs a little less than ten pounds, so it is lightweight and easy to carry around. It has a very long power cord, which enables you to vacuum the whole house using only one power outlet.

It is specially designed for domestic use. That means there is no better unit for cleaning shelves, furniture, and displays. One major setback is that it is not intended to vacuum floors, but rather other things around the house.


Big tank
Long cord


Not for floor cleaning

6. Sanitaire EURSC412B – Best Noiseless Backpack Vacuum

Sanitaire EURSC412B

If you wish to find a budget-friendly backpack vacuum, you should consider Sanitaire EURSC412B. It is a perfect solution that will provide you the basic appearance and a wide array of features you should remember.

Even though it is not as lightweight as others on this particular list, it won’t cause strains after the performance. It is also one of the quietest on the market with only 69 decibels.

You will get 12-inches cleaning heads that will increase overall efficiency, especially if you wish to handle large areas. It features a long cord, so you do not have to stop cleaning to reach a new room.

The best thing about it is the LEED certification, which means that it is energy-efficient. It comes with a HEPA filtration system similarly to more expensive vacuums that you can find on the market.


Affordable price tag
Energy efficient
HEPA filtration


It is not for high-pile carpets

7. Makita XCV05Z – Best Backpack Vacuum for Heavy-Duty Use

Makita XCV05Z

The Makita XCV05Z backpack vacuum is a comfortable solution that will provide you high-efficiency when it comes to suction levels. Keep in mind that it is a lightweight choice that weighs only 9.4 pounds.

It features carrying handle so that you can enjoy in harness system with adjustable shoulder straps. It features a 144-watt brushless motor that will power the entire system.

You will be able to generate 53 cubic feet per minute, which means that you can handle any dust and dirt along the way.

The best thing about brushless motor means that you will enjoy quiet operation up to 70 decibels so that you won’t need hearing protection.

It features two 18V lithium-ion battery packs that will provide you up to 90 minutes on low suction and 60 minutes on high performance. You will also get the 34-inch telescopic wand and a 39-inch bendable hose.


HEPA filtration
LED Equipped controller


Expensive price tag

Best Backpack Vacuum Buying Guide


When it comes to weight, you should remember that lighter vacuums would cause less strain on your back and arms.

Therefore, you should always go for a lighter solution, but remember that lightweight design will affect its overall power and running time.

Comfort and Ease of Use

Factors that affect the simplicity of use include weight, dimensions, and noise levels. For instance, if a vacuum features a large engine as well as a significant collection bag, it will be more substantial than the ones with smaller components.

Check out whether they feature additional attachments including detachable cleaning head so that you can improve maneuverability on various surfaces including upholstery, stairs, and narrow spaces such as closets and air vents.

Suction Power

The best backpack vacuums will provide you an exceptional suction power. You should know that the more power you get, the more you will be able to clean as a result.

Cleaning Tools or Attachments

Accessories are vital for getting the perfect vacuum cleaner for your needs. You can find ones that feature multi-purpose kits with numerous attachments so that you can increase overall efficiency when it comes to cleaning various surfaces.

The most common accessories include upholstery tools, hoses, extension wands, crevice tools, floor brushes, and dust brushes. You can also find more expensive models that feature additional nozzles for handling narrow areas and pet hair.


Backpack vacuums tend to feature HEPA filtration system, which is an essential feature that will help you protect the area you’re cleaning from allergens and other dust particles that may affect your overall health.

Stages of Filtration

The best way to determine the effectiveness of the backpack vacuum cleaner is based on filters. Finding models that feature multiple stages of filtration is perfect because you will be able to handle a broad array of contaminants such as airborne microbes, dander, dust, dirt and other allergens.

Cord Length

The cord length will determine the convenience and efficiency when it comes to operation. The standard measurement is approximately 50-feet long, while you can find the ones that feature flexible hoses so that you can improve the overall reach.


Finally, similarly to the motor, the more debris your vacuum can hold, the higher the position will be. The minimum ability should be at least one gallon, and if you find anything less than that, you should avoid it. You can find numerous backpack vacuums that feature 2.5 gallons of capacity.


Choosing the best backpack vacuum isn’t easy at all; you have to consider many things. However, we hope than we have been helpful, at least to some extent.

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