Best Backup Sump Pump 2023 [Do NOT Buy Before Reading This!]

Many of us live in houses and have basements. This fact presents the risk of basement flooding. To avoid that you should, of course, own a sump pump, which will remove water should the need arise.

But what if the original pump fails. Technical difficulties, or overloading the system can cause this, what to do then.

Well, the best answer would be to own a backup sump pump if you don’t wanna run up and down the stairs with buckets in your hands.

A backup does exactly what its name suggests, it is there to the replacement if the original pump fails, but only in that case. It is not designed for common use.

Another problem would be how to pick the best backup pump for you, but how to do that. That is exactly why we have compiled a list of several best choices you can order on Amazon.

Model NamePumpCapacityPrice
WAYNE CDU980E3/4 Hp4,600 GPH$$$
Zoeller M53 (Editor’s Choice)1/3 Hp2,680 GPH$$$
DEKO 3302GPH1 Hp3,302 GPH$
DEKO 1981GPH1/2 Hp1,981 GPH$
WAYNE CDU7901/3 Hp4,600 GPH$$
Superior Pump 923411/3 Hp2,760 GPH$$
WAYNE CDU8001/2 Hp5,100 GPH$$

1. WAYNE CDU980E – Best with Integrated Vertical Switch


This product is made by the best American producer of sump pumps, and that alone bears some credibility. It is best suited for medium or large basements.

But there is a catch if you don’t want to extract much water you should consider getting a weaker pump because this one is really strong.

Also, you must definitely check your drain and is it compatible with this pump. Besides that, this product is very easy and safe to install.

This pump is actually automatic and has a vertical float switch. It turns on by itself when the water level reaches nine inches.

It is designed in a way that makes is very hard/virtually impossible to clog and create further problems, an excellent choice for a big basement.


Cast iron seal plate
Can pump out large quantities of water


Not designed for smaller basements

2. Zoeller M53 Mighty-mate – Best 1/3 hp Pump

Zoeller M53

When you take a first glance at this device you may think it is a remnant of the 1980’ but looks can be deceiving, and in this case, they definitely are.

It does have one downside, and that is you have to carefully plan a place where to put it because once set, it is very difficult to be removed.

Since this is the submersible pump its outer layer is very endurable and is made out of cast iron which covers the whole motor, preventing it from coming into contact with water.

It has a cord that is 3 meters long and protected from electric shocks. Another feature is a switch guard that protects it from outer environmental effects. This product is a bit more expensive but makes up for that gap in performance.


Great performance
Iron case
Hermetically sealed


The switch has a short lifespan
Hard to move when in place

3. DEKO 3302GPH Sump Pump 1HP – Best Bargain


This is one of the cheapest products on this list, but don’t think for a second to dismiss it solely for its more than modest price.

First of all, this pump has one horsepower, which is pretty strong. The one thing where this low price reflects is its design. The outer shell is made entirely of plastic, which isn’t very good for longevity. There is no warranty offered for this pump.

Another thing is that it tends to tip over, so you have to come down to the basement from time to time when it is working just to see if it is standing straight.

Besides those downsides, it turns on and off automatically with the limit being at 4.7 inches. You can also use it to drain water successfully from other places such as pools, gardens, holes, etc.


Strong motor


Not very durable
Tends to tip over

4. DEKO 1981GPH Sump Pump 1/2HP – Best Placement Flexibility


Almost the same as its predecessor above from the same manufacturer, only this model has only half a horsepower engine power.

Naturally, the price is even lower. Its outer case is made out of plastic so don’t expect it to last years, but the main thing about this pump is its 16-foot cable, which makes it perfect for transferring water from one place to another.

Another feature is its multiple outlet sizes which make it even more convenient for usage.

This product also has thermal overload protection, which keeps it from clogging. If you want to pump some water in or out of your pool, and don’t want to spend much money, this device is a perfect choice for you.

There is no information about the warranty.


Long cord
Great for transporting water


Not durable
No warranty

5. WAYNE CDU790 1/3 HP – Best Iron and Steel Cast


Another great product from a great producer. People from Wayne surely do not mess around when we talk about pumps. Unlike the other Wayne model on this list, this one is submersible, featuring a vertical float switch.

This pump is great for small or medium basements. Even though the price is not too low nor too high, the performance is very satisfactory. Its cast is made out of both iron and steel, so you know that durability does not come into question.

It features a 1/3 horsepower motor, which is pretty strong for a pump this size and can provide water flow of almost 3,800 gallons per hour, now that’s a lot.

Another interesting information about this unit is that it has been tested to 1,000,000 cycles, in words: one million. So if there were any downside, they were fixed.


Great performance


Not suited for large basements

6. Superior Pump 92341 1/3 HP – Best for Simple Purpose

Superior Pump 92341

Here we again have another submersible pump, only this time the manufacturer is Superior. It is highly durable, as its outer cast is made out of iron.

This means that there is no way for water to reach the motor inside of it. It also has an iron base, this was designed so it could stand firmly at the bottom of any hole or pit. It can operate within confined spaces with the help of the automatic vertical float switch.

Another feature is a 10-foot cord, for better maneuverability. Its motor is pretty powerful too. It has 1/3 horsepower and can pump up to 45 gallons per minute.

The only downside is that you will, of course, have to ensure that your connecting hose matches the one of the pumps.


Strong motor


Cannot fit every hose extension

7. WAYNE CDU800 1/2 HP – Best overall


Last but not least, we have another product from Wayne. These people just can’t stop making good pumps. When you take both the money and the performance this would be our perfect pump.

Modest price, for a pump this good. It is also submersible, featuring a ½ horsepower motor, that allows it to pump almost 3,200 gallons of water per hour at a depth of 10 feet. As the depth becomes bigger, the flow gradually becomes less, which is logical.

The downside of many other units is, unfortunately, the noise level. But we highly doubt you will watch any movies or have any important conversations in your basement while it is working. But if you do, you can do it without care, since this pump is really quiet.

Other than that this is a rather reliable machine with the iron outer cast, ensuring durability.


Powerful motor
No noise


None that we know of

Best Backup Sump Pump Buying Guide

Buying a product like this can be a lot tricky for the simple reason that it is not being done much often. A lot of parameters have to go into consideration, along with a lot of thought since some of them are not at all cheap machines. But do not worry, we are here to help you with that.

Solar Battery

If you do not want to spend money on electricity and help save our planet along the way then a solar battery unit is a perfect fit for you. There aren’t a lot of them, but enough for you to make a choice.

AMG Battery

In the case, you don’t care that much about Earth and just want to get the job done we recommend this battery. It doesn’t require time to charge, just place it and you’re ready to go.


Iron and steel outer casts are naturally the best recipes for durable pumps. But you can also get a cheaper version, which is made out of plastic.

Pump Capacity

This, of course, is what you should know just by the size of your basement. The choice here should be simple for you.


This is fully optional, and comes down to what do you prefer. To hear a pump working in the basement while you are watching a movie on your sofa, or the completely silent one. Again you that is up to you.


Choosing the right backup for your basement can really be a hassle. Going through so many options, and yet not knowing enough to get a big picture of your choice.

Thankfully we are here to guide you, but we cannot make that choice for you. Only you know what exactly do you need. Good luck with your purchase.

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