Best Battery Powered String Trimmer 2023 [Do NOT Buy Before Reading This!]

So you have a problem with weeds and tall grass you want to take care of. So you go down to the store and of course they offer you a gas trimmer, which is naturally more powerful than an electric one.

But, what they don’t tell you is that the one using gas is going to need a tune-up because the carburetor will eventually go out of adjustment.

Not to mention that it uses gasoline and is not that good for the environment, it may be just a drop in the ocean but it is still contributing. Plus they are loud and heavy.

Battery-powered ones, on the other hand are eco-friendly, and also lightweight, so that anyone could handle them.

But now the new question arises, which one to buy?

Well, don’t worry, we have compiled a list of several best battery-powered string trimmers. Let’s hop into it.

Model NameBatteryCut PathLine SizePrice
Greenworks 210160240V Max 2.0Ah12"0.065"$
DEWALT DCST920P1 (Editor’s Choice)20V Max 5.0Ah Lithium Ion13"0.080"$$
VonHaus 40V Max40V Max 2.0Ah battery9.8"0.065"$
WORX WG19156V Max Li-Ion13"0.080"$$
DEWALT DCST990H140V Max 6.0Ah15"0.080"$$$
Makita XRU09PT136V LXT Lithium-Ion13-3/4"0.080"$$$

1. Greenworks 2101602 – Best Bang for Buck

Greenworks 2101602

Here we have the product from the Greenworks which only confirms their credibility in the manufacturing of home appliances.

This is a pretty standard weed wacker for a fair price. It is powered by a motor that possesses a voltage of 40V. The cutting path is 12 inches wide. The spool type is dual along with automatic line feed.

Another great feature is that you can set whatever trigger speed you like, which is a nonexistent option with gas trimmers.

Unfortunately, there is no attachment capable. But the device itself has a warranty of 4 years, and the battery alone of 2.

This is great, especially if you intend to use it intensively, and Greenworks is long in the business so you don’t need even to doubt their products are reliable.


Great warranty
Great performance


Not attachment capable

2. DEWALT DCST920P1 – Best Brushless Motor


This model features a brushless motor that maximizes its efficiency and durability. Basically this is a great choice if you need a device that will take care of your weeds problem.

Its engine has the power of 20 volts and is optimized enabling it to take care of thicker areas of weeds, a feature many other models can’t say they possess.

The model also has a cutting swath of 13 inches which is pretty standard along with dual 0.080″ line with bump feed.

Like other electric trimmers its speed control can be adjusted with a variable trigger. It comes with a 5.0Ah lithium-ion battery, along with the charger.

Even though it is the most expensive weed wacker on the market it is still out of the price range of many costumers.


Lithium-ion battery
Good performance
Great warranty



3. VonHaus 40V Max Cordless Easy Feed String Trimmer – Best Bargain

VonHaus 40V Max

Here we present you one of the cheapest products on this list, but don’t think for a second that its modest price implies weak performance.

It possesses a 40-Volt motor with a pretty good auto-feed line cutting system that goes along with 90 degrees angle adjustment lock and also 9.8-inch cutting swath.

The device itself is lightweight and made with ergonomic design, so it is very easy to carry and operate. Its soft-grip handle offers great mobility and operation that can be called comfortable.

The product also features safety and edge guards that go along with 2.0Ah lithium-ion battery and charger. It is distinctive in orange, black and grey colorways.

The model is part of the VonHaus Max Lithium-ion G Range, which makes it one serious weed wacker.


Great performance


Cutting swath not so wide

4. WORX WG191 – Best Performance


Worx is very well known for their outdoor equipment so there is no need to worry about the reliability of this model. Like other electric trimmers it provides great performance with zero emissions, since it doesn’t use gas.

The thing that really sets it apart from other models is its motor which has the power of 56 volts. The company has just recently started making motors this strong and most of the costumers approve of it.

It also features an innovative command speed spool system, a new specification that offers on-demand line feeding.

This trimmer may be a little out of the range of some costumers but it is worth every dollar spent. It has by far the best performance and can handle even the toughest tasks.

The maximum comfort while edging is provided by the rotating rear handle. It can tackle any terrain using the pivoting  cutting head and straight shaft design.


Excellent performance
Powerful motor
Usable on every terrain


Slightly expensive

5. DEWALT DCST990H1 – Biggest Cutting Swath


This is another model from Dewalt, proving their credibility in electric trimmers game. The thing you notice first that it comes already assembled, so no need to toy around it for half an hour, putting every part in its place, it is ready to be used.

The model is not very light but that is because its head is encased in metal and designed to last. The design is not very aesthetically pleasing but you don’t want to take pictures of it for Instagram, you want your trimmer to be durable, which is the case with this one.

It comes with a 40V maximum 6.0Ah lithium-ion battery along with the charger. Another feature is a fully variable trigger which allows you to adjust the speed to your liking and to the conditions of the terrain.

This model has the biggest cutting swath on this list, the enormous 15 inches. The price is a bit high, but you know that you will get sheer quality for your money.


Big cutting swath
Great performance


A little bit expensive
Not so light

6. Makita XRU09PT1 – Best Quality

Makita XRU09PT1

You know that when a Japanese company produces something, it is top-notch quality, and Makita is one of the best companies in the business, especially when it comes to cordless OPEs.

Zero emission, little to no noise and very little maintenance this product is a must-have if you have the money and want the best quality.

Why do we mention money, well this is also the most expensive item on this list, several times more than the runner-up.

But that high price guarantees that you won’t need to buy another one for years and years, unless you drive your car over, maybe not even then.

Its brushless motor direct-drive system provides increased torque and high power. Another distinct feature is a reverse rotation function which allows you to clean the trimmer quicker than other ones.

It possesses two speed options, a low one that is 5,000 RPH and a high one, which is 6,500 RPH. The extreme protection technology is specially designed for improved dust and water resistance while operating in most difficult conditions.


Great performance
Excellent durability
Two speed options
Great warranty
Reverse rotation function


Very expensive

Best Battery-Powered String Trimmer Buying Guide

When you decide you need to buy battery powered trimmer the difficulties just start, because you have to pick the right model.

Doing that is not so easy, since you have to take a lot of parameters into consideration.

If this feels like too much and you just want to order the first one you come across don’t worry, we are here to help you with that too and in order to do that we have compiled a list of several things you should check first.

Battery type

When buying a cordless trimmer the first thing you should pay notice to is the battery type since a lot relies on it. The best ones are lithium-ion ones but a lot of people do not know that and usually choose cheaper models. Do not do that! Lithium batteries are not more expensive to the extent that you would rather buy a worse model. A few extra bucks would mean a much better model.

Battery voltage

This parameter determines the motor strength and power. The stronger the battery the stronger the motor is, simple as that.

Battery capacity/size

If you want the trimmer that can run longer than other models choose the one with bigger battery capacity. It will mean a lot when you use it, trust us.

Battery run time and charge time

This is actually more irrelevant to people who only occasionally use their trimmer, but for those who take it out of their garage more frequently it is an important feature of a weed whacker.


Another simple parameter, the lighter ones are easier to operate and carry, but there are also people who just don’t care about it since they are used to carry heavy items.


Smarter design means a more durable product, and we are not talking about aesthetic values. Also it makes it easier to clean and operate.


Choosing the right electric trimmer is not easy, a lot of thinking has to go into it, but we hope we made it at least a little easier for you.

Of course, the next step for you is to narrow your search down depending on budget, and what you wish to achieve with it.

We recommend you to ask us anything if you have questions before making a purchase, because that way you will be able to reduce the hassle of buying unworthy string trimmer. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites.

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