Best Circular Saw 2023 [Do NOT Buy Before Reading This!]

best circular sawWe can all agree that almost each handyman tool bag contains circular saw. That is because it has excellent capabilities and in most cases, it is portable and lightweight.

However, the main problem is choosing the appropriate one for your needs.

You don’t have to worry anymore because we conducted a list of best circular saws so that you can see which one applies to you.

Of course, most of them come with different features, different price ranges, from low-end models to most expensive ones. That is the best way to find the one that will become perfect for you.

That is the main reason why we decided to present you best circular saw the review and buying guide 2020:

Model NamePrice
DEWALT DCS391BPowerful Homemade Circular Saw$$
SKIL 5280-01Mid-Range Circular Saw for DIY Projects$
DEWALT DWE575SBCompact Circular Saw for Beginners$$$
Makita 5007MGPowerful Circular Saw With Lightweight and Compact Body$$$
Tacklife Circular Saw with Laser GuideBest Light-duty Circular Saw$
Makita XSS02Z (Editor’s Choice)Most Comfortable Circular Saw On the Market$$
Bare-Tool Milwaukee 2630-20Lightweight and Durable Circular Saw$$

1. DEWALT DCS391B – Powerful Homemade Circular Saw

DEWALT DCS391BDewalt DSC391B circular saw is one of the best circular saws that you can find on the market nowadays. According to the manufacturer, it is precisely made to cut through plywood and other wood materials, but you will still be able to finish more daunting tasks.

First, we want to mention that you will get quality and durable construction as well as housing. It uses a high-quality aluminum shoe that will make it durable and lightweight while making quality and precise cuts. It also includes ball bearing lower guard that will help you finish more difficult assignments.

You should have in mind that this particular circular works on battery, which is the convenient way to use it wherever you are without a power outlet. This is perfect for people who use the tool for home projects because you will be able to replace the battery with the spare one while you recharge the first one.

The best thing about it is its lightweight, which is only two pounds. Finally, you don’t have to worry about arm fatigue, and you will be able to finish more extended jobs without any additional problem.

When compared with other models on the market, this is one of the lightest options available. However, the lightweight feature won’t compromise the overall durability, which is one of the reasons for its popularity.

It includes safety features such as electric brake that comes in handy because you will be able to prevent accidents by releasing the trigger. The brake can reverse the flow of electricity so that you can keep from hurting your fingers while performing cutting tasks.

Fine-tuning and dialing are as simple as possible, and you can adjust the blade at 90-degrees, which is an excellent deal because you won’t be able to find the similar feature on other circulars within the price range.

In overall, Dewalt DSC391B circular saw is a decent solution for your DIY projects, but you can still finish tasks that are more demanding. Of course, everything depends on your preferences, but the combination of features and the budget-friendly price tag is why you should consider it in the first place.


Compact design for working without fatigue
Electric brake as safety measure
Battery powered which it makes highly portable
Fine tuning and dialing


Saw sole can be unreliable from time to time

2. SKIL 5280-01 – Mid-Range Circular Saw for DIY Projects

SKIL 5280-01Skil 5280-01 circular saw is also a lightweight model that will provide you perfect solution for DIY projects. Unlike other saws on the market, this particular one has its blade on the right-hand side, which will make blade challenging to see while you use it. On the other hand, this position will provide you better balance and possibility to easily maneuver and handle it.

It includes saw’s spindle lock that will hold the shaft in one place, so it makes it difficult to change the blade. You will have to use a single hex wrench to replace it. Just use the hex wrench in the slot that is on housing and store it afterward on it so that you can use it without searching for it all the time.

It includes convenient and useful laser guide that will increase the precision of your cutting and show you the path so that you can make the more accurate cutting. This is precisely great because it will allow you to use it even though you are just a beginner in cutting with circular saws.

Skil 5280-01 circular saw is the corded version that contains 6-feet long power cord, which is the shortest one available on the market. The standard is 10 feet long, and that will reduce the possibility of movement.

When it comes to performance, it as the cutting depth of 2-7/16-inches and you can quickly place it at a 90-degrees angle. On the other hand, the cutting depth becomes 1-15/16 if you choose the 45-degree angle. The maximum angle is up to 45-degrees, which is an excellent solution for finishing most projects.

The blade runs at 5300 RPM, and even though this is not so much when compared with other circular saws on the market, you will still get smooth, clean and straight cuts. It includes a one-year warranty that will allow you to return it for a new or repair it free of charge.


Laser guide for straight cut
Spindle lock will keep shaft in one place
Maximum bevel up to 45-degrees
Smooth, clean and straight cutting performance


You won’t get electric brake or rip fence

3. DEWALT DWE575SB – Compact Circular Saw for Beginners

DEWALT DWE575SBFirst, we have to mention that with DeWalt DWE575SB circular saw, you will get lightweight and compact saw that you could easily handle and control. Due to its design, you will have less hassle in cutting through even most robust materials.

As the previous circular saw, this one too has the right-hand side blade, which is problematic because you won’t be able to see the blade while working. However, it is much more comfortable and balanced than the other solution.

It includes spindle lock, which is an excellent feature that will lock it in place so that you can remove the blade. For those purposes, you have to use single hex key and remove two wrenches. This process will last a few seconds.

You will get a robust, durable and soft carrying case that is simple to transport so that you can protect the tool while carrying it. You won’t get rip fence feature, which means that you have to purchase it separately. It works with 9-foot power cord, which is long enough to use it but it will still reduce the mobility based on the power outlet.

The best thing about it is that you will get a 15-amp saw that can reach up to 5200-RPM speed. Even though it is decent speed, it is still not too much when compared with other circular saws within the price range.

You can make 2-9/16-inches deep cuts while using the 90-degree angle; for 45-degree angle, the maximum cut can reach up to 1-29/32-inches. You will be able to cut through the 2x material without any additional problem. It contains 57-degree bevel, which is an excellent solution when you compare it with other tools on the market.

In overall, we can say that DeWalt DWE575SB circular saw is one of the best circular saws on the market due to its cutting capacity, compact design and possibility to maneuver without any additional problem. However, you still won’t get riper fence so that you can make some cuts in the row, which is the main disadvantage.


Easy to maneuver
It can reach up to 57-degree bevel
Great dusting features


You won’t get riper fence feature

4. Makita 5007MG – Powerful Circular Saw With Lightweight and Compact Body

Makita 5007MGIn the world of circular saws, Makita is one of the most prominent manufacturers that have been on the market for decades. That is why you should consider Makita 5007MG circular saw, which is an excellent solution for both hobbyists and professionals.

It includes magnesium construction, which is the excellent and unique way to retail durability and stability and reduces the weight at the same time. Magnesium is the excellent, trustworthy and reliable element when it comes to construction of power tools.

It works on the 15-amp motor that can quickly deliver up to 5800 RPM. You will be able to supervise the cut because of lightweight composition, which is the reason for its stability. You can make two positive stops at 45 and 22.5 degrees.

Maximum cutting capacity at 90-degrees can reach up to 2-1/2-inches, so you don’t have to worry about the size of the wood that you want to cut through. You will also get a dust blower that is integrated into the unit, which is standard for the price range of this particular circular saw.

It will finish your job by keeping your working area free of dust and debris, but there is nothing unique about it. You will get a useful machine that will stand the test of time. However, we still recommend you to use safety glasses while working.

In overall, by choosing Makita 5007MG circular saw, you will get a great deal of power in combination with ergonomic and lightweight construction. According to numerous users, it is crucial to consider weight especially if you want to move it frequently.

On the other hand, you won’t get too much safety features, which are the main downside that could be crucial for most people. Circular saws are dangerous tools that could create a mess, and that is the reason why you should consider wearing glasses and other protective equipment.


Durable and lightweight construction
Maximum cutting capacity can reach up to 2-1/2-inches
15-Amp motor can deliver 5800 RPM
Decent dust blower
Perfect for both hobbyists and professionals


There are no reliable safety features

5. Tacklife Circular Saw with Laser Guide – Best Light-duty Circular Saw

Tacklife Circular Saw with Laser GuideIt is always better to own a high-quality circular saw in your household garage than calling for professional help each time you need something finished. If you want to have hassle-free life, we recommend you to check Tacklife Circular Saw with Laser Guide.

It is an excellent choice if you want to perform light to medium duty tasks with ease and comfort. You will get the durable unit that will provide you enough power to cut through any material without any effort. It contains 5.8 Amp motor that can reach up to 3500 RPM. That makes it a great tool but only for smaller projects.

This particular circular saw has enough power to handle 2 x 4 woods in one pass, mainly because it is simple to maneuver with it because of lightweight design.

It weighs only 5.3 pounds and contains thin blade that will provide you tool-less strain that results in perfect cutting speed and accuracy. If you want the combination of efficiency, durability, and performance, then this is the circular saw for you.

It includes trigger lock as the safety feature, and you will be able to use it with ease. It contains the adjustable depth that can reach up to 1-1/8-inches at 45-degrees and 1-11/16-inches at 90-degrees.

Of course, you have to understand that maximum speed of 3500 RPM is not for heavy-duty works, so you will have a limitation when you choose this particular saw. However, for any household assignment, you will get a reliable saw that will stand the test of time.

In overall, we can easily say that Tacklife Circular Saw with Laser Guide is the excellent solution for people who want to purchase lightweight, affordable and safe circular saw with decent performance. It is highly durable, and according to owners, it will stay in your garage for decades.


Great cut-line visibility due to left-side design
Depth gauge lever varies between 0 and 45-degrees
Decent performance for household use


It is not for heavy-duty assignments

6. Makita XSS02Z – Most Comfortable Circular Saw On the Market

Makita XSS02ZIf you want to finish various tasks around your household, we recommend you to check for Makita XSS02Z circular saw. It is an excellent way to enjoy in its performance that can reach up to 3700 RPM.

It uses 18V lithium-ion battery, which is convenient because you will be able to work without a power outlet. That will provide you better mobility and possibility to work extensively without area limitations. It will run harder and longer than any Ni-cad alternatives, and you will be able to charge it in 30 minutes.

When it comes to cutting angle, you will be able to adjust it by using a heavy-gauge all-metal shoe that you can set up to 50-degrees. It will provide you the cutting depth of 1.56-inches at 45-degrees, and 2.25-inches at 90-degrees.

You will also get an ergonomic design that includes rubber-coated rear and front grips as well as LED work light that will provide you the possibility to work in darker areas. It also provides dust blower so that you can see the cut and create more accurate and precise finishes. It is a lightweight solution for both professionals and hobbyist.

Most people choose Makita circular saw, just because it is specially made for people who want to finish their household projects. Finally, you don’t have to call professionals to complete the small job that keeps you awake at night. Just consider this particular saw, and you will understand why is so popular.

In overall, Makita XSS02Z circular saw is an excellent solution if you want the combination of comfortable cutting with great performance. Of course, it has some downsides because you won’t get the battery within the package. You will have to buy it for the extra expense, or use from other Makita tool.


LED lights for better visibility while cutting
Decent dust blower
Powerful battery that you can recharge in 30 minutes
Ergonomic design
High performance when compared with other circular saws on the market


You won’t get battery within the package

7. Bare-Tool Milwaukee 2630-20 – Lightweight and Durable Circular Saw

Bare-Tool Milwaukee 2630-20You have probably heard about Milwaukee power tools, and that is the main reason why we decided to present you Bare-Tool Milwaukee 2630-20 circular machine. First, we want to mention that it works on 18V Lithium-ion battery that will provide you efficient working time.

It includes sturdy and lightweight magnesium guard that will ensure maximum durability. You will also get high-quality aluminum shoe at the bottom of the saw. It is a great way to finish straight line cuts without the support of margins.

When it comes to bevel cuts, you can choose both 90 and 50-degrees bevel cuts. It is lightweight with only eight pounds, but you still have to be patient when cutting angles. It includes 24-tooth carbide blade, which is the essential improvement when compared with previous models.

You don’t have to worry anymore because you will get exactly what you need with electronic brake. In case of an emergency, you will be able to take fingers off the trigger, and that will cause the blade to stop rotating.

Safety features are essential for maintaining yourself while working. Therefore, we recommend you always to consider this function as one of the most important ones. This particular circular tool has excellent safety factors so that you can get the possibility to maneuver without any additional problem.

In overall, Bare-Tool Milwaukee 2630-20 circular tool is a decent performer if you want to finish any household job. Of course, it is not for professional use to its maximum rotation speed that can reach up to 3500, but you will still get an affordable circular saw with great specs.


Great safety factor
Heavy-duty magnesium guards for additional stability and comfort
Gauge display where you can see battery charge indications


There is no LED indicator

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Best Circular Saw Buying Guide

There are numerous things that you should have in mind before you enter the store and choose the perfect circular saw for your needs.

We can see that the popularity of home power tools increase because people become more conscious and that cause them to reduce expenses of calling professionals to help them finish simple jobs that anyone can do.

As we have mentioned above, there are things that you should consider before purchasing a circular saw, and we decided to present you the essential ones:

Blade Size

Some people think that blade size is the most important feature when it comes to circular saws. We categorize blades through diameters, and the most common and standard size is 7-1/4-inch.

On the other hand, if you want to cut through thicker materials, we recommend you to choose thicker and stronger blades.


There are two most common styles: worm-drive saws have handle behind the blade, and it is on the left side. That will allow you to have more clear-cutting, which is especially significant for right-handed users. They are also more powerful and more substantial than sidewinder types.

Sidewinders have handled over the blade, and you can find it on the right side of the saw. They are less expensive, lighter and have better spinning capabilities. Sidewinders are most famous for household use.


We determine the strength of saws through amperage. The standard measure is 15-Amp, and if you want to use it from time to time, you can purchase circular saw between 10 and 12-amp.

There are also more powerful types. However, everything depends on the budget that you want to invest. The more power, the more expensive saw, it is simple as that.

Cordless vs. Corded

Cordless circular saws are an excellent solution, but they are much more expensive than corded ones. We can understand that corded saws have limitation due to a power outlet, so we recommend you to choose the one with the most extended cords. Cheaper solutions have shorter cables.

On the other hand, cordless circular saws are also robust and durable, but in most cases, you won’t get the battery within the package, which means that you have to make another purchase and additional expense.


We have presented you thorough buying guide and reviews on best circular saws on the market in 2020. As you could see from everything that we have mentioned above, numerous types of circular saws could apply to your preferences.

Therefore, you have to research thoroughly before you enter the shop, especially if you want to make a quality purchase.

We tend to improve ourselves, so if you have any consideration or comment, feel free to leave it in the section below, and we will answer you on short notice. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites.

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