Best Corded Drill 2023 [Do NOT Buy Before Reading This!]

best corded drillWe can all agree that when it comes to household repairs and improvements such as driving screws and creating holes, it is easier to have a corded drill.

Having this essential tool will help you finish the job with ease.

If you are in the market and you want to choose the new corded drill, there are a few things to keep in mind.

The first question that you must answer is whether you need a drill for professional or household use, and the second is how frequent you want to use it.

After answering these two questions remains to research online to find the appropriate corded drill for your preferences and needs.

We have compiled a list of best corded drills in various price ranges so that you can understand more about them.

That is the main reason why we decided to present you best corded drill review and buying guide 2020:

Model NamePrice
SKIL 6445-04
Powerful and Robust Corded Drill For Household Use$
The Best Selling Corded Drill On The Market$
Bosch 11255VSR
The Most Powerful and Popular Corded Hammer Drill$$$
(Editor’s Choice)
The Most Powerful Corded Drill For DIY Enthusiasts$$
Compact and Lightweight Corded Drill$
Makita HR2475
Highly Versatile Corded Hammer Drill for Household Use$$
Hiltex 10513
Affordable Corded Rotary Hammer Drill for Light-Duty Use$$

1. SKIL 6445-04 – Powerful and Robust Corded Drill For Household Use

SKIL 6445-04If you want to choose the dominant corded drill that will impress both professional and household users, we recommend you to consider SKIL 6445-04 corded drill. Skil started 93 years ago, and since then they manufactured high-quality tools such as screwdrivers, saws, power drills and other specialty tools.

This particular corded drill comprises 7.0-amp engine that will provide you fantastic performance when compared with another corded drill on the market. The engine has enough power to reach the maximum no-load speed up to 3000 RPM.

It includes 1/2-inch keyed check that can readily accept more significant bits that you can use for concrete drilling, woodworking, and cutting. The best thing about it is massive; ergonomic side handles so that you can enjoy in extreme comfort during the performance.

This particular 120-volt corded drill contains comfortable and soft pistol-grip handle, rubber triggers for additional control, and comfort during the drilling projects. It has horizontal bubble level for more precise drilling and driving.

You can easily position auxiliary side handle around the 360-degrees so that you can get better control and perfect positioning before the drilling starts. It features variable speed trigger that can quickly increase and decrease RPM so that you can drill through various materials.

Due to the lock-on button that is on the handle, you will get additional safety and control for projects that require lots of time. You can also press the reverse switch to change the rotation of the drill bit.

In case that you choose a hammer mode, you will be able to deliver up to 51,000 BPM, which is fantastic performance for its compact size. It also contains depth gauge rod that you can adjust before you start drilling for additional precision.

In overall, SKIL 6445-04 corded drill is a decent solution for your household projects because it has versatile functions and variable speed control so that you can deal with different materials. The main disadvantage is the weight that reaches seven pounds, which is not lightweight, but moderate when compared with other corded drills on the market.


Great hammering feature
Amazing performance with little effort
Lock-on button for additional control
Ergonomic design
1/2-inch keyed chuck that can accept a full array of bits and applications


More substantial than other models within the price range

2. DEWALT DWD112 – The Best Selling Corded Drill On The Market

DEWALT DWD112If you want to choose corded drill and you haven’t found the best one yet, we recommend you to select DeWalt DWD112 corded drill. It is one of the best selling drills on the market in the entire world. The main reason for that is the combination of high features and affordable price tag.

When it comes to design, it contains conventional materials that make it look sleek and convenient. It is famous for household owners and professionals too. It feels incredible in hand due to handling design filled with ergonomic material that will increase the comfort and balance.

It includes an 8-amp engine that will deliver the outstanding amount of torque and power, especially if you want to finish heavy-duty projects. The best thing about it is long-lasting metal chuck with 3/8-inches opening so that you can place any drill bit without any additional problem.

The heavy-duty engine can reach up to 2500 RPM, which is excellent when we compare it with other corded drills. At the same time, it has variable speed lever so that you can change the RPM and drill through different materials that require lower or higher rate.

The construction includes ball bearing that will increase the longevity of this particular drill. That way you will be able to get the tool that will stand the test of time. It is both compact and lightweight so that you can use it conveniently without experiencing muscle soreness and fatigue.

It weighs only four pounds, which makes it one of the lightest corded drills on the market. It has an ergonomic design so that you can hold it with comfort. The original proof of durability is a standard 3-year limited warranty, 1-year service contract, and 90-day-money-back guarantee.

In overall, DeWalt DWD112 corded drill is an excellent solution for people who want to choose the drill that proved its amazingness by immersive popularity. The main disadvantage is that you won’t get the storage case within the package, so you have to buy it as an additional expense.


Ergonomic design
3-year limited warranty
The heavy-duty motor that can reach up to 2500 RPM
Variable speed trigger
Affordable price


You won’t get the case within the package

3. Bosch 11255VSR – The Most Powerful and Popular Corded Hammer Drill

Bosch 11255VSRBosch 11255VSR corded drill is a tool with a reputation and extreme popularity. In the world of hammer drills, this is one of the best tools available on the market. A large-sized hammer drill uses rotary hammer function to make the performance.

Due to versatile nature, you can use it for chiseling; hammer drilling, and traditional drilling. It is widely used by both professional and hobbyist, which is the main reason for its popularity. The main downside of this particular corded drill is only one speed without the possibility to change it during the performance.

You can use one speed for drilling so that you can finish conventional drilling operations. For drilling, it uses 1/4-inches chuck, while for hammering it uses 3/4-inches hole. On the other hand, you will have variable speed trigger for hammer drilling that starts at 60 RPM, which is enough to start drilling holes in concrete and masonry.

It includes non-removable SDS chuck, where you can mount most substantial bits for versatile performance. It can reach maximum drilling capacity at 1-inch when it comes to concrete. It has eight feet cord that has a flexible boot that protects it from the ball joint. This particular feature will expand the life of the cord.

The unique feature that we have to mention is the fourth position called Vari-Lock position that as the innovative feature that you can find only in Bosch power tool. You can use it to align a chisel bit before you enter the chisel mode. As soon as you align the bit, you can enter in a locked-in setting that will provide you better control during the performance.

The removable front handle can go 360-degrees around the barrel, and you can rotate it by the handle to reposition it. The depth stop is on the forward grip so that you can use the traditional approach. It uses the rod to limit the drilling depth, which means that it will hit the surface as soon as you reach the preferred thickness.


Best hammer for drilling 3/4 and 1/4-inches holes
Great speed
Vari-Lock position for convenient chisel aligning
Variable speed trigger for hammer drilling
Removable front handle for additional control


Too expensive when compared with other corded drills

4. DEWALT DWD210G – The Most Powerful Corded Drill For DIY Enthusiasts

DEWALT DWD210GIt goes without saying that home maintenance and improvement is something that we all have to perform from time to time. That is why it is essential for us to have the appropriate tools so that we can handle any job.

That is why we decided to present you DeWalt DWD210G corded drill, which is the perfect choice for fastening and drilling tasks.

The first thing that we want to mention is that you will get powerful tool that will provide you 10-amp of power. This kind of power can quickly drill on any surface.

As soon as you start using this particular corded drill, you will feel the flow of power, and way better performance than standard drills.

We have mentioned above that it is precisely made for people who want to use it around the house. Therefore, it is straightforward to use, and it includes an ergonomic grip that will increase the comfort during the performance.

It also has two-finger rubber trigger so that you can reduce the finger and hand strains. The control increases with the possibility to change speed rates so that you can control the level of holes and deal with different materials such as wood, metal, and even concrete.

It is highly versatile power tool that you can use to drill holes on a variety of surfaces, from steel to wood. Of course, you have to use different bits that are appropriate for different surfaces. It comprises 1/2-inches chuck that will provide you a better grip so that bit cannot slip during the performance.

The metal gear construction includes high-quality and durable materials so that you can use it for an extended amount of time without overheating. The 10-amp engine can withstand hours of using without overheating and decrease in power.

In overall, DeWalt DWD210G corded drill is durable and robust corded drill for household use. The main disadvantage is the massive construction that will reduce the possibility for you to use it for an extended amount of time. However, you will still be able to finish the job promptly.


Durable construction
It contains overload circuit that will prevent the engine from overheating
Locking handle for additional control
Simple and comfortable to use
Three-year warranty


It is the more substantial than other drills within the price range

5. PORTER-CABLE PC600D – Compact and Lightweight Corded Drill

PORTER-CABLE PC600DPORTER-CABLE PC600D is the problem solver for most household DIY enthusiasts. It is lightweight and straightforward to handle, and you will still get the immersive amount of power. It is a way better solution than more expensive models, and you can quickly drill through both wood and metal.

We will start by mentioning the lock-on button that you can use to control the tool during the extended use. You can also use it to moderate the speed, and it is straightforward to handle it. You can also switch it off and on by pressing it during the performance.

It includes a 6.0-Amp engine that will provide you enough power to handle demanding applications. You can quickly drill through glass or metal due to the powerful engine. The motor is strong enough to maintain the performance even after prolonged use.

It has variable speed trigger, which is perfect f you want to achieve best results for diving and drilling. The engine can create enough power to reach up to 2500 RPM. You can also regulate the speed on the trigger to protect the drill from overheating.

We have mentioned above that it is lightweight and compact, so you can comfortably hold it with one hand and finish any application projects you started.

At the same time, you won’t get tired quickly while using it because it has ergonomic rubber that will protect it from slippage and control buttons so that you can drill without too much hassle. You will also be able to store it conveniently because it won’t take too much space.

The main problem with corded drills is the inability to use them for more extended periods because they tend to overheat. However, this particular one has ventilation and great construction that will enable you to work for many hours.

In overall, PORTER-CABLE PC600D corded drill is the must-have drill for your household projects. It contains a decent amount of power to finish the house chores, and you will be able to purchase it for the affordable price tag.


Solid construction
6.5-amp powerful engine
Affordable price tag
Compact and lightweight
Variable speed trigger


It is not for heavy-duty assignments

6. Makita HR2475 – Highly Versatile Corded Hammer Drill For Household Use

Makita HR2475Makita is the favorite manufacturer that has a wide array of high-quality power tools. If you want to find the hammer drill that will stand the test of time, you should consider Makita HR2475 corded hammer drill.

First, we want to mention that it works on a powerful 7.0-amp engine that can quickly deliver up to 4500 BPM and 1100 RPM for the most demanding household application tasks. The clutch contains torque is limiting feature that will prevent the gear damage because it will disengage everything automatically in case of an issue.

It has sequential impact timing that will provide you timed hammering by using the rotation so that you can minimize the overlapping impact. This particular feature will improve the performance and offer you 50% faster drilling.

The brushes are longer and more durable, so that can enjoy less downtime and more work without overheating. It uses 40-bit angle setting so that you can make bevel drills and use it in different positions for various materials.

It works in a three-operation mode such as hammering with rotation, hammering only and rotation only. Therefore, you will get the versatile tool that you can use for multiple applications.

It is both lightweight and compact solution so that you can use it for an extended amount of time. When you add the feature that will decrease overheating, this excellent hammer drill will help you finish the work in no time.

At the same time, it contains ergonomic features that will increase the comfort such as soft rubberized grip that will prevent slippage.

In overall, Makita HR2475 corded hammer drill is the tool that we recommend you if you want to deal with various application projects around your house. The main disadvantage is the lousy construction, which is the reason for the lack of weight. However, it will still handle the most challenging jobs that you want.


Simple to use
D handle contains ergonomic features for additional comfort
Torque limited will protect it from damage
Consistent speed after extended use
40 different positions for chipping bits


Lousy construction

7. Hiltex 10513 – Affordable Corded Rotary Hammer Drill For Light-Duty Use

Hiltex 10513Nowadays, DIY projects became popular among household owners, which is the main reason why you should check Hiltex 10513 corded rotary hammer drill. It is an excellent alternative to high-end and expensive rotary hammers. Of course, it won’t provide you the same amount of power, but it is still handy for household use.

It includes a 100-watt motor that will provide you consistent performance even after prolonged use. You will be able to rely on it, so we can say that it is useful when we compare it with other corded drills within the price range. It can quickly drill through concrete, brick and solid steel.

It includes a 360-degree auxiliary handle that will provide you both non-slip grip and additional comfort. Due to textured material on the grip, you will be able to reduce injuries from slipping. It comprises three built-in modes that you can choose such as drill only, hammering, hammer/chisel only and rotation. You can select the vast array of features so that you can ensure the maximum amount of productivity.

It has variable speed control where you can choose six different locked speed rates so that you can deal with different materials without too much hassle. This particular feature will also ensure the extra precision you need for challenging tasks.

It has 1-1/2-inches concrete capacity and 1-inch steel capacity that is impressive when compared with other rotary hammer drills on the market. You will get in the package rotary hammer, as well as 2 SDS chisels, 3-piece of 6-inches SDS drills (8mm, 10mm, and 12mm), one depth gauge, a bottle of oil as well as adaptor and chuck with key.

In overall, Hiltex 10513-corded rotary hammer, drill is one of the most regular exercises within the price range because it will provide you the immersive amount of performance. It is only for light to medium-duty projects, which means that it is perfect for DIY enthusiasts.


It includes multiple modes
Simple to adjust
Durable engine
Comfortable due to ergonomic design


It is not for heavy-duty applications

Best Corded Drill Buying Guide

Finding the appropriate corded drill means that you must be familiar with the vast array of features that you have to consider before buying a corded drill. That is why we decided to present you elements to consider while purchasing the best-corded drill:

Chuck Size

Chuck is the vital part of the corded drill because it holds the drill bit. It is essential to find the reliable and durable chuck made from sturdy metal because otherwise you bits can slip and create damage to the drill. The high-end models are keyless, which means that you can adjust them in a matter of seconds. Affordable models require chuck key to loosen and tighten the drill bit. Chucks come in different sizes, while the most popular is 3/8-inches chuck, you can also find 1/2-inches and 1/4-inches that you can use.

Motor Power

The more powerful and bigger motor the better performance. However, you should have in mind the purpose of the corded drill when finding the appropriate motor power. The bigger, the better, but that means that more ability will lead to more substantial corded drill. The engine power is in amps, and you can find variations between five and ten amps.


The speed rate is essential because it will provide you the possibility to drill various materials. Depending on the material, you should apply different drilling speeds. Metal and wood require higher speed, while concrete requires low speed that only hammer drills can achieve.


We have presented you a thorough buying guide and review on best-corded drills that you can find on the market.

When we compare different types that we have analyzed above, we can say that your choice should be based on the preferences and the kind of job you want to finish.

The idea is to understand how corded drill works before you buy it. You can achieve that by researching online different written and video reviews.

Of course, trying the corded drill could be even better. In both cases, your individual preferences will determine the type of corded drill you need.

In case that you want to ask us something about corded drills, feel free to fill the section below with your question. We will answer you in short notice. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites.

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