Best Cordless Impact Wrench 2023 [Do NOT Buy Before Reading This!]

best cordless impact wrenchWe can all agree that using a manual wrench is the job that requires many nerves. In most cases, it leads to more frustration and lost time.

If you want to finish some household project that requires too much application and hassle with bits, the best solution is to choose cordless impact wrench.

Until recently, cordless impact wrenches were not a standard option for household owners.

In most cases, you have seen it in car repair garage, but in the last few years, it became prominent and found in most DIY toolboxes.

That is the main reason why we decided to present you best cordless impact wrench review and buying guide 2020:

Model NamePrice
DEWALT Bare-Tool DC820BAffordable Cordless Impact Wrench With High Torque$
Milwaukee 2454-22 M12Brushless Motor Cordless Impact Wrench$$
Bare-Tool Milwaukee 2663-20 (Editor’s Choice)The Most Powerful Light-Duty Cordless Impact Wrench$$
DEWALT DCF880HM2User-Friendly and High-Torque Cordless Impact Driver$$$

1. DEWALT Bare-Tool DC820B – Affordable Cordless Impact Wrench With High Torque

DEWALT Bare-Tool DC820BThe DeWalt Bare-Tool DC820B cordless impact wrench is one of the most popular ones on the market among reviewers and users. The main reason for that is impressive 1740 inch-pounds of torque for the fantastic price of under $100 (without battery). It is also one of the best selling impact wrenches on retailer websites such as Amazon.

Apart from the idea that you will be able to purchase it for the budget-friendly price tag, it will also offer you decent performance, quality and possibility to finish any light to medium duty project around your household.

It is a way better solution than the previous version that can only produce up to 1500 inch/pounds of torque. It is more potent than other DeWalt wrenches that are more expensive. This particular cordless impact wrench is cheaper and yet has more torque than all of them.

You can purchase additional adapters so that you can use both 1/4-inches and 3/8-inches bits. That will allow you more versatility in different situations. It is most common additional investment apart from buying a battery pack.

The essential extra feature is Forward-Pointing LED light that will help you finish the job in tighter and darker areas, where most shop lights cannot reach. You will also have light focused in the forward direction, which is an excellent feature when we compare it with other cordless impact wrenches.

You won’t get feedback devices, housings so that you can clean it almost effortlessly. Due to the frameless motor, you will get extended life and durability. It works on the brush, which is easily replaceable so that you can enjoy the better experience for less amount of energy.

The impact speed can vary between 0 and 2700, while no load speed can reach up to 2400 RPM. The transmission comes from all-metal construction so that you can enjoy in the inability to damage it in case of impact. It is also a lightweight solution that weighs only 2.2 pounds and has an anti-slip grip that will provide you additional safety while working with it.


Built-in LED light
Three-year limited warranty
Anti-slip grip for additional comfort and safety
Frameless motor for extended lifespan
Lightweight and compact


Emits slight burning smell due to frameless motor
You won’t get battery within a package

2. Milwaukee 2454-22 M12 – Brushless Motor Cordless Impact Wrench

Milwaukee 2454-22 M12If you want to purchase the cordless impact wrench that has enough power to handle anything around your home, then you should consider Milwaukee 2453-22 M12 impact wrench.

The best thing about it is the brushless technology that powers it up. Even though this is not new technology, in the world of application tools, it is an always-useful feature to mention. That will allow you the possibility to enjoy additional mobility and excellent performance with constant speed.

Within the package, you will get bare-tool, two 2.0 A/h batteries, case, and 30-minute charger. In fact that your battery, you will be able, to purchase a bare tool that will save you some money.  You can probably see that it includes 2.0 A/h batteries, which is more significant capacity than the previous version.

You will get longer run time for the same size, which is an excellent solution on the market. When you add the brushless motor with long-capacity batteries, you will get high-performance cordless impact wrench that will stand the test of time.

The overall length is 6.5-inches, which is highly portable when we compare it with other impact wrenches on the market. It also has 3/8-inches square drive, so that you can place any impact attachment.

It has rubber wraps and handles so that you can enjoy in better feel. This will provide you the possibility to work without having hand fatigue, and it will reduce the likelihood of slippage.

We have mentioned above that this particular cordless impact wrench has a brushless motor, which also means more power and more runtime. It can generate between 1404 inch-pounds of torque. This is 40% more than the first generation from this manufacturer.

However, this is not the only improvement, because you will get maximum RPM up to 2650 while maximum IPMs are up to 3500. This is a significant increase in power while leaving the tool lightweight and compact at the same time.


Compact and lightweight
More potent than the previous version
Excellent rotation speed that can reach up to 2650 RPM
It contains brushless motor for improved strength and durability
Works on two 2.0 A/h batteries


Batteries don’t have fuel gauges

3. Bare-Tool Milwaukee 2663-20 – The Most Powerful Light-Duty Cordless Impact Wrench

Bare-Tool Milwaukee 2663-20Even though we all know about the phrase that worst poisons come from small vials. The thing is the complete opposite for Milwaukee 26630-20 cordless impact wrench because you will get compact, portable and cordless impact wrench that can easily finish assignments around your household.

If you are sick of big power tools and want to replace it with more convenient impact wrench that has the same amount of power, you should consider this particular impact wrench. You won’t have the hassle of cord, noise, vibration as air impact wrenches.

The best thing about it is the amount of torque that will allow you to deal with numerous materials and projects without breaking a sweat.

It is reliable and compact power tool that has the immersive amount of torque. According to the manufacturer, it can reach up to 5700 in-lbs torque, which is an excellent deal when compared with other cordless impact wrenches within the price range.

It includes four-pole motor, and the new pole means that you will get higher torque. However, that doesn’t imply that you will get more speed, just more power. You should have in mind that torque is a more critical factor than the rate for this kind of power tool.

You will get variable speed trigger so that you can work with different materials and control the rotation speed and the amount of torque. For example, if you want to turn small bolts and nuts, we recommend you to use slower mode because you won’t over-turn and damage them.

It contains Lithium-ion batteries that you won’t get the package. At the same time, you will be able to work wherever you are, but we recommend you to purchase an extra battery in case that you have lots of work.

However, you won’t get some handy features such as LED light that could help you finish the job in darker and tighter areas. Most impact wrenches on this particular list have this feature, which is why we take it as a disadvantage.


Powerful Lithium-ion battery
Great amount of torque
Four pole motor
Variable speed trigger


It doesn’t have LED lights

Buy on Amazon

4. DEWALT DCF880HM2 – User-Friendly and High-Torque Cordless Impact Driver

DEWALT DCF880HM2We all remember the way we used standard wrenches, but today, that is not convenient because you can purchase for budget-friendly price tag DeWalt DCF880HM2 cordless impact wrench. Finally, you will be able to tighten nuts without using too much force and almost effortlessly.

It will provide you decent performance and high-quality construction. The price range is more expensive than other cordless impact wrenches on the market, but you will still get extra features and user-friendly design. It is best tool if you are a driver or motorist because you will be able to change wheels in a matter of seconds.

The first thing that we want to mention is its compact size that it 5.70-inches in length and 3.4 pounds in weight. That will allow you to use it for tight areas without changing the tool or doing it manually. At the same time, it is highly portable due to lightweight design, so you won’t notice that you even use it.

It works on 20V XR Lithium-ion battery that will provide you a great deal of power. According to the manufacturer, it will offer you 33% more working time than other power tools on the market.

It comprises an inch square drive that is compatible with most bolts and nuts. That makes it a versatile tool that can finish the immersive amount of work. You will get hog ring anvil so that you can swap sockets without using too many tools. This is convenient for people who just started using it.

It features three LED lights that have 20-second delay as soon as you release the trigger. Apart from this inconvenience of waiting, you will be able to finish any work in darker and tight places. Finally, you won’t get any limitation in using it, which is the main reason for its popularity.

In overall, DeWalt DCF880HM2 cordless impact wrench is an excellent power tool with a dominant performance that can reach up to 2300 RPM and 150 foot/pounds of torque. This is the immersive amount of power when we compare it with other cordless impact wrenches and the main reason why you should consider it in the first place.


Highly portable
It has three LED lights


Too much power for smaller bits
It is not for the beginners to due immersive power

Best Cordless Impact Wrench Buying Guide

Imagine that you have rusted or over-tightened bolt or nut that you want to get out and you realize that you cannot do it manually.

The best way to do it effortlessly is to consider buying a cordless impact wrench. This is using equipment that will help you take care of stuck bolt or nut in a matter of seconds without frustration.

When you choose the new cordless impact wrench, you should consider some things. That is why we decided to present you things to consider when selecting best cordless impact wrench:

Body Shape

There are two types of cordless impact wrenches when it comes to body shape: pistol grip and inline. The inline looks like a giant screwdriver that has grip behind the anvil and hammer. The pistol-grip wrenches look like a handgun, where grip is underneath the motor.

Even though pistol-grip wrenches are more substantial, the grip style is more comfortable because you will reduce hand stains and fatigue, so that you can work for more extended periods.

Most of them have equipped side handles that will provide you better advantage and maintain the perfect working angle.

Socket Size

There is a different selection of socket sizes that can fit most bolts of nuts of various measures. Inline wrenches are great if you want to work in tight spaces where pistol-grip types cannot reach.

You can choose 1/4-inch for both pistol and inline. 3/8-inch socket size is mostly for pistol-grip wrenches, and you will be able to use it for butterfly inline style.

On the other hand, 1/2 and 3/4-inches are the standard pistol socket sizes. There are larger socket sizes that can reach up to 2-inches, and in most cases, people use it for heavy-duty assignments.


We know that using power tools can wear our muscles off and cause fatigue for the extended working period.

Therefore, you should consider choosing best cordless impact wrench that has anti-vibration features and rubberized handle grips that will reduce work strain. Smaller motor means less vibration, but everything depends on your working preferences.


It doesn’t matter which design and type of cordless wrench you choose because the essential feature is the amount of torque it generates. The more torque it has, the more power you will have. That is why you should check the amount of torque measured in inch/pounds and feet/pounds.


We have presented you thorough buying guide and review on best cordless impact wrench in 2020 on the market. Of course, there is different solution based on your preferences.

That is why we presented different types and different price ranges so that you can create more valuable knowledge for making a quality purchase.

In case that you have any questions, we urge you to comment in the section below, and we will answer you on short notice. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites.

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