Best Cordless Reciprocating Saw 2023 [Do NOT Buy Before Reading This!]

best Reciprocating SawWe can all agree that reciprocating saw is essential for your DIY workshop.

It is a motorized power saw that will provide you with the possibility to finish all types of cutting.

The best thing about it is a convenience that you will get by operating with it as well as safety features which makes it the safest tool type that you can find on the market.

They come with comfortable handles which makes them perfect for joiners, carpenters.

You do not have to worry because it also compliments the range of other saws such as jigsaw and circular saw.

That is the main reason why we decided to present you a comprehensive guide on best cordless reciprocating saws on the market:

Model NameSPMBatteryWeightPrice
DEWALT DCS387B 2,90020v MAX5.4 lbs$$
PORTER-CABLE PCC670B 3,00020v MAX4 lbs$
DEWALT DCS380B (Editor’s Choice)3,00020V MAX6 lbs$$
Milwaukee 2720-21 M183,00018V7.4 lbs$$$
Ryobi P5143,10018V4 lbs$
Bosch Bare-Tool CRS180B2,70018V7.6 lbs$$
BLACK+DECKER BDCR20B3,00020V3.9 lbs$

1. DEWALT DCS387B – Lightest Reciprocating Saw On The Market

DEWALT DCS387BIf you want to find a lightweight and compact saw that features advanced characteristics when compared with others, you should consider DeWalt DCS387B reciprocating saw.

Apart from the idea that you will get plenty of power for it, you will also get both compact and lightweight tool that you can use with one hand.

The first thing that you should know about this particular reciprocating saw is that it contains motor in diagonal position on the trigger.

It is only 14.5-inches long, which makes it simple to maneuver and when you compare it with other saws on the market t is also one of the lightest one too with only 4.9 pounds in weight.

Due to lightweight construction, you will be able to use it for hours without muscle strain and work in various situations and conditions such as while scaffolding or on ladders.

Apart from that, it contains ergonomic soft grip handle that will make it simple to pick and use along the way.

The handles will boost your efforts, and you will be able to finish the job promptly with ease. It is an excellent choice when it comes to flush cutting, and you will be able to change the blades without any additional tools.

You can install modules in different orientations at 270, 180, 90 and 0 degrees based on the handle.


The durable and affordable price tag
It features vertical motor for additional balance
Variable speed trigger
Dual blade insertion


It doesn’t feature brushless engine

2. PORTER-CABLE PCC670B – Reciprocating Saw With Longest Battery Life On The Market

PORTER CABLE PCC670BWe have all heard about Porter Cable, and it’s high-quality construction tools that will stand the test of time.

If you want to choose a versatile saw that you can use in narrow areas, you should consider Porter Cable PCC670B reciprocating saw.

We have to start with the idea that you do not have to use special tools to adjust and change blades after the performance.

Since it features free blade release, you can change everything in a matter of seconds without losing precious time.

On the other hand, the main feature that makes this particular saw different than others is lightweight construction, so that you can cut through everything with additional convenience. It is also compact, which makes it great for tight and narrow areas.

It is 14.5-inches long, so you will be able to reach tight spaces with ease especially when compared with other reciprocating saws on the market. You don’t have to worry, because compact and lightweight design won’t interfere with the motor power.

It comes with variable speed trigger, so you will be able to control between zero and 3000 strokes per minute.

Motor housing comes from metal, and it features a contoured handle for additional control during the performance.

It works with a 20V lithium battery that will provide you exceptional run time. It comes with self-discharge, that will enable you to get consistent power as well as power supply. The charger features the ability to charge the battery in 20 minutes.


Powerful engine
Exceptional battery power with fast charger
Lightweight for additional convenience
Ergonomic design
Variable speed trigger


You have to make an additional purchase to get a battery and charger

3. DEWALT DCS380B – Most Powerful Cordless Reciprocating Saw

DEWALT DCS380BIf you want to purchase a saw that will help you cut through pipes, wood, sheetrock, and nails, we recommend you to choose the cordless one.

It is much more portable, more straightforward to manage when you are on the ladder and in overall much better choice than an order or gas-powered ones.

DeWalt DCS380B reciprocating saw is the perfect model that will help you save both time and money. The main disadvantage is that you won’t get 20V MAX DeWalt batteries within the package, so you have to make an additional purchase to find it.

It comes with versatile features due to four position blade clamp that will allow you to work in tight areas with ease.

Due to 1-⅛-inch cutting stroke, you will be able to finish the work in no time. You can also cut through different materials because it comes with a variable speed trigger.

The maximum speed that it can reach is 3000 SPM, while you can find different blades for specific materials such as plastic, metal, wood and many more.

Due to pivoting adjustable shoe, you will get the more critical depth during the cuts you make, which is an important consideration when you compare it with other tools on the market.


Lightweight and compact
Versatile features
Variable speed trigger
Adjustable shoe for better depth cutting
It can cut through a wide array of materials


It lacks battery within the package

4. Milwaukee 2720-21 M18 – Best Reciprocating Saw With REDLINK Technology

Milwaukee 2720-21 M18The technology for power tools is also advancing as other things that you can find on the market. The primary example for that particular thing is Milwaukee 2720-21 M18 reciprocating saw that includes a brushless motor that will increase both power and durability.

It will offer you numerous advantages such as cooler running, longer runtime and ability to finish the cutting with ease in a timely manner especially when you compare it with other saws on the market.

The best thing about the new advancement is REDLINK PLUS intelligence that will provide you optimized performance as well as overload protection because the communication will go fast and automatic.

Other advantages that we have to mention its compact size, which will make it perfect choice for tight areas such as ceilings and cabinets.

Without it, it would be challenging to use it with ease. Therefore, you will get saw with 18.5-inches in length, which makes it perfect for narrow areas.

LED illuminating light is another great thing that will tell you that this particular saw is perfect for narrow areas.

In most cases, if you reach the area without proper light, you will have a light source that won’t interfere with the accuracy that you make.

It is important to consider that it doesn’t require tools for blade change, which is an essential and time-saving feature that will reduce the hassle of operating with it.


The high power that can deal with numerous materials
Compact and perfect for narrow areas
Simple to use
High-quality construction
LED illumination lights


Blades tend to crack easily according to some users

5. Ryobi P514 – Simple But Best Cordless Reciprocating Saw

Ryobi P514It doesn’t matter if you wish to cut off a tree branch, end of a pipe or some piece of wood to fix your fence, because, with Ryobi P514, you will be able to finish everything with ease.

Even though it is more significant than other reciprocating saws that you can find on the market for the same price range, you will get versatility as well as the decent power that can reach up to 3100 SPM.

That will allow you to cut through various materials with ease. When it comes to cutting length, you can rest assured because it will handle multiple materials due to adjustable speed settings.

Finally, you will be able to change the speed so that you can suit different materials.

Apart from that, you will be able to avoid using tools to open and remove the blade, which is a convenient solution that will provide you quick swapping and less time consuming than other saws on the market.

Ergonomically designed handle features rubber that will reduce slipping and provide you stabilization that will prove useful. Another safety feature is the electric brake that will minimize the possibility of making a hassle during the performance.


Affordable price tag
Electric brake for safety
Ergonomic design
Adjustable speed settings
A great deal of power that can reach up to 3100 SPM


It doesn’t have additional features

6. Bosch Bare-Tool CRS180B – Efficient And Convenient Cordless Reciprocating Tool

Bosch Bare-Tool CRS180BWe have all heard about Bosch power tools and their efficiency. Most of them come for both professionals and household users.

This particular reciprocating saw is no different, and if you check the specification, you will notice a wide array of features that will prove useful.

It comes with variable speed trigger so that you can use it for various materials. Due to 1-⅛-inches stroke, as well as two speed settings you can reach up to 2700 RPM. The significant difference between this and other saws is in the balance.

Even though it has 6.7-pounds in weight, the distribution is something that you will feel during the operation.

The weight is balanced across the entire body, and due to D-handle design, you will be able to use it with comfort and ease under the harshest conditions.

When we compare it with other tools on the market, you will enjoy in blade locking system which is another safety feature that will provide you peace of mind. You will be able to change the blade with one hand, which is a handy consideration.

Another thing is the locking mechanism so that you can reduce the amount of debris that will jam the blade, which is a common issue among other models and types.


Variable speed trigger
Comfortable to use
Balanced weight for additional convenience
Blade locking mechanism for safety


Pricey when compared with other tools on the market

7. BLACK+DECKER BDCR20B – Best Cordless Reciprocating Saw With Long-Lasting Battery Life

BLACK+DECKER BDCR20BIf you want to choose a cordless saw that will provide you convenience while operation, you do not have to worry, because Black & Decker BDCR20B features increased power and runtime that will its battery give you along the way.

Due to a 20V battery, you will be able to finish 30% more work than other cordless saws that you can find. It will operate efficiently in both hot and cold temperatures, and due to cordless design, you will have additional portability enjoyment.

We have to mention that this particular power tool features short-stroke for additional clearance, that will drive the blade. It comes with ⅞-inch stroke, which means that you will get other control for delicate works.

Another great feature is a lightweight construction that will allow you to handle it with ease, especially for long and heavy-duty assignments.

Apart from the lightweight function, this particular saw incorporates a dampening technology that will reduce vibration during the operation, which is a double win for your convenience.

The variable speed settings will allow you to use it for different materials so that you can make precise cuts.

The maximum speed can reach up to 3000 RPM, and the adjustment will allow you to avoid damage and to gain better control than before.


Simple to handle and lightweight
Perfect for narrow spaces
Tool-less blade change
Variable speed control
Long lasting battery


Even though it has dampening feature, vibrations are still high

Buying Guide

The idea of buying the best cordless reciprocating saw means that you have to understand how its function works and what are the best solutions for your specific needs. You should stay with us to see what makes reciprocating saws tick.


When it comes to power, most people think that cordless saws have less power than corded ones. However, when you add the convenience of shifting around without power outlet and additional maneuverability, you can rest assured.

The first saws had issues with power consistency because when the battery started to run low, the power got lost as a result.

However, cordless saws are using the latest technology that will preserve the power and allow you to use it for a long time and additional consistency.


Batter is the driving thing that makes cordless reciprocating saw work, which is why you should consider the best one.

Have in mind that bigger battery, the more working time you will have. The most common batteries for today’s tools is lithium-ion, and you should avoid other types completely.

At the same time, have in mind that most saws that we’ve mentioned above come as bare tools, so you have to make an additional purchase to get the appropriate battery to make it work.

Size and Weight

Since reciprocating saws are different than regular ones because you will get extra control during the performance, it is essential to find the compact and lightweight solution so that you can use it for a wide array of cuts.

Most of them are lightweight which is a great consideration especially if you want to apply for a long time.

Length is necessary because you will be able to reach tight spaces and work things out.


Ergonomics go hand in hand with size and weight, but there are some other features that you should consider that will provide you convenience while using.

The first thing is rubber handle and the possibility to reduce the vibrations which could interfere with the overall results.


Most saws that you’ve seen above feature variable speed trigger, which is the must-have when it comes to cordless reciprocating saws.

This particular feature will provide you a possibility to deal with various materials with ease, which will increase its versatility and convenience.


The most common disadvantage for most saws is the levels of vibration.

We recommend you to purchase rubber gloves with the saw, just in case, because most of them feature some vibration reduction, but people tend to react differently, so rubber gloves should be your primary equipment for handling these saws. Since most jobs will require at least several hours of work, you have to consider comfort.

The best choice that you can find is to choose adjustable blade as well as the handle because it will provide you the convenience that will reduce the overall amount of vibration.


We have presented a comprehensive guide on best cordless reciprocating saws that you can find on the market in 2020.

As you can see from everything that we’ve mentioned above, there are different types of saws based on the project and assignments that you wish to deal with.

The idea is to check the buying guide and reread everything because it will provide you with a comprehensive understanding of how reciprocating saw function, so that you can make a quality purchase.

If you have anything to add or to ask, feel free to do it in the section below and we will answer you on short notice. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites.

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