Best Cordless String Trimmer 2023 [Do NOT Buy Before Reading This!]

best cordless string trimmerBack in the day, people mostly used gas-powered string trimmers for handling their backyard. However, they were bulky, provided too much noise and vibration; it required a messy combination of fuels to make them work.

The need for battery-powered trimmers increased due to inconveniences that came by operating gas-powered trimmers.

At the very beginning, they were not powerful enough, and their batteries did not last long to handle medium to heavy-duty projects.

Nowadays, things have changed, and you can find cordless models that feature similar specifications as gas-powered ones.

That is the main reason why we decided to present you best cordless string trimmer buying guide and reviews.

Model NameCut PathLine SizePrice
GreenWorks G-MAX (Editor’s Choice)12-Inch0.065 Dual Line$$
WORX WG16312-Inch0.065 Dual Line$
BLACK+DECKER LCC340C13-Inch0.065 Dual Line$$
DEWALT DCST970X115-Inch0.08 Dual Line$$$
Makita XRU02Z10-1/4-Inch$
BLACK+DECKER LSTE52512-Inch0.065 Dual Line$

1.GreenWorks G-MAX 40V – Best Cordless String Trimmer with Brushless Motor

GreenWorks G-MAX 40V

If you wish to find a powerful trimmer that will provide you with the entire operation, you should consider Greenworks 40V trimmer that uses cordless OPE platform.

Apart from that, you will be able to purchase a bare tool and use other lithium-ion batteries that you already own, or buy a separate battery that you can use for all 40V Greenworks tools.

The best thing about it is a brushless motor, which will increase its overall efficiency and allow the battery to drive with more power and more time without overheating.

It features 14-inches diameter head that will cut through grass and trim edge material in case that you wish to use the edger attachment. You will get 0.80-inches trim line, which is a decent size for most people, and due to bumping head, you can restore it quickly as well.


Simple to use
Brushless motor
14-inches diameter


It is not for professional usage

2.WORX WG163 GT 3.0 – Best String Trimmer with Edging Features

WORX WG163 GT 3.0

Worx WG163 GT 3.0 best cordless string trimmer is an excellent solution for your household projects in case you wish to find edger and trimmer in one power tool. You can easily convert from string trimmer into a wheeled edger in a matter of seconds.

Due to the innovative Command Feed spool system, you will be able to feed the line by pushing a button. When compared with other cordless trimmers, this particular one comes with two lightweight and sturdy MaxLithium batteries that you can use for other tools in the Worx family.

When it comes to the edging feature, you will get rubberized wheels that will guide and support it so that you can enjoy cleaner cuts and straighter lines than before. Spacer guard is adjustable so you will not damage landscape features, plants and lawn ornaments while trimming.

Finally, you can rest assured because you will be able to edge and trim on sloped terrain. After all, the head can tilt up to 90-degrees.


MaxLithium batteries included
Rubberized wheels for more convenient edging
Perfect for household projects
Space guard for additional safety


Low battery power

3.BLACK+DECKER 40V MAX LCC340C – Best String Trimmer With Leaf Blowing Attachment


If you wish to get string trimmer with power drive that will provide you with a significant torque transmission for fast and clean cuts, you should get Black & Decker 40V MAX LCC340C battery-powered string trimmer.

It comes with automatic feed spool, which will feed the trimmer line automatically in the case when you need it. Due to MAX sweeper, you will be able to get up to 130 MPH so that you can clean debris from hard surfaces with ease.

Finally, you will get a noiseless power tool where you do not have to buy protective equipment for operation. The battery features an indicator that will present you with the battery charge levels, and you will be able to place any 36V lithium-ion system from Black & Decker.

It features a two-year limited warranty deal, which is another indicator that you will be able to use it for years after purchase.


Two-years limited warranty
Blowing capabilities


You have to buy a battery separately

4.DEWALT DCST970X1 – The Best Cordless String Trimmer With Variable Speed Trigger


DeWalt DCST970X1 cordless leaf blower is a robust and durable power tool that comes with amazing features that will provide you peace of mind. You can rest assured due to high-end brushless motor that will maximize motor life and run time.

Due to 15-inches, cutting swatch as well as 0.080-inches line, you can trim your backyard with ease. It features a variable speed trigger as well as speed control so that you can use it for different applications and set variable run time as well.

Ergonomic design, in combination with lightweight construction, will minimize stress on your arms and maximize overall control.

It is designed to withstand everyday heavy-duty assignments. The battery is similar to other 60V max tools, which means that you can share them with other power tools you have in your arsenal.


Powerful operation
Brushless engine for additional durability
0.080-inches line and 15-inches cutting swatch
Variable speed trigger


Expensive price tag

5.BLACK+DECKER LCC221 – Best Cordless String Trimmer With Ergonomic Features


Black & Decker LCC221 string trimmer is the perfect solution that will help you clear sidewalks, driveways, garages, and decks. Remember that string trimmer tends to feature automatic feed spool so you do not have to bump during the operation.

Low noise levels will provide you with additional enjoyment and comfort, and lightweight design is perfect so that anyone can operate with it. Since it weighs only 3.7 pounds, you will be able to use it the entire day with ease.

It features 20V MAX Lithium-ion battery that you have to purchase separately, and interchange with other 20V Black & Decker tools you already own.

It comes with additional attachments, including the ability to edge, trim, and sweep for the groomed look of your backyard. It will help you clear debris with ease, which is another reason for its popularity.

The main problem with it is the inability to handle heavy-duty assignments due to low battery power, but you can still handle household chores.


Simple to handle
Various attachments


It is not for heavy-duty chores

6.Makita XRU02Z – Best Cordless String Trimmer With 18V Lithium-Ion Battery (not included)

Makita XRU02Z

If you wish to get a trimmer that will provide you with a possibility to enjoy a perfect performance and cutting speed, you should consider Makita XRU02Z string trimmer. It comes with the ability to offer you 7800 RPM for additional cutting performance.

You can rest assured because its ergonomic design is balanced enough so that you can enjoy in a lightweight power tool that will stand the test of time. Its compact size is perfect for precise edging and trimming capabilities.

Keep in mind that the telescopic shaft will allow you to adjust the length of the tool so that you can enjoy perfect cutting positions. Of course, similarly to other models within this price range, you have to purchase the battery separately.

It can operate up to 45 minutes with a single charge of 18V Lithium-Ion battery, and due to reduced maintenance, it is a much better solution than gas-powered trimmers.


Zero emissions and maintenance
Telescoping shaft for additional convenience
180-degree rotating head with five adjustable positions


It doesn’t come with a battery


Black & Decker LSTE525 battery-powered string trimmer is a great solution that will provide you with the possibility to enjoy both edger and trimmer. It comes with power drive transmission, which will give you additional torque during the performance.

Apart from that, you will be able to enjoy two-speed controls for additional power as well as runtime. The line diameter is 0.065 inches while cutting swatch is 12-inches. EasyFeed is another feature that will allow you to advance the line with a single push of a button without bumping.

Since it is part of the 20V MAX System, it means that you will be able to interchange battery with other tools you already have.


EasyFeed system to advance the line with ease
Edging and trimming features
Two-speed controls
0.065 inches diameter and 12-inches cutting swath


Low battery time

Best Cordless String Trimmer Buying Guide

Battery Capacity

When it comes to battery capacity, you can choose Ni-Cad and Lithium-ion batteries. If you are working on large projects, you should get a lithium-ion battery, but we recommend you always to have one spare battery in case you have to handle a significant project.

Cutting Diameter

Every single string trimmer features cutting width that you can express in inches. In most cases, the average sizes are between 12 and 14-inches. Everything depends on what you wish to achieve, so the deciding factors should include your physical abilities, personal comfort, and the requirements.

Line Diameter

If you wish to handle light-duty assignments, you should take between 0.065 and 0.080 inches, which are perfect for back lawns and domestic fronts that feature lighter weeds. On the other hand, for medium work, you should consider between 0.085 and 0.105 inches, which are perfect for front lawns and larger backyards.

Attachment Capability

Most models feature the ability to hedge trimming, edging, string trimming, but that depends on interchangeable heads that you will get within the package.

Cutting Power

If you wish to cut grass, you should find a trimmer that features a thicker line in combination with higher speed so that you can improve the cutting capabilities. Most of them can easily handle lawn maintenance cutting, but if you wish to control taller grasses in the yard, you should go for the one with higher RPM (rotation per minute).

Sound Level

The best thing about cordless string trimmers is that you will be able to handle everything without too much noise. In general, battery-powered trimmers feature less operation noise than gas-powered alternatives, which is the main reason for their popularity.


When it comes to vibration, you can rest assured, because when compared with gas-powered counterparts, cordless trimmers produce low vibration in general. Therefore, you do not have to wear anti-vibration gloves during the operation.


We have presented a thorough buying guide and reviews that will help you determine the best cordless string trimmer on the market. As you can see from everything we have mentioned above, battery-powered trimmers are powerful enough to provide you with peace of mind.

If you need it to handle a small backyard, you do not have to think about buying a gas-powered trimmer because cordless is perfect for your requirements.

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