Best Drill Press 2023 [Do NOT Buy Before Reading This!]

best drill pressWe can all agree that drill press is not the most common tool in the workers arsenal like saw, power drill and average hammer.

However, it is the most efficient way to make precise cuts without affecting the materials.

You should have in mind that drill presses come in different sizes and shapes, with a wide array of features that could come in handy.

It doesn’t matter if you are a professional or hobbyist because drill press will help you reach the solution promptly.

That is the main reason why we decided to present you best drill press review and buying guide 2020:

Model NamePrice
WEN 4208Fast-Paced Drill Press$
Dremel 220-01Light-Duty Drill Press$
SKIL 3320-01Compact and Lightweight Drill Press$$
WEN 4210Robust Drill Press For Household Use$$
Evolution Power Tools 849713054050Drill Press With Heavy-Duty Magnetic Holding Power$$$
WEN 4214 (Editor’s Choice)Budget-Friendly Drill Press For DIY Projects$$
Powermatic 1791310 PM701Most Powerful Drill Press On The Market$$$

1. WEN 4208 – Fast-Paced Drill Press

WEN 4208WEN started back in 1951, and since the very beginning, they created high-quality and budget-friendly power tools for household use. If you want to choose the best selling drill press that will provide you multipurpose features, we recommend you to consider WEN 4208 drill press.

It is suitable for everyone who wants to finish projects without too much hassle. It is an excellent choice if you’re going to make holes in the vast array of materials such as iron, concrete and tiles. You will be able to finish the assignment promptly, and everything for the affordable price.

You will get WEN 4208 drill within the package as well as chuck with a chuck key, manuals, and tools that you need for assembly and laser guides. The best thing about it is the dominant motor that can work for a long time without overheating. You won’t get any problem with it, and according to most users, it is entirely convenient.

It works on 1/3 HP so that you can tackle even thickest materials. The speed selection can range between 620 and 3100 RPM, which is an excellent rotation speed when compared with other drill presses.

You can choose different speed levels such as 620, 1100, 1720, 2340 and 3100 RPM. That will allow you to finish the assignment promptly without thinking about the material you are working with.

It also contains linear depth stop so that you can use it with convenience. It is noiseless and works without vibration. This is great because you will be able to work in congested areas without affecting the environment.

It weighs 32 pounds, which is not that much when we compare it with other drill presses on the market. You will get a 2-year warranty that will allow you to fix it in case of any damage. Finally, you will get drill press that will stay for years in your home.


Flexible spindle journey so that you can drill with ease
High-quality motor with lots of power
Five-speed change option for different materials
It has repeated drill operation


It can wobble after extended use

2. Dremel 220-01 – Light-Duty Drill Press

Dremel 220-01If you want to purchase a versatile piece of equipment that can easily handle any drilling around your house, you should consider Dremel 220-01 drill press.

A small drill press contains rotary tool holder and flex shaft holder. Therefore, you will be able to finish various tasks without purchasing additional power tools.

It doesn’t matter if you want to use it for simple drilling, wood decoration or stone engraving because you will be able to finish anything around your home.

The best thing about it is that it has an articulate operation. Finally, you will be able to drill any surface and even those that are inclined. You can choose 15-degree angle placement and the horizontal plane of 90-degrees. That will allow you to work with curved and exposed surfaces.

It includes durable tool holder that will provide you steadiness during the operation. As soon as you place it in a firm position, you can start grinding metal pieces, sand, and polish metals. You can use tool holder and customize its height between 16 and 29-inches.

We have mentioned above that this particular drill press can handle various operations. It is compatible with most rotary tools from Dremel. You can choose accessories for sharpening, routing, drilling, cleaning, grinding, sanding and polishing among other. You can finish house renovations, special projects, and hobbies with ease.

The top of this particular workstation includes a storage nest so that you can keep wrenches and bits without losing them. This is a convenient feature because it will allow you to keep the track on everything that you have with it. It also has power cable clippers so that you can protect the power cord from damage.

In overall, Dremel 220-01 drill press is sturdy drill press that can quickly finish your household assignments. It has a durable construction as well as convenient features and versatile attachments so that you can use it for various projects without investing in a new tool.


Compatible with various attachments
Sturdy construction
You can customize tool holder height
15-degree angle placement


It has only one mounting point
Clamping parts come from ABS plastic

3. SKIL 3320-01 – Compact and Lightweight Drill Press

SKIL 3320-01Skill 3320-01 drill press is the great tool to have in limited spaces such as basements in garages, due to its compact design. It has perfect size and weight, which is the main reason for its popularity.

Of course, you have to start by assembling it. You will need approximately half an hour to gather everything by following convenient and straightforward user-manual. Everything comes from high-quality materials, which you can see within the package.

It works on a 3.2-amp engine that will provide you an excellent amount of power for any task that you want to finish. The main idea of energy is the adjustable speed pulley system that you will find next to the motor. You just have to adjust the location of drive belt to change five different speeds: 570, 900, 1390, 2050 and 3050 RPM.

This is an essential feature because the possibility to adjust the speed is necessary for handling different materials. You will be able to improve drill bit with convenience and very fast. It uses manual belt adjustment for changing speed rates.

This means that you have to loosen belt tension knobs and to slide the engine forward to change the speed rate. This is inconvenient if you want to change speed frequently. For those reasons, you should consider drill press with tension lever.

It offers adjustable work surface that comes from the iron plate that you can quickly move down and up by using the handle. You can also tilt the table from right to left up to 45-degrees for angled holes.

It includes laser beam system that will help you align the bits in the working area. It will project two laser lines, and you will be able to cut through large bits accurate and more accessible. Adjusting and aligning the laser is straightforward, but you have to do it each time you start working to maintain proper position.


Variable speed control
Decent 3.2 amp engine
You can tilt it up to 45-degrees
Adjustable work surface


It is difficult to change speeds because of manual belt adjustment

4. WEN 4210 – Robust Drill Press For Household Use

WEN 4210WEN 4210 drill press is the perfect choice if you want to make accurate holes in the vast array of materials. It has enough power to drill through any material and even steel and metals. The construction comes from the rigid frame that makes it robust, easy to make a precise hole and durable.

The one thing that you will undoubtedly get with this particular drill press is the accuracy because it contains the working light that will illuminate your work. It also has laser guide that will help you achieve specific drills without too much hassle. It will fit perfectly in your garage or workshop, and you will be able to move it with convenience.

It has a powerful 3.2-amp motor that can quickly finish any work that you need. It has enough power to drill on a wide array of materials such as wood, metals, and plastic. At the same time, the motor includes ball bearings that will increase the durability. That will allow you balanced and smooth performance at different speed levels.

The worktable includes cast iron, which makes it durable and robust when compared with other drill presses on the market. It has the bevel angle up to 45-degrees left and right. That will provide you an excellent chance of drilling at various angles for more accurate angled cuts.

We have mentioned above that it has laser guiding system that will help you make more fundamental drills. It comes with built-in work light that will increase the visibility in working area, which is also essential for accuracy.

It includes 1/2-inch keyed chuck where you can place different bits when drilling different sizes of holes. You can also add spindle that can travel up to 2-inches deep. It is ideal for drilling holes in hard and soft materials at a depth of 2-inches.

You will be able to set the speed based on your preference and working project. You can choose five-speed settings of 570, 900, 1390, 2050, and 3050 RPM.


Strong and durable motor
Simple to adjust and use
Smooth operations without wobble
You will get red safety glasses within the package
Five variable speed settings


You have to lose some bolts to tilt the table

5. Evolution Power Tools 849713054050 – Drill Press With Heavy-Duty Magnetic Holding Power

Evolution Power Tools 849713054050Evolution Power Tools 894713054050 drill press is an excellent solution that you will be able to find out the market. The first thing that we want to mention is its durable construction that includes high-quality materials that will stand the test of time.

It doesn’t matter if you are a professional or a hobbyist because this particular drill press will help you finish the job. It has 6-inch stroke length so that you can make accurate and more convenient cuts.

Due to heavy-duty magnetic holding power, you will get the tool that will keep any materials that you are working on with the immersive power. Finally, you don’t have to worry about safety measures, because it will protect you from sudden impact

It contains 1/2 inch Chuck where you can place various bits that you will get the package. If you want to change bits, you will have to use the key, but the process is fast. Even though most people consider this as a disadvantage, further array of the feature will show you reasons for its popularity.

The cutting diameter is between 7/16-inches and 1-1/8-inches. That will allow you to work with more significant materials without any additional problem. The cutting depth is 2-inches, and that is standard in the world of drill presses.

Due to quality construction and immersive power, you will get certain drills so that you can use it for an extended amount of time. It has integrated coolant system for added convenience.

In overall, Evolution Power Tools 894713054050 drill press is an excellent solution for both professionals and hobbyists. Of course, everything depends on the type of work you want to do with it. It has a great deal of cutting features so that you can work with different materials.

The main problem is that you will need a key to change bits, which could be a downside if you have more significant projects. However, you will still be able to purchase it at an affordable price.


Wide cutting diameter
2-inches cutting depth
Heavy duty magnetic holding power
Integrated coolant system


You have to use key to change bits

6. WEN 4214 – Budget-Friendly Drill Press For DIY Projects

WEN 4214Ever since 1951, WEN has been providing to household owners and professionals high-quality best drill presses. WEN 4214 drill press is one of the most popular ones on the market. The reason for that is because it has generous spindle travel, variable speed control, and powerful motor.

First, we have to mention the variable speed settings that will allow you to adapt the rate based on the material that you drill into. Some materials require high-speed such as wood, while other materials such as metal require low-drill speed. You can choose between 580 and 3200 RPM, which is an excellent solution that will allow you to work with most materials.

You can adjust the variable speed on the fly, which is much more convenient than belt system. This is a straightforward feature because you can change speeds without locking them and readjust them each time. It also contains digital readout meter so that you can always have the speed rate transparent and in front of you.

This particular model has 12-inch throat depth, which means that you can drill up to 6-inches, which is far better than other drill presses on this list. This is adequate for most home and professional use, of course, depending on the material size.

It has high-quality construction because it is mostly made of metal. Therefore, we can say that it will stay in your home for decades. You can also make beveled drills up to 45-degrees left and 45-degrees right. As soon as you tilt it, you will be able to lock the position for the accurate drills.

You will need standard Chuck key to open the 5/8-inches Keyed Chuck. It is compatible with most standard drill bits, but it is not limited only to drilling, which makes it versatile and great value for the money.

In overall, WEN 4214 drill press is decent and affordable drill press that you can use for household projects. It has many convenient features, which is the main reason for its popularity. If you want a suitable method to drill different materials, we recommend you this particular drill press.


5-Amp 2/3 HP engine that can easily penetrate both thin metal sheets and wood with ease
Variable speed between 580 and 3200 RPM
Durable construction
You can tilt it up to 45-degrees to both left and right
Large steel base for additional accuracy


It is not suitable for drilling thick metal

7. Powermatic 1791310 PM701- Most Powerful Drill Press On The Market

Powermatic 1791310 PM701The Powermatic 1791310PM701 drill press is one of the best heavy-duty drill presses on the market. The best thing about it is the deluxe motor that has 3/4 HP.

It includes in-line depth stop that will allow you to make preset depths. This is a convenient feature because you will be able to do it without racking the bit to the base. You can operate it through the reversible handle.

You have to understand that handle is quite durable due to heavy-duty construction materials. However, apart from sturdiness, you will get a highly versatile handle that you can change from one side to another in a matter of minutes. Therefore, we can say that it is straightforward to use for both beginners and expert drillers.

It contains double lock system so that you can hold the stock down without slippage. This particular system includes one lock that you have to lock from the side, while other locks from the top.

This is an excellent solution because it will reduce the slippage to zero especially when you start removing the chisel. This particular mechanism is reversible, and you will be able to accommodate materials between zero and 5-degrees in thickness.

We have mentioned above that it works on 115V and 3/4 HP motor that can achieve 1725 RPM. This heavy-duty feature will allow you to finish an assignment with ease.

It has 1/2-inches chuck and 5-1/2-inches head capacity so that you can place any bits without hassle. The chisel capacity is 3/4-inches while chisel center to fence distance is 4-3/8-inches. It contains sizeable hinged chuck door so that you can access the drill by 4-inch chuck key.

You will also get the significant surface, and working is due to fence and table. When it comes to safety, you will get removable switch key so that you can lock the action within 90-degrees movement.


Great safety features
Amazing performance
1/2-inches chuck
115V and 3/4 HP engine which is one the most powerful on the market


Handle can cause discomfort after frequent use

Best Drill Press Buying Guide

Drill presses are widely popular because of its accuracy and efficiency when it comes to making holes and drilling. That is why people choose it because it will provide you better control and it will simplify your work.

However, you should consider some factors before entering the store. That is why we decided to present you things to consider when choosing best drill press:

Drill Press Types

There are two types of drill presses: The Bench Type Drill Press and The Floor Type Drill Press. Like everything around us, both of them have its uses and benefits that depend on your requirement.

The bench type is fixed and perfect for making small holes. Even though they are not powerful enough, you will still get the possibility to store them efficiently and to move them without hassle. On the other hand, Floor Type Drill Press is for complicated and heavy-duty drilling.

The Size and Construction

You should have in mind that each drill press includes: the base, column, table, and head. The table is the workstation; the base and column support the machine while the head is the primary drill. You should ensure that base and stand are fixed for better safety.

The column length will determine the type of drill press. You should always go for robust and sturdy construction because that will offer additional convenience and flexibility.


Most drill presses contain electrical motors. However, power levels come in horsepower (HP). Potential it has, you will get more comfortable and faster drilling.

You should go for a drill that has lots of power because they are more robust and more durable than low-end models.


Different materials require a different amount of speed and power. Therefore, speed adjustment is essential for drill presses. Consequently, it is not useful to purchase high-speed drill hole, because the best ones have the adjustable speed that will customize your specific needs.

The spin rate is the crucial factor, but also different leveling. You should choose the drill press with lots of revolutions per minute (RPM). Drill presses vary between 250 and 3000 RPM.


We have presented you thorough buying guide and review on the best drill press that you can find on the market. There are different solutions on the market based on a wide array of features such as speed rate, power, and construction.

Everything depends on the type of work that you want to finish. You should have in mind everything that we have added in the buying guide so that you can make a quality purchase.

In case that you want to ask something, feel free to comment on the section below and we will answer you on short notice. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites.

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