Best Electric String Trimmer 2023 [Do NOT Buy Before Reading This!]

When it comes to electric string trimmers, you should always bear in mind that there are many variations in trimmers such as gas vs. electric, different cutting widths, etc.

A good trimmer should be relatively quiet and should have a wide cutting range to maximize its’ effectiveness. If you are looking for eco-friendly trimmers, you should always go for electricity-powered ones, but you should be aware that they might not be as effective as gas-operated ones.

With all these features held in the account, we have decided you present you with what we feel are the best electric string trimmers currently on the market.

Model NameBattery-MotorCutting WidthPrice
Greenworks 2114210 Amp18 Inch$
BLACK+DECKER LST13640V13 Inch$$$
Earthwise LST0201020V10 Inch$
Worx WG163 GT (Editor’s Choice)20V12 Inch$$
Greenworks 212124 Amp13 Inch$
Ryobi 18V One Plus18V13 Inch$
DEWALT DCST920P120V13 Inch$$$

1. Greenworks 21142 – Best Electric Trimmer With Wide Cutting Range

Greenworks 21142

Greenworks 21142 comes equipped with a 10 Amp motor, a straight shaft and 0.8 feed which is made to hold dual lines. It is lightweight and has a simple electric start and a cord lock feature that makes it quite easy to use.

18-inch cutting path is there to speed up the trimming process. Trimmer comes with a cushion and a over-mold grip and handle so there is more comfort for the operator. Auxiliary handle is designed for more control while trimming.

Replacement spool is a Model 29622 which is compatible with the trimmer. Trimmer comes with many features and one of them is a quick-connect coupler that allows for easy attachment changes and also fits various name brands.

There is no warranty included while purchasing this trimmer.


Wide cutting range
Powerful battery
Convenient replacement spool


No warranty included

2. Black + Decker LST136 – Perfect Electric String Trimmer With Power Command Dial


Black + Decker LST136 is a powerful trimmer with its’ PowerDrive Transmission that delivers more power coming from the motor to the cutting string so your job can be done faster.

It holds a 40 Volt max Lithium battery that can run for a long period.

PowerCommand dial is there to choose between maximum power, or maximum runtime which is convenient when there is a choice to be made between the trimmer running for a longer time, or choosing maximum efficiency while working.

It is equipped with an Automatic Feed Spool that ensures working in continuity without bumping. Its shaft is one of the longest ones on the market with its’ length of 52 inches.

It easily converts from trimmer to edger by a simple turn of the shaft, making it a very efficient tool.

There is no warranty included.


Long shaft
Powerful lithium battery
Automatic Feed Spool


No warranty included

3. Earthwise LST02010 – Best Battery-Powered String Trimmer

Earthwise LST02010

The Earthwise LST02010 comes with a powerful 20-Volt 2. Amp/h lithium-ion based battery and a fast charger which is included as well. It houses a powerful brushless motor for superior power, and a long run-time as well as durability.

It has a 10-inch cutting width that comes with auto-feed. Its’ spool holds a 0.065-inch nylon line, and it has a flip-down edge guard which is designed for a quick and easy edging.

The handle is adjustable and the telescopic pole is there to allow a user to adjust the length of the shaft which makes trimming more comfortable. It is cordless, battery-powered, it requires no gas nor oil, which results in no fume and no mess work environment.

The battery is compatible with all Earthwise products that are powered by 20-Volt lithium-ion batteries. It has a 2-year tool warranty, as well as a 1-year battery warranty.


Powerful motor
Telescopic pole
Stable warranty


Thin cutting line

4. Worx WG163 GT – Best Electric String Timmer With Edging Features


The Worx WG163 GT is a trimmer and edger combined. It can easily convert from a string trimmer into an edger I a matter of seconds. It holds an instant line feed which has an innovative push-button Command Feed system which makes spool easier to feed with the line.

Batteried are included – it holds 2 lightweight and powerful 20 Volt batteries called Share MaxLithium batteries. They can also be used in any Worx Poweshare tools.

The trimmer also comes with rubberized wheels that support and guide the edger, thus giving you straighter lines as well as cleaner cuts.

Its’ head can tilt up to 90 degrees so you can easily trim and edge on sloped terrain, and also get to tough-to-reach places.

It comes with a spacer guard which is adjustable.

The trimmer goes up to 7600 rpm. 12-inch cutting diameter, it is lightweight at only 5.3 pounds.

No warranty included.


Powerful batteries
Rubberized wheels
Spacer guards


No warranty included

5. Greenworks 21212 – Best Electric String Trimmer With Wide Cutting Path

Greenworks 21212

Greenworks 21212 has a powerful motor that runs on 4 Amps which can tackle the toughest weeds in your backyard. It holds a 13-inch cutting width, which is one of widest cutting paths on the market. Dual-line auto-feed is 0.065 inches which makes advancing the line easy and quick.

Its’ shaft rotates which makes edging easy and accurate so that you will always be sure that your yard is finely groomed. The trimmer is praised for its’ wide range of edging.

The shaft is also telescopic which can be adjusted to fit users height. This trimmer also has a built-in cord-lock that ensures that your cable is secured.

It is lightweight which means that it is user-friendly and won’t overburden your spine.


Powerful motor
Wide cutting range
Cord-lock cable securing


No warranty included

6. Ryobi 18V One Plus – Best Electric String Trimmer With User-Friendly Features

Ryobi 18V

Ryobi One Plus comes with a motor that is powered by an 18 Volt battery. It is quite powerful, one of the most powerful motors on the market, to be exact.

It comes with a high and low setting depending on what type of task you are about to perform.

Its’ spool is quite easy to feed with new string, it has push arrows that are designed to help you detach the head from the trimmer, and easily re-string it.

Its’ battery can run up to 45 minutes, which is quite long, and since it is electric, you can work in a non-fume environment. It is praised as a user-friendly trimmer, with an accent on ease of string replacement. It has a rotating head which can make trimming even easier because you can change the angle of cutting with ease.


Easy string replacement
Powerful motor
Long-lasting battery


No warranty included

7. DEWALT DCST920P1 – Electric String Trimmer With Brushless Motor


Dewalt DCST920P1 comes with a brushless motor that is maximizing its’ efficiency and durability due to its’ powerful battery. The line it uses is one of the thicker lines on the market that goes to 0.08 inches.

This trimmers cutting swath is of a great range with its’ path of 13 inches. Trigger and speed control are variable ensuring you to perform a variety of tasks. It has a patented gear drive design ensuring rotational speeds that can go over 6000 rpm. Standardized speeds are 0 – 4600 and 0-6000.

The battery is one of the most powerful ones’ on the market with its’ power of 20V and 5 amps per hour. The battery is a lithium-ion type that comes with the charger. No warranty included in purchasing of this trimmer.


Powerful battery
Thick cutting line
Wide swath


No warranty included

Best Electric String Trimmer Buyer’s Guide

Gas vs Electric

When buying a trimmer it is important to know whether it’s gas-operated or electricity-operated. Trimmers we have presented here are all electric which means they are environment-friendly and make no noise.

Trimmer Design

When it comes to design it is important to know whether its’ shaft is telescopic because that means it can be adjusted to a users height. Also, the weight comes to mind when the design is discussed because a lightweight trimmer will be a user-friendly tool, that won’t overburden users back.

Power and Battery

This is the most important feature you should consider. The stronger the battery the more time you can spend trimming. Trimmers we have presented here have a range of

18-20 Volt batteries that are currently the most powerful ones on the market.

String Features

Trimmers we have in this presentation have string widths that vary from 0.065 to 0.08 inches. It is important that trimmer can be restrung with ease, and also string needs to have sturdiness and elasticity so it can withstand even the most difficult cutting tasks.


We have presented you with what we feel are the best electric string trimmers currently on the market.

As you will see in this presentation, we have emphasized a variety of these products, going from battery strength to cutting width, to make it easier for you when you decide on buying one.

If you have additional questions, we recommend you to leave a comment in the section below and we will answer you on short notice. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites.

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