Best Framing Nailer 2023 [Do NOT Buy Before Reading This!]

best framing nailerWe can all agree that using a hammer is a thing of the past. There are safer and more powerful solutions on the market.

Framing nailers can help you create a frame, establish fence or make pallets.

There are different types of framing nailers that we have conducted below in different price ranges with various features.

Our main idea is to provide you a thorough explanation of their features and capabilities so that you can make quality and informative purchase.

Choosing a framing nailer is the process that requires prior knowledge and investigation. The idea is to find everything you need in one thorough review.

That is the main reason why we decided to present you best framing nailer review and buying guide 2020:

Model NameFeaturePrice
NuMax SFR2190  (Editor’s Choice)3-1/2"$
BOSTITCH F21PL1-1/2" to 3-1/2"$$$
Hitachi NR90AES12" to 3-1/2"$$$
PORTER CABLE FR350BR2" to 3-1/2"$$
PowRyte 21°2" to 3-1/2"$
Freeman PFR21903-1/2"$$

1. NuMax SFR2190 – Lightweight Nailer for Household Projects

NuMax SFR2190 If you want to build a fence or frame a new wall, we recommend you to check out the NuMax SFR2190 framing nailer. It contains sturdy and lightweight magnesium design that includes Non-Stick o-ring. Finally, you will be able to finish the job in no time.

The best thing about it is that you will get the possibility to adjust the depth for different application uses. You don’t need a new and unique tool to do various works around your house. It includes screw so that you can control it without any additional problem. This will help you switch from 3-1/4-inches to 2-inch nails.

It also includes the possibility to add duplex nails that you can use for making temporary structures. However, for controlling the depth adjuster, you will have to lift the nose peace slightly, add the oil and turn it quickly.

This particular nailer is an excellent solution if you want to finish DIY projects around your home. It is a lightweight solution with only 8.5 pounds, which makes it simple to hold for the extended amount of time. It comes from die-cast magnesium construction for durability and lightweight features.

You will be able to hold it with one hand and use it with another one. This will save you time, but there is an option to use sequential nailing so that you can do it faster.

If you want to purchase professional nailer that will finish any DIY project, then you should choose this particular one, because it is an affordable solution that will spare you some dollars. The combination of professional feel and the affordable price tag is the main reason for its immersive popularity.

However, you won’t get the tool to use as jam removal, which is one of the downsides of NuMax SFR2190 framing nailer. According to users, it won’t get often jammed, so that is an advantage. In case that it gets stuck, you will have removal hole that will make it back into the position.

In overall, NuMax SFR2190 framing nailer is an excellent solution if you want to purchase budget-friendly framing nailer that you can use for decades. Of course, it has some disadvantages such as no bump fire switch and no jam removal tools, but you will still get an efficient alternative to manual hammer.


Lightweight so that you can lift it without hassle
Professional service and budget-friendly price tag
Sturdy and durable construction of die-cast magnesium finish
It includes interchangeable triggers for contact or single firing
Possibility to adjust the depth for additional versatility


You won’t get tools for jam removal
It doesn’t have  bump fire switch

2. BOSTITCH F21PL – Most Popular Professional Framing Nailer

BOSTITCH F21PLBostitch F21PL framing nailer is one of the most popular budget-friendly nailers on the market. Numerous contractors and hobbyists have it for years. The main reason for that is because it contains many features as well as extended warranty.

When it comes to performance, you won’t get low-entry framing nailer, but a great solution that will provide you hardest punch on the market. One of the best features is the swappable tip that will give you the possibility to frame tips made from metal.

Similar to most framing guns, it is great for larger jobs because it has a great deal of power and it will complete tasks faster than any other nailer will.

The first thing that we want to mention is the pneumatic nail gun can easily create 1050 inch/pounds torque which makes it one of the most potent nail guns on the market. It can also use the compressor for supporting its power.

You can drive nails between 90 and 120 psi primarily because it contains 3-1/2-inches fasteners that will protect you during the assignment. It is both accurate and fast, and includes a high-capacity magazine for an affordable price, which is the reason for its popularity.

The magnesium construction can comfortably hold 60, 21-degree head framing nails that have sizes between 1-1/2-inches to 3-1/2-inches. It can use both hurriquake and round head nails, which is why people choose to purchase it.

Other nail guns don’t have that kind of versatility. However, most building codes require roundhead nails, which is why professional decided to choose Bostitch F21PL framing nailer.

When it comes to adjustment, you don’t have to worry anymore, because it is simple as ever. You just have to push a single button so that you can change nail depth in a matter of seconds and without hassle.

This particular nosepiece is an excellent solution for easy and quick change from metal to plastic fasteners. You will also get a 7-year limited warranty, which is the most extended deal on the market. That way, you can rest assured and use it for decades.

In overall, Bostitch F21PL framing nailer is an excellent tool for professional and household use. Of course, most contractors choose it because of excellent warranty deal in combination with the immersive amount of power. You will get many features that will stand the test of time, and it is simple to adjust which makes it hassle-free tool.


It contains swappable tips for framing applications and metal connectors
Seven-year warranty
Hanging hook
Amazing and professional power
Torque can reach up to 1050 inch/pounds
Affordable when compared with other framing nailers on the market


Plastic rafter hook
If you want to enter contact fire mode, you will need trigger swap

3. Hitachi NR90AES1 – Perfect Framing Nailer For Beginners

Hitachi NR90AES1If you want to finish basic woodwork around your house such as installations, framing, sub-flooring and other types of work, we recommend you to choose Hitachi NR90AES1as the handy tool that will finish all your needs.

This particular framing nailer is the excellent choice if you have just started to work around your house and you don’t have the prior experience in working with power tools. It is compatible with plastic collated nails that range between two and 3.5-inches.

It includes Industrial design construction as well as the lightweight body. You will be able to finish any heavy-duty work similar as best nailers on the market and everything for the affordable price tag.

It contains air pressure of between 70 and 120 PSI and air consumption at 100 PSI. You will get 64 nails in the magazine, which is great if you have lots of work. At the same time, it has the powerful work-time and a lot of capabilities.

It is a convenient solution if you want to purchase durable, lightweight and compact framing nail so that you can use it all day long without any fatigue and blisters. It is simple to use, and you will be able to learn how framing nailer works, especially if you are a beginner hobbyist.

It includes a new head that will give you the possibility to disassembly it faster during the tool maintenance. You will be able to make selective actuation so that you can create shots that are more convenient.

Depth adjustment is entirely tool-less, and it will allow you to choose the depth so that you can shoot through different surfaces. It includes two aluminum magazines that will make replacement cheaper and more accessible. You should have in mind that this particular tool requires no batteries.

It contains 2-step nail reload system that will allow you to replenish the tool without opening nose for jam clearing. These comfort features are a great solution if you are a beginner hobbyist.

You will get rubber handle that will ensure reliable and safe grip so that you can reduce the amount of fatigue and blisters while working. At the same time, because of lightweight features, you will be able to make more comfortable motion and movements.

You will get safety glasses within the package, which is an excellent advantage when compared with other framing tools on the market.

In overall, Hitachi NR90AES1 framing nailer is an excellent solution that will stand the test of time in your tool garage. It is perfect for finishing light and medium duty work, and you will get many features for the affordable price.


Lightweight and durable construction
Perfect for immersive work around your household
2-step nail reload for additional convenience
You can adjust depth without tools
It includes two aluminum magazines


It is compatible only with plastic collated nails


PORTER CABLE FR350BRPorter Cable FR350BR framing nailer is an excellent choice if you want to manage and handle things around your household. It will make you efficient and creative because you will be able to enjoy its versatility.

The first thing that we want to mention when it comes to this particular framing nailer is that you will be able to get convenient pneumatic nailer that works on air compressed systems. That way you will be able to finish any work without any inconvenience.

It requires no batteries, so you won’t have any hassle of changing and recharging batteries in this tool. At the same time, it is a lightweight solution so that you can work intensively without any fatigue.

You will be able to adjust the depth of the nails, which is an excellent solution for beginner nailers. However, it doesn’t have rafter that will help you take a break at some point.

It has compact body and design so that you can enjoy in better style and balance. However, it fails to reach the professional safety standards. You won’t get the ergonomic design and a durable rubber grip that will reduce fatigue and frustrating blisters. Therefore, we recommend you to purchase gloves so that you can work the extended amount of time.

It is an affordable solution when we compare it with other framing nailers. You will get a package, a case, manual and cover. We recommend you to read the user manual before you start working, especially if you have just begun to work with it.

It includes reversible rafter hook as the additional feature that most people overlook. It is an excellent way to hang the nailer before you take a break because it will decrease the possibility of knocking it over and tripping over it. It is also a convenient solution if you are working on a ladder.

When it comes to power, you will get excellent power tool that can cut three-inch nails through two 2 x 4s. It will help you finish the job in half the time than other framing nailers within the same price range. You can also quickly select the right setting to nails thanks to an adjustable depth that you can change without using any tool.

In overall, Porter Cable FR350BR framing nailer is decent performance framing nailer that will stand the test of time. It is entirely affordable and comes with durable construction that will allow you to finish the job with simplicity. You will get the cover, case and manual, but it lacks safety features, which are its primary disadvantage.


Inexpensive framing nailer
It includes manual, cover and case
You will be able to adjust the depth without tools
Powerful solution for household use
Compact body and lightweight for better balance


It doesn’t have safety features
You won’t get rafter with it

5. PowRyte 21° – Versatile Framing Nailer for DIY Projects

PowRyte 21PowRyte 500024 framing nailer is the excellent solution if you want to work with sheathing, framing, decking, subflooring, repairing pallets, siding, strapping and boxing assembly. It is simple to handle, and it will finish most-demanding jobs with simplicity.

You will get quick-changing magazine angle with 21, 28 and 34-degree wire collated framing nails that work same as three-piece framing nailer kit. This particular framing nailer has the tool-less drive and depth adjustment, which is excellent for those who want precise sinking and simple change between sequential and contact modes.

It includes selective actuation change that will allow you to change everything with one single switch. That makes it convenient and tool-free for working with various materials. It doesn’t matter if you want to use it for commercial or DIY projects; it is efficient enough to handle any work.

It includes dry-fire lockout feature that will prevent missing nails and extend the motor life. As soon as you reach the end of the magazine, it will stop firing to protect the motor from any damage. This is an excellent feature because you don’t have to check how many nails you got inside steadily.

The best thing about it is that you won’t experience any jamming while using it. Of course, that could happen, but most users stated that they went through 1000 nails without a single jam. In case that jam occurs, you just have to open the nose design to get the access and clear it thoroughly.

This particular framing nailer will protect your arms from fatigue and injury because of the rubber grip. This is an excellent way to increase the safety because you should have in mind that nailers can be dangerous if you don’t handle them correctly.

You will get in the package oil bottle, Allen wrenches and safety glasses as the additional safety features. However, you won’t get nails inside the package, but because of the sufficient size of nailers, you will be able to find and purchase them easily.

The operating air presser can reach between 70 and 120 PSI, and the magazine has the capacity of 100 nails for 28 and 34-inches and 60 nails for 21-inches.

In overall, PowRyte 500024 framing nailer is an excellent solution to purchase because you can use it wherever you want. It doesn’t matter if you are a professional or skilled DIYer, you will get professional nailer that contains numerous features.

Of course, it has some disadvantages such as lack of ladder hook and belt, but you will still get lightweight and compact framing nailer that will stand the test of time.


Reliable and efficient
Adjustable contact modes in sequential
Fire lockout feature will reduce the risk
Rubber grip for additional safety
Environment-friendly nails


You won’t get ladder hook and belt

6. BOSTITCH LPF21PL – Powerful Pneumatic Framing Nailer

BOSTITCH LPF21PLYou have probably heard about Bostitch Company that we all know for manufacturing and designing fastening tools such as drills, glue guns, staplers, air compressors and framing nailers for commercial and household use.

Bostitch LPF21PL framing nailer is one of the best framing nailers on the market due to its performance and budget-friendly price tag. With it, you will get more comfort than on any other nailer on the market.

The low profile design will give you the possibility to use it in tighter areas such as in between the rafters or small cabinets. Even though it is 21-degree nailer, you can also work with 28-degrees so that you can fit in hard-to-reach spaces.

Everything depends on your demand, but this particular framing nailer can easily shoot nails between 2 and 3-1/2-inches. You can choose framing nails from 21-degree plastic, and they come from a straight magazine that you can insert from the rear side.

It works through pneumatic air compressor, and the maximum pressure can reach between 70 and 100 PSI, which makes it perfect for small to mid-size assignments. You can efficiently perform job site nailing works and use it for commercial use. It is powerful enough to drive nails into engineered lumber as well as softwoods and hardwoods.

You can quickly set up the proper depth by rotating the wheel so that you can finish the job with more precision. Of course, if you don’t set it right, you can damage the nail head and destroy the material you work with.

It includes both types of firing mode such as contact trip mode and sequential trip mode. When you purchase the tool, you will get it in default, sequential mode. However, you will be able to change the firing mode through the selectable trigger.

You will find the switch that will immediately change the firing mode. As soon as you press the arrow on the switch, which is on the front side of the trigger, you will return to sequential firing. On the other hand, if you place shaft to the rear side, it will immediately enter the contact trip mode.

It is comfortable due to its low profile design that will help you reach the tighter areas with simplicity. It is also lightweight when compared with other framing nails, which will help you use it for a long time without fatigue or getting tired.

We recommend you to take small breaks in the middle while using the framing nailer. It includes over-molded grip on the handle so that you can enjoy in its comfort without blisters.


It contains low profile design to fit hard-to-reach areas and spaces
It includes rafter hook so that you can hang the tool easily
Internal air filter will keep debris and dust away from the engine


You won’t be able to change exhaust direction
It has no lockout feature that will warn you when you reach the end of magazine

7. Freeman PFR2190 – Comfortable Framing Nailer for Commercial/Household Use

Freeman PFR2190Choosing the best framing nailer is not that simple, but if you consider Freeman PFR2190 is framing nailer, you will get everything for the affordable price. There are numerous types of nail guns, but if you need the one that is made explicitly for 21-degree full head nails, you should choose this particular one.

It is precisely manufactured to provide you 21-degree full head nails. It is the ideal solution for siding installation, wall sheathing, and framing, subflooring, assembling a wood box, building a fence and building a pallet.

It uses 21-degree round head framing nails that can range between 2 and 3-1/2-inches in length. The construction is anodized aluminum cylinder and one anti-dry cycle mechanism.

You should have in mind that one of the best things about Freeman PFR2190 framing nailer is its ability to drive through any nail that you can think of. You can efficiently use 2-3/8, 3, 3-1/2, and even ring shanks with it.

You won’t experience too much issue in creating anything around you, which makes it highly versatile framing nailer. It works entirely and without misfires and jams. You will be able to use it even if you are a beginner with simplicity. Reloading and shooting are also as simple as possible.

You can go through wood without any additional problem. That is because it contains two fire triggers, which are a great plus. You will be able to enjoy in single fire trigger that comes with a gun and includes a rapid-fire trigger in case that you want to finish the heavy-duty assignment.

It comes with convenient and straightforward nail depth adjustment, which is an excellent feature because it allows you to shoot different types of nails without losing too much time in changing. The housing comes from magnesium, which makes it robust and lightweight than other framing nailers on the market.

Due to its lightweight, you will get comfortable nailer that you can work with for the extended amount of time. Finally, you don’t have to worry about arm fatigue and blisters after working with it all day long.

However, it has some disadvantages such as the possibility to leave a few nails before locking it down. Most users find that this feature is annoying, but it will still protect its engine from additional damage. You won’t be able to use it in hard-to-reach areas because of its design, but on the other hand, you can finish any heavy-duty project.

In overall, Freeman PFR2190 framing nailer is an excellent solution for your household because it will give you enough power to finish any project. The construction is lightweight and durable, which means that you will be able to use it for decades.


Convenient and straightforward nail depth adjustment
Ergonomic design for additional comfort
Rapid fire trigger for heavy-duty projects
Lightweight and durable construction
Affordable price tag


It locks it down with a few nails inside the magazine

Best Framing Nailer Buying Guide

We can easily say that framing nailers are a great addition to your toolbox especially if you are into framing, roofing and other jobs that require nail guns.

It can quickly shoot hundreds of nails into various materials such as wood panels, hardwood, and even concrete blocks.

Even though most of them work by a similar principle, there are different factors that you should have in mind before you enter the store and purchase. That is why we decided to present you things to consider before buying best framing nailer:

Power Sources

There are three essential power sources for framing nailers:

Pneumatic Nailers

Pneumatic framing nailers, use an air compressor that you have to purchase separately. It uses air hose, which will reduce the possibility of movement, but when we neglect this particular disadvantage, you will get robust and reliable framing nailers.

Cordless Electric Framing Nailer

If you want to reduce the possibility to trip or damage the cord while working, the best solution is to choose cordless nailers.

However, the main disadvantage is that you will have to recharge the battery, which is why it is better to have the spare one just in case. They are more expensive than other types, but you will get lots of power.

Electric Nailers

Electric nailers, are not powerful enough as more prominent types, and in most cases, household users and hobbyists use it to finish household projects.

They have cords and run through power outlet, which is a drawback because you will have limited motion.

Other Features

Magazine Styles

The magazine is the essential component of framing gun because it holds nails that you will use afterward. There are the coil and straight magazines available.

Coil magazines will keep a higher capacity for pins, which makes them perfect for the more significant project. However, they weigh more than straight nailers do.

On the other hand, both types can efficiently work in various angles. We recommend you always to check whether cartridge will match the edge so that you can find the appropriate nails.

Trigger Types

There are two trigger types, the first one is the tip of the gun that you have to press against the material to nail it. The other is the one pushed my index finger. Contact triggers will allow you to hold down and tap the wood to release nail.

This is dangerous especially if you are a beginner. The safest solution is to choose a sequential trigger that requires from you to depress the tip and pull the trigger.

Adjustable Depth

Some framing nailers can adjust the force at which you shoot the nail. For some nailers, you will be able to improve the depth by using tools, while others have more convenient solutions that you can finish with a single hand motion.


We have presented you thorough buying guide and reviews on best framing nailers on the market. There are different choices and solutions that we have mentioned such as pneumatic framing nails with adjustable depth and more low-end types.

We didn’t want to create the list filled with the best and most expensive models. That is why we created a file with the different selection so that you can find the one that applies to your budget and preferences.

The main idea was to provide you information so that you can make more quality purchase.

If you have anything else to add or to ask, feel free to comment in the section below and we will answer you on short notice. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites.


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