Best Gas Powered Pole Saw 2023 [Do NOT Buy Before Reading This!]

best gas powered pole sawWe can all agree that clean yard brings out the beauty. When you stop maintaining the grass and trees, it will grow out of order.

Therefore, you have to add some effort to keep everything in top shape. Is there a way to do it efficiently and without breaking a sweat?

Yes, there is!

By choosing gas-powered pole saw, you would be able to prune thickest branches and grass. When you have the proper tool, the pruning process will be a piece of cake.

Finding the solution that you need a gas-powered pole saw is just the beginning because now you have to decide which one is the best for you?

The best way to find the relevant information is to read our analysis so that you can understand all features and capabilities of best gas-powered pole saws.

That is the main reason why we decided to present you best gas-powered saw review and buying guide 2020:

Model NameBar LengthReachPrice
Remington RM2599 (Editor’s Choice)8-InchUp to 12 feet$
TrimmerPlus PS7208-InchUp to 11 feet$
Echo Gas Powered Pole Saw12-InchUp to 12 feet$$$
Poulan Pro 967089801
8-InchUp to 12 feet$$
Maxtra 42.7CC (Runner-up)9-InchUp to 15 feet$$
Poulan Pro PP258TP8-InchUp to 12 feet$$

1. Remington RM2599 – Powerful Pole Saw With Convenient Design

Remington RM2599If you want to choose the powerful and efficient pole saw, then you have to consider Remington RM2599 gas-powered pole saw. The main advantage of this particular model is the unique way of weight distribution.

The weight is mostly concentrated in the user hands, which reduces the concentration of the end of the pole. The unique design will reduce the muscle soreness and fatigue which is common after effect of gas-powered tools.

It works on the 25c motor that will provide you enough power to handle any branch without too much hassle. You can also manage thicker woods with efficiency, which is excellent when compared with other gas-powered pole saws.

The pole is long enough so that you can maneuver it and use it with ease. You can reach up to 12-feet high, which is great if you have higher grass in your backyard. It includes QuickStart technology so that you can turn it on in a matter of seconds by pressing the button.

The main reason for its popularity is the design because most people think that gas-powered pole saws can cause muscle strains, fatigue and health issues. This particular model contains conveniently designed that will reduce the fatigue and give you the possibility to handle it with ease.

The main disadvantage is the pre-maintenance hassle that you have to do before each start. Most gas-powered models require a regular mixture of gas and oil. Therefore, we recommend you to research before you decide to handle gas-powered pole saw.

The build quality is fantastic which means that you will be able to use it for decades. Of course, you have to maintain it regularly and keep it in excellent condition.

In overall, Remington RM2599 gas-powered pole saw is one of the most potent pole saws that can handle even thick trees. The main disadvantage is the level of noise, so you have to use the ear protection while managing the garden.


Robust construction
Simple to operate and adjust
Reliable and sturdy pole
Powerful engine


The high level of noise requires ear protection while operating

2. TrimmerPlus PS720 – Affordable Gas-Powered Pole Saw For Household Use

TrimmerPlus PS720If you have a low budget and you want to purchase reliable gas-powered pole saw, you should consider TrimmerPlus PS720 pole saw. It has a user-friendly and lightweight design so that you can use it for an extended amount of time.

When we compare it with other gas-powered pole saws, it is one of the best tools for running on the market. You will get the possibility to expand the pole up to 12-feet, which is enough to tackle highest leaves and branches. If you have a small garden, you will be able to handle most of surrounding yard because it will induce the stable flow of power to the chain.

Of course, it is not for heavy-duty jobs and assignments because it has budget constraints. When you have in mind the budget-friendly price tag, you will still get handy features that will help you maintain the garden promptly.

It includes two different sections so that you can choose two separate extension lengths. This is an excellent solution for people who have backyards and various assignments and jobs such as pruning shrubs and bushes and trimming hedges.

As the great addition, you will be able to attach the different trimmer applications, so that you can finish a vast array of work without finding an entirely new tool. This will also add flexibility and variety to your standard options.

It contains 8-inch bar and chain that can easily handle most of overhangs and breaches that you encounter in your garden. Even though there are more powerful solutions on the market, this one will offer you a great balance between money and overall quality.

It weighs only 7 pounds, which is impressive when compared with other pole saws. This is an excellent advantage that you can find in cheaper and low-end models. You can carry it around and complete variety of trimming tasks.

In overall, TrimmerPlus PS720 pole saw is an excellent pole pruner if you have a tight budget and you need new gardening tools. You don’t have to expect too much from it, but it will handle essential jobs around your house.


Lightweight and simple to maneuver
Affordable price tag
Reliable and simple to use
Decent cutting power


It is not for heavy-duty assignments

3. Echo Gas Powered Pole Saw – Robust, and Sturdy Gas-Powered Pole Saw

Echo Gas Powered Pole SawIf you want to increase the beauty of your house, you have to maintain it properly. The best way to do it is to use Echo Gas Powered Pole Saw. It is an excellent solution for people who have bigger lawns and yards because it can handle the heavy-duty job without too much hassle.

The design is pretty sleek and minimalistic. It resembles any other runner, but it has professional grade materials that will stand the test of time. It doesn’t matter if you want to cut through thickest branches because it will go through them like a knife through butter.

The first time you see it perform, you will become hooked on its performance. It has a significant and sturdy construction that will wear out your body after constant use. This is the disadvantage, but when you have in mind the power, you don’t have to use it more than half an hour for any assignment.

It has a decent shoulder strap that will increase the comfort, and it is useful for maneuvering. It looks like backpack harness so that you can carry it around with enough control. The best thing about it is the possibility to start it in a matter of seconds.

It has Echo Vortex power unit that you can start with a simple push of the button. It is quiet, CARB compliant, accurate and more responsive when compared with other gas-powered pole saws.

It has enough power so that you can cut through thickest branches due to 12-inches bar and amazingly sharp chain. You can cut through 10-inches limbs in a matter of minutes. You can also extend the pole up to 4-feet, which is excellent for maneuvering. The cutting head is more substantial than others on the market are, and it can reach up to 14-feet.

In overall, Echo Gas Powered Pole Saw is impressive gas-powered pole saw that would finish any job you have in mind. The main disadvantage is the amount of noise and too much weight that can cause muscle fatigue and strain.


5-year warranty
Simple to start in a matter of seconds
Long reach so that you can enjoy all the way
Comfortable shoulder strap
Robust construction that will last a lifetime


It weighs 20 pounds which is massive for prolonged use

4. Poulan Pro 967089801 – High-Performance Gas-Powered Pole Saw

Poulan Pro 967089801If you want to choose the tool that includes the most advanced fuel delivery system that will reduce the spending and increase the performance, you should select Poulan Pro 967089801 gas-powered pole saw.

It is an excellent solution for people who have bigger lawns and yards because it can handle the immersive amount of job without too much hassle. It includes 28cc, 2-stroke engine that will provide you impressive power performance so that you can tackle thickest branches in a matter of seconds.

We have mentioned above that it has advanced fuel technology. That is because it contains PureFire Fuel Delivery System that will reduce the number of harmful emissions and give you fuel efficiency so that you can reduce the gas expense. It is simple to start it because it has spring assisted launched system that will provide you additional convenience.

It contains auto-return stop switch that will immediately and automatically reset to the primary position that you have used. That will reduce the time needed for the adjustments so that you can start it in no time.

We also have to mention dual-line feed Tap’N go head that has impressive cutting capabilities. You will be able to cut the thickest and highest branches and reloading the trimmer spool is as simple as possible.

Another safety feature is air purge that will safely remove air from the fuel system and carburetor. That will increase the longevity of the engine and reduce the time for starting. It has a versatile design that can accept six optional attachments for a wide array of chores. You can use it for tilling, blowing, edging, trimming, tree pruning and brush cutting.

In overall, Poulan Pro 967089801 gas-powered pole saw is the excellent choice if you want to find the gas-powered pole saw that would stand the test of time. It has decent features for the affordable price tag. At the same time, you can equip six different attachments for better versatility.


High-performance, heavy-duty engine
Trimmer attachment and shoulder strap within the attachment
You can add six optional accessories
Advanced fuel technology for low emissions
Simple to start


It requires pre-maintenance
Too noisy

5. Gas Pole Saw, Maxtra 42.7CC – Versatile Gas-Powered Pole Saw For Household Use

Gas Pole Saw,Maxtra 42.7CCMaxtra 42.7cc Gas Pole Saw is the versatile and convenient tool that will maintain your garden and yard. It has many handy features that will help you finish the trimming, logging and pruning jobs. You can also cut wood with ease in your garden.

It uses 1100 watts of energy that engine produces and transmits into the pole so that you can cut. You will be able to adjust the pole up to 11.4-feet, which is excellent when we compare it with other gas-powered pole saws on the market.

The chain measures 10-inches which when you compare with the height, you will be able to cut thickest branches at the height up to 16.5-feet depending on your height. Therefore, you don’t have to worry anymore, because you can stop using the ladders for reaching the highest branches.

It features an ergonomic design that will increase the comfort during the performance and usage. The air filter will create cleaner combustion hence, which will reduce the harmful fumes. This is great for the areas that banned the use of gas-powered tools.

You can start it with ease because it has a centrifugal clutch that will turn it on in a matter of seconds. The other pole saws use a standard type clutch that needs some time to start which will increase the working time.

We have mentioned that it has a shoulder strap as well as rotation and anti-slip handlebar so that you can enjoy an additional comfort. The chain is safe because it has low kickback feature that will reduce the possibility of severe injury.

In overall, Maxtra 42.7cc Gas Pole Saw is a decent solution for household owners that have big lawns and yards. The main disadvantage is that is too noisy, which is the main problem among gas-powered tools. That is why you should always wear ear protection during the performance.


Can cut thickest branches
It includes muffler shield
Anti-vibration handle
Powerful engine
Simple to start


Noisy and bulky

6. Poulan Pro PP258TP – Perfect Gas-Powered Pole Saw For Medium-Sized Yards

Poulan Pro PP258TPIf you want to find the pole pruner that will make trimming and cutting as simple as possible, you should choose Poulan Pro PP258TP pole saw. It is excellent, decent quality pole saw that can handle simple to medium-duty tasks.

It has long reach, which will help you achieve highest overhangs, and bushes so that you can improve the aesthetical value of your garden. That is the main reason for its popularity and excellent rating on Amazon.

It doesn’t matter if you want to use it for commercial use or just for your average garden because it will finish any job you plan. Of course, it is not for large lawns, but you will still be able to cut through thickest branches.

According to the manufacturer, the maximum diameter of branches should be up to six inches, because it won’t be able to handle thicker ones. However, most bushes and overhangs are much thinner than that, which is why people love to use this particular pole saw.

It includes 8-inch saw a bar that will give you additional reach in combination with the high-quality rod that can reach up to 12-feet. This is an excellent height for those who used ladders to reach the highest areas.

It is lightweight and compact when we compare it with other gas-powered pole saws. That will provide you less stress on arms, and it will reduce the chance of getting injured. You should have in mind that using powerful pole saws is risky and injuries are common. So, easy handling is the convenient feature.

In overall, Poulan Pro PP258TP pole saw is the powerful and handy pole saw that would finish most medium-duty jobs in your backyard. You will also get with it the two-year manufacturer warranty, which is another proof that it will last for decades.


It weighs only 12 pounds which is lightweight
Runs on the 25cc engine with a reliable source of power
Two-year manufacturer’s warranty
Built-in spring assist for simple starting


It is not for heavy-duty jobs

Best Gas-Powered Pole Saw Buying Guide

Yard work requires handy and convenient tools that will help you finish the job promptly. Of course, you can complete everything manually, but it will take you too much time and muscle fatigue to do it.

The best way to reduce the hassle is to find the reliable gas-powered pole saw. However, finding the appropriate one is not a simple task. It requires prior knowledge, through research, and understanding.

That is why we decided to present you things to consider when gas-powered buying pole saw:

Power To Weight Ratio

Choosing the right pole saw for your needs means that you have to find the perfect balance between weight and power. Have in mind that you will hold the pole saw over your head, which means that heavier models can cause muscle strains. On the other hand, the entry models are lightweight but lack in power. That is why you should choose the model that has enough power and weight that you can handle.

Extension and Reach

Each branch and tree is the difference. Sometimes you have to cut through hard-to-reach places, which mean that you have to check the length and height of pole extension and the maximum reach.

Bar Length

Bar is the length of the area at the end covered by a chain. You can find the distance between six and twelve inches. You should have in mind that longer bar will give you the possibility to handle thicker branches.


Pole saw is the dangerous piece of equipment and carries specific risk with it. Imagine that you are holding 10-feet chainsaw over your head while cutting branches. That is why you should choose the one that has ergonomic, anti-slip and anti-vibration grip so that you can use it for an extended amount of time.


We have presented your thorough review and buying a guide on best gas-powered pole saws on the market. Finding the best one for your requires the thorough understanding, which is why we used pole saws in different price ranges and features.

Finally, you can rest assured, because we handed you a proper amount of knowledge that will help you make a quality purchase.

Of course, we recommend you to reread the article because there are tiny details that could come in handy in choosing.

For any question, we recommend you to comment in the section below, and we will answer you as soon as possible. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites.

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