Best Gas String Trimmer 2023 [Do NOT Buy Before Reading This!]

best gas string trimmer

Most of us agree that it is a necessity to have a well-trimmed backyard.

And once the grass starts bulking up, you need a proper tool to get the job done.

A reliable string trimmer is usually something that will get the job done without too much of an effort.

An efficient one can also be used to trim hedges and grass as well.

These are the main reasons we are to present you with the best gas string trimmers.

Model NameEngineCutting WidthPrice
Husqvarna 128D28cc 2-Cycle17 Inch$$
Remington RM2510 (Editor’s Choice)25cc16 Inch$
Husqvarna 129C27.6cc17 Inch$$
Troy – Bilt TB 4227cc 2-Cycle8 Inch$$
Poulan Pro PR25CD25cc 2-Cycle16 Inch$$
Hitachi CG23ECPSL22.5cc 2-Cycle4 Inch$$$
Tanaka TCG23ECPSL22.5cc 2-Cycle17 Inch$$$

1. Husqvarna String Trimmer 128D – Best Gas String Trimmer With Transparent Fuel Tank

Husqvarna String Trimmer 128D

Husqvarna String Trimmer 128D has a 28 cubic centimeters 2-cycle engine, which runs the 17-inch trimmer head.

The engine of this trimmer is running on a mixture of non-lead gas and 2 – cycle oil (2.6 oz bottle is included, with instructions added).

You can release a new line by tapping the trimmer head against the grass to activate the Tap ‘n’ Go line release feature. The fuel tank is transparent, so you can directly measure out how much of you gas-oil mixture you have left in the tank.

You can remove air from the carburetor and the fuel system with an air purge primer bulb.

Additional attachments include:

The edger – which keeps your flower beds, lawn and pathways looking neat, with a clearly defined edge; the cultivator is great for tilling small areas: flowers beds, areas beneath the trees; the pole saw can give you an extra reach when you need to reach limbs that are further off.


Easy to release line
Transparent fuel tank
Useful attachments


Engine powered by gas and oil mixture

2. Remington RM2510 – Best Gas String Trimmer With Quick Start Technology

Remington RM2510

Remington is widely known as one of the biggest producers of a variety of tools throughout the world. Here we are presenting its curved shaft model of gas trimmer – RM 2510.

It features a 25cc gas engine that is equipped with QuickStart technology to make pull starts quite easy.

Its curved shaft model brings balance into cutting and trimming parts of your lawn, as well as enhanced accessibility.

Bump head with two lines will help you avoid interrupting your work in your backyard. By simply tapping the head on the ground, you are feeding your trimmer with more lines!

Thicker line (0.95’’) is there for more durability and greater control, making it easier to cut and trim more adhesive patches of grass and shrubs.

16-inch swath trims comprehensive sections of grass in shorter periods. Its’ plug gap spark is 0.025 inches.

Remington 2510 gas string trimmer comes with two years warranty.


Quick Start engine technology
Curved Shaft design
Thicker cutting line
Two-year warranty


Relatively small engine capacity

3. Husqvarna 129C – Best Gas String Trimmer With 17-Inch Trimmer Head

Husqvarna 129C

In comparison to the previous gas trimmer, we have reviewed the model, 129C is equipped with a 27.6cc engine with two cycles that powers the 17-inch trimmer head.

Curved shaft design on this model features the ability to distribute evenly the weight of this trimmer so there is a higher comfort while operating for more extended periods.

The engine is running on a mixture of a non-lead gas and 2-cycle oil (2.6 oz bottle is included, with printed instructions).

You will be able to release a new line by merely tapping the trimmer head against the grass, which then activates the Tap ‘n’ Go line release feature.

Translucent fuel tank allows for visual monitoring of a fuel mixture level, while you are working. A convenient air removal system is enabled by using the air purge primer bulb, which efficiently removes air from the carburetor and fuel system.

This string trimmer has a 2-year warranty, limited for residential use.


Translucent fuel tank
Tap’n’Go line release technology
Curved shaft design
Two-year warranty deal


Engine runs on gas and oil mixture

4. Troy – Bilt TB 42 – Best Gas String Trimmer With JumpStart Technology

Troy – Bilt TB 42

Troy – Bilt TB 42 is not just a trimmer; it is a brush-cutter as well! It is powerful enough to go through any dense weed or bushes.

It holds a premium 27cc 2-cycle full-crank engine equipped with JumpStart technology, which eliminates the pull cord feature.

Adjustable J – Handle provides additional control, and natural right or left-handed use. The line replacement system in this brush-cutter is standard.

8-inch 4-tooth steel brush blade will provide you with the ability to cut even through dense vegetation.

Attachment capable design allows the trimmer engine to power even as much as ten different TimmerPlus attachments.

Those attachments will turn the trimmer into a tool of wide varieties that enables you to operate many tasks in your backyard, from simple grass cutting to the removal of thicker branches.

It has a foot-pedal automatic CVT (continuously variable transmission)


JumpStart engine technology
Adjustable J-handle
Attachment capable design
Simple to use


No warranty included

5. Poulan Pro PR25CD – Best Gas String Trimmer With Various Attachments

Poulan Pro PR25CD

Poulan Pro PR25CD features a SureFire fuel delivery system, which enables an easy motor start.

Effortless pull starting is also one of its’ highlighted points as it has a spring-assisted starter system. That system is designed so there are no flaws in starting your trimmer. The line is capable of 16 inches cutting width.

The trimmer is also equipped with a dual-line feed Tap ‘n’ Go head, which enables a superior cutting result. It is also one of the enhanced features included in Poulan trimmers

The head features a unique design so the trimmer reloading spool is quick and straightforward. You can feed the line precisely as always.

You will also get various attachments with it, so the variety of tasks done with this trimmer is enhanced. That means that it is possible to cut and trim grass as well as sturdy branches which are hard to cut with regular trimmers.


16 inches cutting width
SureFire fuel delivery system
Tap ‘n’ Go head
Comes with a wide array of attachments


No warranty included

6. Hitachi CG23ECPSL – Best Gas String Trimmer With Anti-Vibration System

Hitachi CG23ECPSL

Hitachi CG23ECPSL gas-powered string trimmer is equipped with a powerful 22.5 pure fire engine with two strokes. The engine meets levels of emission easily, and it’s not sacrificing power or adding weight. It is also designed to rid you of any maintenance troubles.

It has a 69.6 inches overall length to lessen fatigue from bending. Trimmer is made out of solid steel which extends its’ life significantly.

It also has an anti-vibration system will help you reduce fatigue in the user. From there features it is easy to see that Hitachi has based its’ products on being as user-friendly as they can be.

S start recoil system reduces the force to start the engine. 4-inch Tap ‘n’ Go nylon trimmer head is made for continuous use, with no need to stop to advance trimmer line.

It weighs 10.3 lbs (dry weight), which means that you will get easily balanced tool. Easy to use and maneuver.

The fuel tank features over shields to protect it from wear and tear.


Easy to manage and maneuver
Powerful engine



7. Tanaka TCG23ECPSL – Best Gas String Trimmer With Long Shaft Design


Trimmer is equipped with a 22.5 CCs pure fire engine with two strokes. It meets emissions levels but does not sacrifice power, weighs adding or troubling you with any maintenance issues.

The body comes out of solid steel, which will significantly increase the lifetime of trimmer. Tanaka is consumer-friendly with all the features such as a long shaft, and engine protection. The engine features shields so wear and tear significantly reduced.

It is 69.6 inches long overall to lessen fatigue from bending. Due to the anti-vibration system, you will be able to reduce fatigue with ease. S – start recoil starting system will help you reduce the motor force, which starts the engine.

You will get with it: two – year commercial use warranty, seven-year consumer, and one-year rental use warranty.


Powerful engine
Long shaft design
S start recoil system
Two-year warranty


Weight (due to the fact it is made of steel)

Best String Trimmer Buying Guide


A powerful engine is a must-have in an excellent reliable trimmer. It is also vital that emissions are as low as possible and that the volume of an engine is not overwhelming. Here we are met with mostly 2-cycle engines that run on a mixture of gas and oil, which is a lesser choice if compared to 4-cycle motors that run on gas only, so it is good to bear that in mind.

Cutting Width

Cutting with a line is perhaps the most crucial feature in a trimmer since it is a direct indicator of how big of an area that you can cut with one sweep of a trimmer.


When purchasing a reliable trimmer, it is of great importance to have one thing in mind – weight. Since trimming is a job that induces fatigue, it is imperative not to overburden our backs while doing it. Lightweight trimmers might have a smaller engine but will save you a trip to a chiropractor.

Length of the Shaft

When trimming, it is vital to maintain a steady swoop. The balance of the trimmer is something that guarantees that. So the length of the shaft must be proportional to its’ weight. Also, due to accessibility issues, a trimmer needs to have a longer shaft.

Fuel Efficiency

As mentioned before, there are two types of engines which use two different fuels: 2-cycle and 4-cycle engines. Fuel efficiency in 2-cycle engines is lesser than in 4-cycle engines due to the fact they use a mixture of gas and oil. It is common sense that a homogenous fuel is more efficient. So when looking for efficient trimmers, it is good to bear in mind what type of fuel they use.

Auto Choke

Auto Choke is very important since it regulates air/fuel mixture in engines. Engines that have a purge system installed in them are better at regulating temperatures in engines of trimmers.

Shaft Type

You should consider a few types of shafts such as Straight shafts, J-type shafts, and Curved shafts. Each of these will help you handle various assignments. While straight shafts are better for open fields and flowed beds, J-type and curved poles are better for handling parts of the backyards that are harder to reach.


We have presented you with a thorough review and a buying guide on the best string trimmer currently on the market.

Bear in mind that there are different choices and that every backyard has its’ own unique features. That means that there is a trimmer suited for every garden, considering its’ power, shaft length, and cutting with.

Please re-read this article before heading out to buy a trimmer suitable for your needs, since there are many variations.

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