Best Oscillating Tools 2023 [Do NOT Buy Before Reading This!]

best oscillating toolWe can all agree that technology changed the way we function in our household.

Finally, we can use equipment with ease and simplicity.

In the past, we had to call someone to assist us in various projects.

Nowadays, that has changed, and you can quickly start your workshop in garage. You just need a space and all durable tools that you can purchase both online or in person.

That is the main reason why we decided to present you best oscillating tools review and buying guide:

Model NameOscillating per MinuteOscillating AnglePrice
Dewalt DCS355D10-20,000 OPM1.6 °$$$
Rockwell RK5151K11,000-20,000 OPM3.4 or 5°$$
Dremel VC60-01 Velocity10,000-16,000 OPM$
Porter-Cable PCE605K10,000-22,000 OPM2.8 °$
Makita XMT03Z6,000-20,000 OPM3.2 °$$
Fein FMM350QSL MultiMaster10,000-19,500 OPM1.7 °$$$
Dewalt DWE315K (Editor’s Choice)0-22,000 OPM1.6 °$$

1. Dewalt DCS355D1 – Noiseless Oscillation Tool for Household

DEWALT DCS355D1Oscillating tools are a great way to finish all things that you have in your household. It doesn’t matter if you want to engage in professional or household projects, Dewalt DCS355D1 oscillating tool is the best choice for you. It will offer you cordless power that can easily sand, cut, grind, remove grout and mortar, scrape and you can use it in tight spaces.

This particular oscillating tool will comfortably fit in your hand because of its length of 12-inches. It is a lightweight solution when you compare it with other oscillating tools because it comes with only 3.22 pounds and 20-volt lithium ion battery for additional power and efficiency.

The noiseless and brushless engine comes with less friction which means that you will get more efficiency than the traditional motor. It will also deliver 57% more run time than other brushed motors. It includes DUAL-GRIP speed trigger where you can change various speeds depending on your current project. It operates between 0 and 20,000 oscillations per minute (OPM).

It is a convenient choice for your household because you will be able to change accessories without any additional problem. Another great feature is the bright LED light that will provide you precise cutting.

Tool guide system is excellent, and it allows you to set height and depth that will provide you more accuracy while making significant cuts. However, you may get problem with burying the blade to cut in full extent.

The best thing about this particular oscillating tool is the battery life which is higher than any other tool on the market. They are right to advertise it as 57% more efficient run-time. You can quickly get through fast cuts which means that the job will be done promptly.

The main problem with it is that adapter won’t fit most Fein blades that are on the market. Therefore, you have to buy their expensive blades which are the investment when you compare it with similar oscillating tools.

At the same time, belt clip could be better and more ergonomic because it will reduce its quality over time. Try to get the spare one just in case.

In overall, this is an excellent oscillating tool that you can purchase for the affordable price. If you like the concept of multi-tools, you will be amazed at this particular one. It will provide you extreme precision with numerous accessories that will help you finish the job promptly. Just try it you won’t be disappointed.



The batter is more efficient and durable than other similar tools on the market.
It comes with quick accessory change system
LED light for additional convenience
Tool guide system


Dealt adapter won’t fit, which means that you have to purchase expensive Dealt blades
Belt clip is not that good

2. Rockwell RK5151K – The Only Oscillating Tool With Two Oscillating Angles

Rockwell RK5151KIf you want to buy best the oscillating tool that you can find on the market, we recommend you to consider Rockwell RK5151K F80 multi-tool. The best thing about it is that you will be able to get two oscillating angles which are an entirely new and unique feature. This particular technology will give you the possibility to select the best edge so that you can finish the job with more efficiency.

It is reliable and quick, and you will be able to change blades in a matter of seconds. Hyper lock tool-free blade holding system means that you will get easy to use and adjust the tool to work within your household. At the same time, the universal fit system is the main reason why people decide to purchase it. Therefore, you will get maximum availability.

We have mentioned above that you can use all blades from other manufacturers due to the universal fit system. This will give you added convenience and make your tool versatile for all types of work. You can quickly change the blades and buy cheaper in case that you have a limited budget. However, we recommend you to purchase the ones that are high-quality because that way you will reduce the possibility of any maintenance issues.

We have to mention that Rockwell RK5151K F80 comes with cutting a load of 35 pounds which is one of the best in the industry. Therefore, you will get more laborious and more extensive oscillating capabilities that you have used before. The blades will work smoothly because of that.

At the same time, you will get the possibility to use it right after you unpack it from the box. It also comes with accessories box that will provide you additional versatility. You will get sanding disk, with six different types of blades so that you can start your project promptly.

The toolbox comes with lots of room so you will get a convenient place to store all your tools as well. You will not get another cheap box. It shuts down in a matter of seconds, and you don’t have to worry about space to fit the cord and all tools.

However, the main downside is that you won’t get the tool that will provide you the possibility to finish the heavy-duty work. If you are a professional and you want to work with an oscillating tool we recommend you to purchase the bigger and more powerful one.

In overall, you will enjoy the performance of this particular oscillating tool. It will make your life easier because of latest features that you won’t get with other tools on the market. Finally, you will be able to finish your projects promptly without any additional problem.



It comes with duotech technology that has the possibility of two angles
Faster blade changes when compared with more expensive tools
Powerful force
Universal fit system so that you can place any blade from any manufacturer


It is perfect for household use, but not too much as a professional tool

3. Dremel VC60-01 Velocity – Hyper Speed Oscillation Tool

Dremel VC60-01Dremel VC60-01 is the latest oscillating tool that gains prominence among hobbyist and professionals.  It is entirely different than any other oscillating device on the market. The best thing about it is that you will get the possibility for two positions, which means that you can use it for one orientation and its side.

The holding mechanisms for blades are different than any other tools and attachments. You will get new control foot and a side-mounted blade that will make more significant cuts so that you can enjoy all the way.

The vertical grip is impressive as well as horizontal one. You can use it for other applications, according to most users you can use it for almost anything.

We have to mention Hyper Speed setting which will provide you the possibility to get nine times faster than any other oscillating tool int he same price range. 5-degrees oscillation angles that will give you between 10K and 16K OPM.

At the same time, you will get 7-feet power cord so that you can get more useful work both inside and outside. The weight is more significant which we can think as a downside, but you will still get a versatile tool that will stand the test of time.

When it comes to accessories, you will get the package with tool bag, panel blade, wood and drywall blade, pipe and 2×4 blade, wood sanding paper, and paint sanding paper. This particular array is excellent for your household needs which is the convenient way to purchase it.

It contains a 7-amp motor that will provide you the possibility to finish tough jobs with more power. When we compare it with other oscillating tools that offer only between 3 and 4 Amp engines, you will get the fantastic machine.

You probably know that different materials require different cutting speed that depends on the intricacy of the cut. Therefore, you will get a tool that will provide you two cutting speeds, hyper speed, and incredible precision. That way you can maximize utility with accuracy and straight cuts.

It will offer you 5-degree oscillating angle which will facilitate aggressive and fast cuts. This will also allow you to enjoy in the speedier cutting of thicker lumber such as dimensional lumber or sheet wood.

The main downside of this particular oscillating tool is that you won’t get anti-vibration technology. Therefore, you have to handle vibration which will be higher than expected. That could cause additional fatigue and problems with your health. We recommend you to use anti-vibration gloves that will reduce the impact on your health.

In overall, you will get a fantastic tool that will stand the test of time. In most cases, people that want to maintain their household use it for DIY projects. It is convenient because it is affordable and it contains excellent feature when compared with more expensive models.



Powerful motor
You can quickly cut through thicker woods
Variable speed
Swing out control foot for maximum precision


It doesn’t contain anti-vibration technology
It is little more substantial than other tools in the same price range

4. Porter-Cable PCE605K – Best Oscillating Tool from Respectable Brand

PORTER-CABLE PCE605KPorter-Cable is one of the most popular manufacturers of household tools. It doesn’t matter if you want to enjoy DIY projects or if you are a professional because you will be able to get the perfect tools for the affordable price.

You will get the fantastic oscillating tool that will provide you the 2.8-degree angle of oscillation. At the same time, it contains various speed dial with six settings so that you can choose OPM between 10,000 and 22,000.

It contains low angle oscillation so that you can easily have a tighter cut and to control it easily. It will also provide you a moderate amount of vibration, while power will stay intact.

The design is sturdy, and at first glance, you will think that it is durable. That thought it the real truth because it will stand the test of time. At the same time, comes with the ergonomic design so that you can get the high image of durability and heft with ease. In case that you have an average size of hands, it will fit comfortably. However, it may be difficult to handle with smaller hands.

Even though most oscillating tools come with LED lights, you won’t find any with this particular device. They decided not to include any. Therefore, you have to provide the additional light source in case that you want to work in dark places.

It comes with a tool-free system that will allow you to change and reposition blades in a matter of seconds with convenience. We have mentioned above that Porter-Cable PCE605K52 includes depth cutting guide that will help you make precision cuts.

You will get the oscillation tool works on the 10-foot cord. So you can choose it between these two. The size of the cord is convenient in case that you are working outside.

The best thing about it is that you don’t have to worry about running out of battery while you are working. However, that also disadvantages because you cannot work in places without extension cord or power source.

It weighs only 3.7 pounds which is an excellent weight when you compare it with other similar types of oscillation tools. It will provide you a great job. The main disadvantage is that it cuts down slower than other tools on the market with the broader angle. It can also get hotter faster mainly if you use it at fastest oscillating speed.

In overall, you will get a fantastic machine that will stand the test of time. It is also great because of cutting performance and capabilities. Of course, it has a few downsides but still, it is affordable, and you won’t find the best oscillation tool for its price.



Three-position so that you can easily grip it
Motor with 3.0 amps of power
It comes with 2.8-degree angle of oscillation
You can quickly reach hard to reach places


If you use it for extended periods, it can get hot
It doesn’t have LED light

5. Makita XMT03Z – Sturdy Oscillating Tool for Your Household

Makita XMT03ZThe oscillating tools became an indispensable part of household equipment by anyone who enjoys DIY projects. The best thing about them is that they can reach awkward angles, tight spaces and provide tough cuts. Therefore, we recommend you to choose Makita XMT03Z oscillation tool which will offer you the possibility to finally enjoy in your home.

Even though it looks small on pictures, think twice before you say that. It is quite large, and it measures about 17-inches from the bottom of the batter to the nose. The grip is bulky when you compare it with other similar tools.

You will get incredible power and speed that can quickly cut 16d nails, plywood, hardwood and other construction material. In all application material, this tool did exceptionally.

However, the main issue with it is the size of it. It is difficult to reach tight spaces because of sizeable overall length and grip. Therefore, you will make operation cumberstone, and you will need tool orientation and excellent blade angle. At the same time, the weight is also more significant than other tools on the market.

On the other hand, it comes with a quiet motor that can engage in prolonged operation without too much hassle. The noise can reach up to 68 decibels which is lesser when compared with other tools.

It will deliver you enough power and speed so that you can finish any household job. However, it doesn’t contain brainer feature which most users find it a disadvantage. You have to understand that this is an excellent tool, but it lacks ergonomic design and features. It is hefty and heavyweight when compared with the competition.

The other thing that we have to mention as the downside is that you won’t get LED light. Therefore, it will be a challenge to finish the job in the dark. Light is the must-have primarily when you are working in darker corners that need more visibility for precision.

In overall, we have to conclude that you will get an excellent tool that will stand the test of time. It will provide you lots of power without too much noise which is the main reason why people choose to have it. It is a useful tool that you can integrate with Makita kit, and you will enjoy it especially in unexpected situations.



Immersive power when compared with similar tools on the market
Noiseless which will give you additional convenience
No vibration
Sturdy and durable


Bulky and too big
It doesn’t have LED light

6. Fein FMM350QSL MultiMaster – Powerful and Mobile Oscillating Tool

FEIN FMM350QSLFEIN is the first company that introduced oscillating tool back in 1967. Since then, the world changed and became completely different as well as best oscillating tools. But still, FEIN in the last few years decided to introduce the latest innovation such as FEIN MultiMaster 350QSL oscillating tool.

When we compare it with other models, this particular one is the class of its own. You will be able to renovate your home and take DIY projects to a whole another level. It will provide you extraordinary power with quiet vibrations so that you can use it with simplicity.

The first thing that we have to mention is that you will get NEW StarLock Mounting system that will give you the possibility to change accessories in a matter of seconds. It is way better than the previous FEIN model.

In case that you are handyman on the job site or contractor, this will be a convenient feature for you. You don’t need extra bolts or Allen wrenches. Now you will have the easiest and quickest way to change blades.

It will also provide you least vibrations and quiet operation on the market. It includes 350 watts motor that will meet all your heavy-duty expectations in the field. It comes with anti-vibration system that reduces vibration up to 70%.

You will be able to work without ear protection and anti-vibration gloves. That will provide you better handling performance, and you can work both inside and outside, without interfering with other people around you.

What the tool had is secure, and it will hold the accessory with accuracy in the most demanding use. You can quickly change accessories as we have mentioned above by lifting the lever on he head. Unlike other tools, you will save both energy and time in finishing any handy task. You will get various accessories,

It comes with StarLock mounting system so that you can work with additional precision and complete the work faster even with more great accessories and blades. It is perfect for home repairs and remodeling, but you can also sand, remove grout, scrape and many more.

It weighs only four pounds which makes it well-balanced and lightweight when compared with other oscillating tools. This means that you can easily handle it even if you have never done it before. They are designed with an ergonomic soft grip so that you can handle it with comfort. That will allow you to work longer hours without any fatigue or issue.

However, you won’t get integrated control for long straight cuts. That is the main downside, by you will still be able to use other features with ease.

In overall, it is a tremendous and convenient tool because you will be able to change blades in a matter of seconds. At the same time, it is lightweight and has anti-vibration features for additional convenience.



It comes with StarLock Mounting System that will provide you quick-change of accessories
It is designed to offer you least vibration and high power
Comes with variety of accessories
Delivers powerful oscillations


You cannot cut straight long cuts in wood

7. Dewalt DWE315K – Most Powerful Oscillating Tool

DEWALT DWE315KThe Dewalt DWE315K oscillating tool is one of the best investments that you can make to improve your household tools. It comes with powerful 3.0 amp motor that will help you sand and cut in a matter of seconds. You can also choose other processes and complete it without any additional problem.

The best thing about it is that you can change the attachments without too much hassle because it contains unique quick-change system without any tools. You can see height and depth because of tool guide system that will provide you accurate repeatability.

It also comes with speed trigger so that you can get the superior control and high-speed level. It includes LED light that will help you to work in darker places for accurate cutting. It weighs 7.2 pounds, and it comes from China. You will get a 3-year warranty.

The best thing about this particular oscillating tool is powerful 3.0 engine that will provide you additional performance and better grip control. The oscillating device can quickly cut through thickest surfaces such as wood and plastic as well as other materials that you want to use.

We have mentioned above that you will get quick change system so that you can change all attachments promptly and without tools. That will make your work easy and fast. You will also get a vast range of accessories so that you can finish all projects that you have in mind.

The kit comes with corded oscillating tools and 29 additional accessories such as sanding pad, wood blades, semi-circle blades, sanding sheets, storage box for accessories and multi-brand adapter.

Another great thing about this particular oscillation tool is that you will get a universal adapter that will fit in any system manufactured by major brands. Therefore, it is widely adaptable and simple to use. It also comes with the universal fit system for blades which will provide you additional convenience.

However, the main disadvantage is that blades are too expensive when you compare it with other types of tools. You will have to pay at least ten dollars to purchase original and best blades for Dewalt Oscillating tool. At the same time, blade selection is limited because this tool is new on the market. But we can expect that it will change in the next few years.

In overall, you will get powerful oscillation tool with incredible features and a lot of attachments. It also contains universal fit adapter which makes the tool versatile. Finally, you can purchase a device that will make your life easier to work on home projects. It doesn’t matter whether you are experienced or not because it is simple to use for everyone.



It comes with powerful 3.0 amp motor
Fast and simple change of accessories without any tools
LED light will provide you light for tighter and dark areas
Comes with tool guide system
Universal adapter


Blade selection is limited
Blades are too expensive

Best Oscillating Tool Buying Guide

Before you decide to purchase best oscillating tools, you must have in mind all features and consideration. The main reason for that is because investing in oscillating tools is not like buying groceries. Therefore, you should purchase the one that will provide you all capabilities that you need, and that will stand the test of time.

Power Options

Oscillation tools come in both corded and cordless versions. Cordless tools are much more convenient, but corded are more powerful. In case that you use an extension cord with the corded tool, we recommend you to check whether it is suitable for the tool.


Oscillating tools can handle numerous projects which is the main reason why you should purchase it. The tool type will determine what you want to finish and accomplish. Therefore, you have to make sure that you are buying a tool that will help you. We present you the most critical applications:

-Cutting drywall, PVC or wood

-Removing Grout

-Sanding wood

-Stripping old paint

-Grinding plastic or metal

Additional Features:

-Amperes and Volts – These measures are essential because they will determine the power of a tool. The higher measurement means more powerful tool but also more expensive too.

-OPM (Oscillation per minute) – Measure speed of the oscillating tool. Therefore, you have to understand what you want to do before finding the perfect amount of OPM. Different materials require specific oscillation speed.

-Variable Speed – This particular feature will give you the possibility to operate at lower and higher OPMs.

-Cord Length – It will determine the capabilities for outdoor use. The bigger cord, the more convenience you have to use it.

-Work Light – Best oscillating tools are great because you can quickly reach tight places. However, those areas are mostly in the dark. Therefore, we recommend you to choose the one that contains work light such LED for additional convenience.


We have presented you a thorough guide on how to purchase and find the best oscillating tool on the market. It is difficult to determine which one is the best because they all have similar features. Your projects can only decide which one is the best for you.

It doesn’t matter if you want to finish professional work or all your DIY projects, oscillation tools are revolutionary tools that will provide you multi-features without any additional problems. Therefore, you should have everything in mind before you invest, which is the reason we recommend you to reread the review article for more information.

In case that we have missed something, feel free to comment on the section below. We will answer you on short notice. Cheers. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites.

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