Best Pool Cover Pump 2023 [Do NOT Buy Before Reading This!]

A good and reliable pool cover pump is a thing that will save our pool covers from deteriorating. If you are living in an area that is known to have rains of snow, your pool cover will suffer immensely if you are not taking proper care of it.

There are all sorts of pool cover pump nowadays, even the ones that have micro-computers un them.

We have decided to present to you what we feel are the best pool cover pumps currently on the market so that you can choose wisely, and without worry, that snow or rain will be detrimental to your pool cover, which is providing you clean pool water, ready for every summer!

Model NameMotorPerformancePrice
Superior Pump 912501/4 HP1,800 GPH$
Little Giant PCP55014942702550 GPH$
Wayne 57729-WYNP (Editor’s Choice)1/4 HP3,000 GPH$$$
WAYNE WWB WaterBUG1/6 HP1,257 GPH$$
Little Giant 5-APCP1/6 HP1,200 GPH$$$
FibroPool Electric600 GPH$
Pumps Away350 GPH$

1. Superior Pump 91250 – Best Pool Cover Pump With Strong Capacity

Superior Pump 91250

This ¼ utility pump can move up to 1,800 gallons of water per hour! It will lift the water to 25 inches of vertical height.

It is made out of sturdy and reliable materials and has a robust construction that is made out of thermoplastic materials. Its’ cord length is 10 inches. It has a 1.25-inch NPT discharge to give this pump a high capacity of pumping.

It also comes with an add-on, which is ¾ inch garden hose adapter. This pump features a removable suction screen that will handle solid materials that go even to a 1/8 inch. These pumps are built in controlled conditions and are made to last a great deal of time.

They are also engineered with components that are praised for their quality and are one hundred percent factory tested!


1,800 gallons per hour
Strong pump
Removable screen designed for suction


No warranty included

2. Little Giant PCP55014942702 – Best Pool Cover Pump With Durable Features

Little Giant PCP55014942702

If you wish to get a manual pool cover pump that removes water that is standing on your pool cover, you should consider this particular pool cover pump.  Remember that it is ideal for household water transfer as well.

At the same time, you will get a thermoplastic pump that tells us that it is made out of materials that are durable and sturdy and will not bend under the scorching sun during the summer. Its’ intake screen is removable, and it is made so to ease cleaning and maintenance of this pump.

Power cord stands at 25 inches of length with a power of 550 GPH when the rise is at 0 inches, and a power of 400 GPH when the rise stands at 3 inches.

It also features a 25-foot power cord, and its electrical strength is at 58 Watts.

It is quite easy to install since it has a ¾ inch feature for a garden hose connection and a flow rate that stands at 550 gallons per hour.


Made out of competent and reliable materials
Easy to install
25-foot power cord


No warranty included

3. Wayne 57729-WYNP – Best Cover Pump With iSwitch Technology

Wayne 57729-WYNP

This fantastic pool cover pump comes iSwitch technology that can turn the pump on and off by directly sensing the presence of water. You can plug it in and leave the pump unwatched, and you will have yourself a worry-free water removal.

Strainer on this pump can filter debris to minimize clogging and keep the pump from tipping itself over. This pump is energy efficient; it features a high flow and most important – this is an oil-free pump!

It also comes with a technology called automatic freeze, which is based within iSwitch Technology, so it prevents pump damage.

When water is above, or at 2 1/8 inches auto-on feature activates and the pump starts running!


iSwitch feature
Efficient strainer
Energy efficient


No warranty included

4. WAYNE WWB WaterBUG – Best Pool Cover Pump With Bug Removal System


This water pump should be unplugged as soon as the water is not being moved, or this pump will run dry.

It is assembled in the USA with both foreign and domestic parts. It has a multi-flow technology that allows for a selection of specific discharge for its’ application.

Top discharge is high for spaces that are tight and where water removal is needed, so that means it is suitable for window wells or buckets.

Side discharge is excellent for easy water removal from flat places, so that means it is suitable for areas like flooded basements, shower stalls, or even standing water in your backyard.

It has a maximum flow that reaches 1257 gallons per hour, which is quite efficient. It has a power of 900 GPH and is made out of corrosion-resistant discharge outlets that are made out of brass and materials that are sturdy, heat, and damage-resistant.

It also holds a feature WaterBug so you can rid yourself of bugs!


Bug removal system


Non-automated, and prone to going dry

5. Little Giant 5-APCP – Best Pool Cover Pump For Household Use

Little Giant 5-APCP

This pool cover pump safeguards your pool covers from any prolonged accumulation of snow and rain. It has an automatic switch that will turn itself on when the water level is at or above the level that counts 3.25 inches.

This pool cover pump will pump down to 1/8 of an inch of water in its’ manual mode. This pump is also submersible, which means it can go underwater! It can operate in two modes: automatic and manual.

It is designed to suit any circumstance. It also comes with a garden hose adapter, which is included in its’ original packaging.

This pump is designed for households, and it is CSA listed, coming along with a 25-foot power cord, 380 Watts of power, and a fantastic 1200 GPH at one-foot height!

It comes with a stabilizing plate and an automated switch, and they are both removable for your convenience.


Stabilizing plate with an automated switch



6. FibroPool Electric Swimming Pool Pump – Best Pool Cover Pump For 600 gallons per hour rate

FibroPool Electric

This pool cover pump is designed for operations in-ground and above ground swimming pools. It is made out of materials that are lightweight and durable. And that guarantee the sun will not do any damage to this pool pump.

It will make sure all the water is drained out of your pool cover since it has a beautiful operating system that has been made with cutting edge technology.

Speaking of cutting edge technology, this pool cover pump is made out of lightweight materials that are a guarantee that it will not weigh down your pool covers.

It pumps at a rate that goes up to 600 gallons per hour; it has a 16-foot power cord that will plug into any standard 110 Volt outlet, wherever it is mounted.

It runs with a powerful 75 Watt motor, and its’ drainage hose is removable to suit all of your needs.


Can operate on the ground and above ground


No warranty included

7. Pumps Away 350 GPH Submersible Pool Pump – Best Pool Cover Pump With Lightweight Construction

Pumps Away 350 GPH

This pump, as the name states are submersible, which means it can be placed underwater. It is made out of reliable and sturdy materials that are a guarantee that this pool cover pump will suffer no damage during a long time use.

It has a moderate pumping power that goes up to 350 GPH, so that means it will not pump out the great capacity of water, but it is lightweight, which means that it will not weight down your pool covers.

It can pump water deepness level of 1/8 of an inch. It has a standard hose adapter that is designed to be removable and straightforward and for a smooth, no-sweat installation from your side.

It comes with a power cord that measures up to 25 feet to assure that it will be flexible to use, any time you use it!


1-year warranty
Long power cord



Best Pool Cover Pump Buyer’s Guide


This feature is something that you should consider when plugging the pump into the socket. Never fill it while it’s wet!


Maintenance of these pool cover pumps are quite straightforward – once disassembled, just put it down a stream of running water.


There are two types of pool cover pumps: Automatic and manual. We have considered both kinds, and we feel that the automated ones are better.

Gallons per Hour

This feature is the most important one since it measures how much time it will take to empty your pool cover free of water. Best pumps are usually the ones that will have around 1000 GPH operating power.

Cord Length

A feature that is not very important since all power cords can be extended with not that big of an effort. It is a custom that all of our swimming pools are in the backyard, which is near to our house.

Automatic vs. Manual

Everything depends on your budget capabilities, but have in mind that automatic ones are more expensive while you will be able to reduce the hassle of handling them along the way. On the other hand, manual ones are more affordable, but you will have to manage them by yourself, which could be a hassle for some household owners.

Filter Efficiency

This feature is essential when we consider debris. The more significant waste a filter can filter out, the more efficient our pump is. You should know, though, that debris must not exceed the length of an inch.


If the pool cover filter is made out of materials that are sturdy and reliable, the pool cover pump will last you a long time.


We have decided to present you with the best pool cover pumps on the market, with particular regards to durability, filter efficiency, and of course, the power measured in gallons per hour.

Remember that everything depends on the type of pool you have, so you should research comprehensively before you make up your mind.

That is the main reason why you should reread this particular guide so that you can create an understanding of relevant features that you will get with each pump. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites.

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