Best Soldering Gun 2023 [Do NOT Buy Before Reading This!]

If you don’t want to call a handyman every time you have a problem and want to learn how some devices in your household function you should have one.

Besides, if you have an amplifier, toaster, extension cord, TV, fridge, you will eventually need one. Alternatively, if you are a repair person yourself, you will need a reliable tool to make your living.

All of these things have cables and cords, and they eventually break down. In today’s world, where prices of everything are skyrocketing, even repairs services, one must be able to know at least the basics of home appliances.

However, how to pick which to buy when you’ve probably never even seen one. Do not worry, and we have compiled a list of best soldering guns you find online, so sit tight and read carefully.

Model NameThermostatHeat-up TimePrice
Weller 9400PKS900 F6 Second$$
Weller D550PK (Editor’s Choice)1100 F6 Second$$$
NEWACALOX850 F1-3 Minute$
Weller D650PK1100 F6 Second$$$
NEWACALOX Automatic850 F2-4 Minute$
Toolour Automatic1112 F2-4 Minute$
Wall Lenk LG400C1000 F6 Second$$$

1. Weller 9400PKS – Best Heating Up Time

Weller 9400PKS

When you turn on Weller 9400PKS, you can start welding almost immediately as it heats up in less than six seconds, which among the best in the market.

You can also clearly see the metal you are working on as the device has three LED lights built-in, thus eliminating the tip shadow. It features two trigger positions that can heat the tip up to 900 degrees Fahrenheit.

When you hold it in your hand, you will be feeling a soft, non-slip grip under your fingers. Also for a product with a modest price you will get a seven-year warranty.


Easy to use
Great heating-up time


The cord is too stiff

2. Weller D550PK – Best Heavy-Duty Soldering Gun

Weller D550PK

Weller D550PK professional soldering gun kit is the best solution that you can find on the market that will provide you an ability to handle heavy-duty assignments in no time.

Unlike other models from Weller, this particular one features between 260/200 watts, which will provide you a significant power for handling large metals. It comes with a pistol-like design, so you can start controlling dual heat settings with a fingertip.

You can switch between 260W and 200W heat based on your needs and preferences. Due to its high power, it is much better for commercial applications when you should handle heavy-duty soldering project.

Of course, if you do not have previous experience with soldering, you should avoid this particular model because it comes with high power that can affect your capabilities.


Heavy-duty soldering gun
It can handle large metals
Dual heat settings
Convenient gun design


It is not for household usage

3. NEWACALOX Soldering Iron Gun – Reliable Soldering Gun for DIY Enthusiasts


Finding a soldering gun that will provide you peace of mind is challenging nowadays. That is why you should consider NEWACALOX soldering iron gun. You will get exceptional safety, reliability, and functionality with it.

You can operate with a single hand, so you do not need to point the tin gun or tin wire with all sides as back in the day. The soldering wire stand will ensure that you can safely handle everything without burning your hands.

The iron can heat up quickly, which means that you will be able to enjoy a more extended service life. The best thing about it is the natural mica heating core that will provide you long life, fast heating up and the ability to assemble and dismantle it with ease.

The de-soldering pump means that you will get a high-pressure vacuum tube that features an aluminum body, which is perfect for printed circuit boards.


Long service life


More expensive than others on this list

4. Weller D650PK – Best Bargain

Weller D650PK

The best thing about this product is that you get a potent, high-quality performance device for such a modest price, lowest on this list. It has a voltage input of 120 volts that feature two options for wattage power: 200 and 300 watts.

The time it takes for the tip to heat up is about 6 seconds, pretty fast, right. With maximum temperature, depending on how you set it, ranging from 900 to 1,100 degrees Fahrenheit.

It is straightforward to control with fingertip heat selector and thermoplastic housing gives your hands some extra comfort. If you want a low output, no problem, just set the trigger in the second position.

If you want a high one, just put it in the first, it is that simple.


Easy to use
Great performance


Replacement tips are expensive
No carrying case

5. NEWACALOX Automatic 60W Soldering Gun – Best for Electronic Circuits


You should have in mind that automatic soldering is the most convenient solution that you can make. It is the perfect choice for handling home DIY soldering, electric circuit board repairs and many more.

It features an inner-heated ceramic heater that can warm-up in a matter of minutes for added convenience. You will get a kit that you can operate with a single hand, which is another advantage we have to mention.

The de-soldering pump is an excellent feature that will allow you to use it just by pressing a trigger button with one hand as soon as you’re ready. It is designed with a double ring, which means that you will get a perfect sucking power for debris left after the soldering.

Tweezing will allow you to repair watches, phones, jewelry and electronics, which is an excellent addition to your standard projects and applications.


Perfect for household use
Inner-heated heater with fast warm-up
Simple to use
De-soldering pump features a double ring for additional suction power


It doesn’t come with an instruction manual

6. Toolour Automatic Soldering Gun

Toolour Automatic

Toolour Automatic Soldering Gun features inner-heated ceramic technology so that you can enjoy in the fast warm-up in less than two minutes. It also features on/off switch so that you can avoid long usage and ensure safety along the way.

Soldering with one hand is another convenient feature that will provide you peace of mind. The solder wire will provide your hands-free solder feeding during the performance. Therefore, as soon as you press a trigger, the cable will trace the steel wire pipe and heat it.

It comes with a de-soldering vacuum pump, which features a high-end ABS body, which is highly durable when compared with others on the market. It is comfortable and easy to hold, and it can endure high temperatures for a long time.

You will also get high quality, stainless-steel tweezers that are resistant to corrosive agents and acids. Therefore, you won’t cause damage to electronic components.


Fast warm-up
The de-soldering vacuum is highly efficient
One-hand operation
It comes with durable tweezers


Automatic feeder won’t stay lined up

7. Wall Lenk LG400C – Best for Learning to Weld

Wall Lenk LG400C

Another product from Wall Lenk, this is also one of the cheaper models on this list, it is a 400/150 watt heavy-duty soldering gun.

It has more applications: heavy wiring, automotive, general repairs, and generators, light sheet metal, etc. Its ¼-inch pyramid tip can reach a temperature up to 1,000 degrees Fahrenheit.

Besides, this device provides you with an instant response, which means it heats up immediately. It is straightforward to use.

You can even use it in the dark since it has a built-in one-inch light, which illuminates the materials you want to weld. With it, you also get its carrying case, which makes it even easier to transport and store.


Easy to use
Comes with carrying case


Not for industrial use

Best Soldering Gun Buying Guide


If you wish to consider the portability, you should look for a unit, which features enough cables to reach an outlet. At the same time, you should find the one that is simple to store afterward so that you can reduce the hassle.


When it comes to accessories, you should know that the most crucial consideration is tips. Remember that different types of tips are perfect for various tasks. Most guns feature interchangeable tips, so you should choose the one that will provide you the possibility to change them for numerous purposes.

Additional accessories include tweezers for electronic circuits and de-soldering vacuums that will clean the mess you make after the performance.


It is essential to know what you are going to weld and fix. If you think of only fixing wires around your household, then a weaker output is ok.

However, if you want to use it for industrial purposes, we recommend a stronger one.

Temperature Range

Welding different metals require different levels of heat. That is why you need to have proper controls. That way you will do a decent job using just the right amount of energy.


Soldering gun is the best tool for soldering because it is both convenient and versatile. Most people choose it instead of other types because it features a user-friendly grip handle.

At the same time, it comes with a trigger mechanism as well as the ability to loop wire copper tip to eliminate the need for a holster.


The most crucial element that you should consider is a digital display that will show you the current tip temperature. It is vital to apply the proper heat especially when handling delicate equipment.

You should choose the gun that features adjustable temperature control as well as digital display in which you can control the approximate temperature based on your needs and preferences.


Choosing the right soldering gun can be hard and tricky, especially if you are not sure what you are looking for and when you do not know a lot about them.

We hope we had helped you at least a bit in your quest.

Before heading out to purchase the best one for your needs, we recommend you to reread this particular guide so that you can learn more about the potential advantages and disadvantages you should be aware of. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites.

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