Best Winter Pool Cover 2023 [Do NOT Buy Before Reading This!]

We all love a good refreshing fun in the pool when the hot summer comes, even if that means we just dip out toes in the freshwater while chilling beside our pool, dry and with a good margarita in our hands.

Sounds good? Sounds familiar? Well, of course, it does! It is what summer is all about.

But when the summer ends, we must take into account that the protection of that very pool when the winter comes should be one of our top priorities, since we can all imagine what harsh weather can do to the surface and edges of our precious pools.

Bearing that in mind, we have decided to come up with a list of winter pool covers that are currently residing on the market.

So, stick around and see what’s coming!

Model NameSizePrice
Intex Solar Cover12-foot$
Intex 8-Foot Round Cover (Editor’s Choice)8-foot$
Intex Round Metal Frame10-foot$
Blue Wave Bronze12-foot$$
Robelle 3512-412-foot$$$
Intex 10-Foot Round10-foot$

1. Intex Solar Cover – Durable Winter Pool Cover With Drain Holes

Intex Solar Cover

This pool cover comes in the color of the water itself! A bright blue one!

This product coming to us from Intex is a pool cover that is suitable for 12-foot round pools, and it is a perfect fit for most of the inflatable tools that kids just love during the summer!

This pool cover is made out of top-notch materials that will guarantee its’ longevity and durability as well. The materials used are special poly-fiber cloths that have been tested for a long time to maximize their efficiency in providing us with the best care for our tools any day of the week.

This pool cover is also praised for its ability to reduce evaporation by even 95%, and it will retain heat at any occasion.

It has drain holes that are specially designed to prevent water accumulation. It is easy to store and comes with a reusable bag.


Made out of top-quality materials
Has drain holes


No warranty included

2. Intex 8-Foot Round Cover – Best Winter Pool Covers For Small Pools

Intex 8-Foot Round Cover

This fantastic pool cover is designed to fit 8-foot round pools that are just perfect for small children! Intex makes it so that it is something that usually guarantees a good and high-quality design.

It is made from unique poly-fiber that has been tested thoroughly in Intex facilities to give us the best design and function that we will ever need.

Since it is made from those fibers, this pool cover is tested for its’ durability as well. It is made to be an extended-lasting cover, and something we can always rely on that will get the job done for us!

This pool cover also comes with drain holes, which are quite crucial since their unique design is made that way to prevent water accumulation.

It comes with an Easy-set-pool-cover system, so installing this cover on your pool will be a piece of cake.


Drain hole
Designed to last
Simple to install
Perfect for small pools


It is not for large pools

3. Sun2Solar – Best Winter Pool Cover With Appealing Design


This pool cover comes with an attractive design, and it also comes in blue!

These solar blankets coming to us from Sun2Solar are made from a unique film that includes thousands, even millions of tiny bubbles that are designed to work together to collect and also retain heat.

This feature is quite handy when it comes to weather on chilly days and at night.

This pool cover will minimize your water evaporation since this solar cover helps to prevent even up to 95% of pool water evaporation since its’ unique design is made to fit every need we have.

Sun2Solar pool cover comes with heat retention as well, which means you will get what you paid for!

To explain, the heat that comes from the sun during the day is guaranteed to stay inside the water of your pool since this pool cover stops evaporation that will result in heat loss.

Apart from that, it will lead to the prevention of the contact of the cold air from the outside that will cool down the surface of the water, and then water at deeper levels.

You are saved from cold water on a hot day!


Big and elastic
Prevents evaporation
Heat retention


Expensive price tag

4. Intex Round Metal Frame Pool Cover – Best Winter Pool Cover With Perfect Drainage

Intex Round Metal Frame

This pool cover is made by Intex, which is an explicit guarantee for its’ quality and durability.

It has been made out of top-of-the-industry materials that have been tested thoroughly to present you with all the things you might need from a pool cover.

When it comes to those materials, we are talking about poly-fiber that has been devised throughout the years in Intex’s facilities. It is currently and has been praised for a long time as one of the most reliable materials on the market.

A group of professionals designs this material and it has been tested to satisfy the needs that are: drainage and evaporation.

It has holes designed to drain water, so it does not accumulate atop your pool cover. It prevents evaporation, so that means that no water will escape your pool, and even better- won’t cool down water inside the pool.


Reliable design
Drainage holes
Durable materials
High quality


No warranty involved

5. Blue Wave Bronze 8-Year Cover – Best Winter Pool Cover With Durable Materials

Blue Wave Bronze

Blue Wave covers are known for their superior design and reliability. This covers’ size is 12 feet, and it is designed to fit round pools.

The size of the single cover is 16 feet. This pool cover is specially designed and built from unique materials that have been devised to go into the best pool covers.

Those materials are there to protect your pool and pool cover from sun, snow, wind, and even ice. It is one of the rare pool covers that has an overlapping feature, which means that it has a 4-foot overlap so it can fit most top rails.

It also features a heavy-duty cable and a winch, which are both included in the packaging of this pool cover.

As we have stated, this pool cover will fit all the pools that are round and 12 feet in diameter, and the size of the cover is 16 feet.


It can overlap 4 feet over
Made out of unique materials
Large sole cover
Materials can withstand harsh weather conditions


You will need some time to install it over the pool

6. Robelle 3512-4 – Best Winter Pool Cover With Lightweight Materials

Robelle 3512-4

This pool cover is praised for its durability and the diversity of materials used in its’ production.

Robelle is a company that has been widely regarded as one of those companies that are dedicated to its users. This pool cover is made out of top-of-the-industry materials that are designed to help prevent evaporation of water from the pool as well to prevent water from cooling down.

Robelle pool cover is extremely lightweight since it is made out of polyethylene, which is the material that is known to last and for its lightweight.

You will also get a 4-foot overlap, so that means it will fit most of the pools and even have some space lest to ensure that there is no area where air or water will escape cooling down or also making the pool water dirty.

It comes with a winch and a cable that is designed to be used to secure the cover through its’ special reinforced grommets.


Long-lasting warranty
4-foot overlap
Comes with winch and cable
Durable materials


Expensive price tag

7. Intex 10-Foot Round Easy Set – Best Winter Pool Cover With Durable Construction

Intex 10-Foot Round

This pool cover is easy to use and is made out of high-quality materials. It is durable and has a small round pool cover.

Intex is made out of lightweight material, and its round cover is 13 inches and has the overhang as well, which is there to prevent evaporation and over-drainage.

You will get a snug fit over the pool, so you are made sure not to have any spillage or risk of the pool coverslipping.

Remember that it features drain holes that are there to prevent water accumulation on the top of your pool cover.

The overall measurements include 10 feet by 12 inches.


Has an overhang
Drain holes perfect for preventing water accumulation
Lightweight materials


It is not for large pools

Best Winter Pool Cover Buying Guide

Factors to consider when getting your cover

It is imperative to be informed about the materials that will affect the overall durability.

They should be eco-friendly, but even more than that – they must be made to prevent evaporation and water accumulation.

Also, the sun is a significant factor, so those materials must be strong enough to endure the sun’s radiation. Also, bear in mind that there are different shapes of pools.

Benefits of a Pool Cover

There are not many benefits of a Pool Cover, which is why you should study them comprehensively.

Pool covers must stop excessive evaporation and also prevent accumulation at the top of your pool cover.

They must be designed from materials that will prevent loss of heat from your pool.

In general, pool covers will protect your pools in case of harsh weather, which is crucial because you do not have to reinstall it, which may be problematic. After all, you will have to drain the water as well.

Benefits of winterizing your pool

This feature is quite essential since constant filling and draining your pool can be a real drag. If you make sure that the water inside the pool can be protected with a small cover – that means that it is ready to be winterized, and prepared for the next summer!


We are presenting you with the best winter pool cover currently on the market. It is essential to understand that you should fit the cover with the pool that you own, but that is not everything that will affect the quality.

That is the main reason why you should conduct comprehensive research so that you can reduce the hassle of buying lousy winter cover.

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