Convection Oven versus Conventional Oven

It does not matter if you are a beginner cook or someone that has experience in household meal preparations, because you are probably familiar with an oven. However, not everyone is aware of distinctions between convection and conventional oven.

The conventional ovens feature more traditional design, and they use hot air so that you can handle everything you put inside of them.

At the same time, the convection oven is the step further, which means that you will be able to rely on the principle of convection that will force the movement of less dense and hotter air upward, and that will cause denser and colder air to sink due to the influence of gravity.

That will result in a transfer of heat that uses the circulation of air in general. We can think about the numerous advantages of convection ovens but have in mind that they are not perfect.

The primary difference is the source of circulation because convection oven features a fan, while conventional one does not. At the same time, convection ovens feature an exhaust system that will create hot air circulation all over the chamber.

This particular exhaust system will also help you remove the moisture created in the cooking process so that you can get a crispy top whatever you decide to cook.

We decided to present you difference between convection and conventional oven in general:

Gas or Electric?

Convection Oven Vs Conventional Oven

We have to state that most convection ovens feature cooktop burners that are working on gas since it is simple to control this particular type of heaters.

Of course, since the technology has advanced, you can also use induction cooktops, but you have to pay more significant price tag for it.

Apart from burners, electric convection ovens are more common than gas alternatives. The main reason for that is that you will have to light a gas flame inside the oven and switch the air so that it can circulate with ease.

The main problem with it is that the fan can easily cause the flame to blow, and that may lead to severe complications, including carbon monoxide poison.

On the other hand, electric convection ovens do not feature a flame, so the fan will circulate hot air so that you can enjoy all the way.

Latest models of gas convection ovens feature smaller fans that are strategically placed so that you can avoid this particular safety issue. Fans are on center, which will provide you better heat circulation, and more even cook.

Therefore, we can say that these factors are causing the ability of convection oven to work much faster than the conventional one, which will reduce your energy bills and provide you faster cooking time.

When it comes to conventional ovens, you will be able to generate heat from an element by using flame or electricity, which is located at the bottom in case you are using a gas-powered model.

As soon as you switch it on, the flame will heat the chamber, and it will push the cold air to the bottom. You will notice this particular process by the idea that the hottest part of the oven is the area where you can quickly prepare your meal, and that is top-shelf.

How Does Each Oven Affect The Cooking Results?

Have in mind that most manufacturers will provide you an option to switch the function on and off based on the of food that you wish to cook. This is an excellent option that will reduce the energy expenses, and you will be able to enjoy exceptional benefits of it.

Convection Oven

Convection Oven

Reduced Cooking Time – Since convectional oven can quickly heat the whole chamber, you will be able to enjoy in reduced cooking time so that you can reach the same temperature, and you can handle any food that you wish.

Even though it requires more time to achieve the desired temperature, you will be able to maintain it along the way, which will reduce the overall cooking time.

Even Baking – The main problem with conventional ovens is the inability to cook everything evenly, but you will be able to avoid this particular problem by rotating dishes between the shelves so that you can eliminate cold and hot spots.

In a convection oven, on the other hand, the process is much more convenient because you will get even distribution of heat so that the dishes will be perfect from top to bottom.

Energy Efficiency – Convection ovens are more energy-efficient, which means that you will be able to reduce your monthly bills with ease. Since the oven will heat up quickly and provide you even cooking process, you will be able to prepare anything you want much faster than before.

Have in mind that in conventional oven; the heat is not distributed evenly, which results in rotating food and shuffling dishes based on different shelves. If we compare these two types of furnaces, energy use is similar, but you will get savings due to efficiency.

Conventional Oven

Conventional Oven

Baking – For baking, conventional ovens can be a much better choice because, in convection oven, you will get even temperature from bottom and top, but the insides can be raw due to too efficient furnace.

Conventional ovens are high because they will trap the moisture inside the oven, so you will be able to make perfect bread and cakes.

Monitoring – With the conventional oven, you have to continually monitor what is going on inside so that you can avoid overcooking. It is much better to find the one that features transparent and see-through glass so that you can prevent losing temperature by opening it up.

Which is The Better?

When we compare everything, you have seen above, and you should consider having both of them. In case you want to buy something that will be both efficient and convenient and you have a significant budget to do it, you should go for both choices at the same time.

However, price is always a significant factor during the purchasing, so if you have a limited budget, you should choose based on your preferences and types of food that you consume and prepare on a daily basis.

You should think about what you wish to prepare as well as which technology you want to use as well as running costs and efficiency that you will get.

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