What is the Difference Between Halogen Oven and Airfryer?

We can all agree that home-prepared meals are a much healthier option than eating outside and consuming empty calories.

By doing it yourself, you will ultimately be aware of things you preparing, ingredients that you are adding so that you accommodate it based on your specific taste.

The main problem that happens to most home chefs is how to choose the best fryer possible, especially since you can find numerous different options that are functioning similarly but have a distinctive procedure that will affect both taste and preparation method.

Home cooking is a solution that is much more convenient especially if you wish to reduce expenses on restaurant or fast-food dining. That is the main reason why most households should own kitchen appliances that will allow them to increase versatility and convenience while cooking at home.

Even though these appliances will not be able to replace oven in general, you will be able to choose them based on your specific taste.

The two most popular kitchen appliances that you can consider, apart from microwave, are halogen ovens and air fryers.

We decided to present you ways to differentiate these two appliances so that you can determine their features, characteristics, and possibilities that you will get with each one of them.

Preparation Methods

Both appliances are using hot air as the primary heat source that will help you handle any meal you prefer. That is the only similarity between these two since the air fryer is specially made to replace deep-frying, while the halogen oven is convenient solution for roasted foods.

Air Fryers

air fryer

It does not matter what type and brand of air fryer you decide to purchase, because all of them are functioning the same. They feature coil, which is similar to one you will find in standard oven as well as fan.

The coil tends to heat up to a temperature you set before, while the fan will circulate it throughout the chamber. It will transfer heat between warm air and cold molecules of food, and you will be able to enjoy in even frying without any additional problem.

If you wish to ensure that your meal is perfectly cooked across all surfaces, the fan tends to move circularly. You have to place the desired food inside the basket, and both top and bottom will receive the same level of heat.

Have in mind that the smaller air fryer is, the heat will be more intensified in general, and you will be able to enjoy in quicker cook times and crispier food in general.

Halogen Ovens

Halogen Ovens

The process of cooking for halogen ovens includes using infrared energy, light bulb, and radiation that will transfer the heat. Infrared light is radiant that you will not be able to see by the naked eye, but it can be used as the heat source.

We are talking about electromagnetic radiation that features various frequencies, in which one of the most common is x-rays, gamma rays, radio waves, visible light as well as microwaves. When you lit up a light bulb, it will start to emit infrared heat that will cook your food.

The radiation will circulate the heat evenly and along the way, which means that you will enjoy the efficient cooking without any heat loss.

The Main Differences

When it comes to the air fryer, the process of preparation is also known as convection cooking that uses an exhaust system as well as fan, while letting the air circulation around the food.

It features an integrated fan that will help with circulation process so that you can get evenly fried food for less time than standard deep fryers. That way, you will be able to make sure that your food stays moist inside while getting the enjoying crisp we all love.

On the other hand, halogen oven uses radiation and transfers it throughout the air, which will cause organic compounds and water element to vibrate within the food you are preparing.

It also features an integrated fan that will circulate the air so that you can enjoy even cooking, and the result will be crisp and brown.

1.Inner Assembly

When it comes to the air fryer, the only thing that you can remove from the appliance is the metal cooking rack. On the other hand, some models require removing the basket inside the metal rack.

You will notice a coil near the top and the fan is at the bottom, underneath the metal rack. Best way to use it is to allow your device to pre-heat and then place the food inside the metal rack. After closing it, the cooking process will start, and the fan will circulate the hot air.

Halogen oven features technology, which is not as advanced since it uses a light bulb as the primary heating source. The construction comprises a removable lid as well as heating chamber that features a halogen lamp, ring as well as high and low metal cooking racks.

You have to place the food inside the bowl and place it on high or low cooking rack. You can easily remove the cooking rack or leave it inside based on your preferences.

The construction difference is the halogen lamp as well as the ring does not require pre-heating, and you will be able to heat everything in matter of minutes after turning it on. However, they can get very hot to touch due to radiation heat transfer and infrared light.

2.Health Benefits

When comparing these two appliances, you should have in mind that everything depends on the way you wish to prepare meals in general.

In case you wish to enjoy fried foods, then the air fryer is a much better alternative because you will be able to reduce the amount of excess fat and calories that come with deep frying.

On the other hand, if you wish to cook large meals and healthy alternatives, then you should go for halogen oven instead. The main problem with a halogen oven is that you will have to add higher concentration of fat than air fryer, but you can prepare larger batches in general.

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