Dremel Ultra-Saw vs Rockwell Versacut: Which one is better?

dremel ultra saw vs rockwell versacut

Having an appropriate tool is vital for both professional and DIY enthusiasts. When it comes to ultra saws, two brands will provide you with exceptional performance.

Of course, it tends to get challenging when you want to choose the appropriate one.

In this particular guide, we will review Dremel Ultra-Saw and Rockwell Versacut so that we can determine similarities, differences and which one is the better for your specific requirements.

That is the main reason why we will present you Dremel Ultra-Saw vs. Rockwell Versacut guide:

Model NameDremel US40-01Rockwell RK3440K Versacut
Speed13,000 RPM3,500 RPM
Voltage120 V120 V
Amperage7.5 AMP4 AMP
Cut Depth3/4 "1-1/16 "

Dremel US40-01 Ultra-Saw Tool Kit

Dremel US40-01

If you want to choose an appropriate tool that will help you tackle a wide array of projects within your household, you should consider the Dremel US40-01 ultra saw.

Apart from the idea that you will get various features that will appeal to your requirements, you will be able to get it for affordable price tag too.

It features standard 110 volts, and 7.5A engine, which means that you will get a powerful tool, especially when compared with the previous version that works on 6A.

At the same time, blade diameter is four inches, and maximal speed that it can reach is 13,000 RPM.

Even though it does not feature capabilities that will traditional circular saw provide you, it is still an efficient piece of tool that will offer you with peace of mind.

The cord length is seven feet, so you will be able to enjoy in additional maneuverability.

It can easily handle wood, metal, plastic, drywall, and tile according to the manufacturer, which means that it cuts almost any material that you can think off since you will get two cutting positions that will provide you additional convenience while working.


It contains powerful 7.5 amp engine that will provide you fast cutting through robust applications.
Additional durability due to metal foot, drive train and guard that will allow you to handle challenging assignments
3-in-1 tool that will provide you the possibility to flush cutting, surface preparation, and many more features
Fast cut or speed, which means that it can cut through metal and plywood with ease.
Adjustable plunge action and depth guide are perfect for control and precision

Dremel US40-01 bathroom

The first position will help you make straight cuts, while the second position will allow you to make flush cuts against the wall or along the flooring. When you add the advantage such as surface preparation, you can easily use this tool for paint and rust removal.

It is perfectly designed for people that want to find a multi-saw, since it features different blades within the package.

You will get wood cutting blade, metal cutting blade, and flush cutting blade so that you can cut through both plastic and metal without any additional hassle.

The maximum depth that it can achieve can reach up to 3/4-inches, and you will be able to use it when you want to cut through 2×4.

In case that you enjoy many DIY projects at household, you should use it for frame modification, tiles removal, and you will get additional applications.

It weighs 10.1 pounds, and it comes with a convenient handle that will allow you to use it for a long time with ease. It is perfect for small applications, and this versatile saw is suitable enough to provide you the ability to work in narrow areas where other saws cannot reach.

Since it is only 13-inches long, you will get the ergonomic and compact design. The depth adjustment lever is on the right side of the tool so that you can change the depth of cut during the performance.

Overall, people are generally happy with the quality and performance of this particular tool. It is not designed to provide you with heavy-duty assignments, but you will still be able to use it for years after purchase.

The add-on side handle will provide you better control during operations, and since the orientation blade will give you better sight so that you can have additional power and precision while cutting.

The feature we have to mention is that you will get a lock button that will prevent it from rotating. Apart from wheel attachments, you will get storage bag where you will be able to store all items you will arrive within the package.


A powerful tool that will stand the test of time
It features lock button that will prevent it from rotating
Sturdy storage bag for additional convenience
Ergonomic and compact design


It is not for heavy duty assignments

Final Verdict

Dremel US40-01 wall

You should have in mind that Dremel US40-01 ultra-saw is one of the most popular mini saws that you can find on the market, and it features great customer’s rating.

Even though most feedback is positive, it is not for heavy-duty usage, which means that you will need a stronger saw for more significant projects.

At the same time, you will be able to enjoy all the way, because it is perfect saw for quick cuts.

Of course, not everyone is satisfied with the accuracy and power that you will get with it, but it is an appropriate alternative to regular circular saws, mainly because it can reach narrow areas.

Rockwell RK3440K Versacut

Rockwell RK3440K Versacut

If you wish to find an accurate and fast cutting tool that will provide you peace of mind when it comes to performance, you should consider Rockwell Versacut circular saw.

It features 3-3/8-inch, and it can cut up to 1-1/16-inches on wood, while on other materials it can cut less.

Due to its versatility and three cutting blades that come within the package, you will be able to deal with wood and thin aluminum, plastic and PVC pipes, thin sheet steel, cement backer board, masonry materials, tile, marble, and concrete.

Apart from that, you will also get an innovative parallel guide that will allow you to enjoy in versatility and additional features.

Since it comes with wrenches that will help, you change the blades, some people consider this as a disadvantage, but in both cases, you will get everything you need.


It contains 4-amp, 120-volt engine that can reach up to 3500 RPM of no-load speed, which is vital for your performance
The maximum cutting depth can reach up to 1-1/16 inches, which is much better than other small circular saws on the market.
Since it features a laser cutting guide, you will be able to enjoy accurate cuts during the performance, which is another advantage and reason for its popularity
Vacuum port will help you collect dust after the concert, so that you can reduce the ability for the dust to interfere with your cutting and handling the applications.
The safety trigger switch is an excellent addition that you will be able to use during the performance in case something happens
The spring loaded base blade guard will reduce the amount of dust that you will have on your blades, and due to adjustable depth gauge, you can cut different depths based on the material you wish to use.

Rockwell RK3440K Versacut in kitchen

You should have in mind that Rockwell Versacut is an excellent cutting tool that will provide you amazing advantages when it comes to small cutting task where traditional circular saw cannot cut due to large size.

Since blades feature 3-3/8-inch diameter blades, you will be able to cut through different sheet materials and veneers such as particleboard and plywood.

At the same time, you can rest assured, because it comes with a spring-loaded base plate that will double your blade guard in overall.

The base plate will be connected to safety trigger switch so that that trigger could affect the engine, during the performance and that will push down the base plate so that you can cut through any material without affecting your safety and creating additional problems.

As soon as you finish and complete the cut, the base plate tends to extend downward which will protect the operator and cover the blades you used.

Since it features an adjustable depth gauge on the side, you will be able to adjust this particular saw to a maximum movement in the plate, which will determine the depth of cut.

Even though spring-loaded plate tends to be a useful feature when it comes to safety, for practical applications, it can be complicated and massive to operate. Of course, you should know that amount of pressure that you need to depress the plate is not significant.

That is because the motor of the saw is behind the blade, which means that the center of gravity will be behind the blade, and not over the top as other circular saws on the market.

That is the main reason why you are going to cut thin and small materials, while others will be challenging to cut through.

We recommend you to avoid altering the plate of the blade because that is the primary safety feature that will help you along the way. We also have to mention that it features handy laser on the top so that you can see the cut line with ease.

It comes with on/off switch at the back of the laser so that you can easily access it and it uses separate batteries, which is a much better and more convenient solution.

You should have in mind that laser has to be turned on manually and off so that you can prevent batteries from becoming dead.


It comes with a laser that will help you make accurate cuts
High performance for the affordable price tag
Compact and lightweight
Adjustable depth gauge
Blade guard for additional protection


It is not for heavy duty assignments

Final Verdict

Rockwell RK3440K Versacut construction

Even though it has a small size, the best thing about Rockwell Versacut is its ability to handle various materials without any additional problem. Of course, it is mainly a woodworking tool, but due to the strength of blades, you will be able to make small cuts in other materials.

The saw does not have enough capability as regular circular saws, but it is perfect for DIY enthusiasts.

Dremel Ultra-Saw vs. Rockwell Versacut

What Are Differences between Them?

You have probably heard about these two compact circular saws, and we decided to create a comparison between them so that you can determine which one is the best for your specific needs.


When it comes to power, you should have in mind that Dremel Ultra-Saw features 7.5-Amp engine which is a much more powerful choice when compared with 5-Amp that Rockwell features. Therefore, we can say that if you want more power, you should choose Dremel instead of Rockwell circular saw.


As soon as we check the offers on various websites, we have to state that Versacut is a more affordable solution, so if you have a budget restriction, this should be the perfect choice for you.


The Ultra Max features five blades that will allow you to handle various materials, and it comes with a handle that will let you to use it as a grinder.

On the other hand, Versacut features 24-tooth carbide tipped blade, vacuum adapter and parallel guide, which means that we have to say that Versacut will provide you much better versatility than Rockwell.

Overall Features

Versacut comes with adequate bevel capacity and laser guide, and these two features are not available on Dremel, which means that you will get more capabilities with Versacut small circular saw.


The Ultra-Saw is circular saw that can also be a grinder and metal cutoff saw, and that is why it features cast metal foot and guard that will resist sparks and heat of cutting tasks and grinding.

On the other hand, Versacut features cast metal guard and steel foot, and you should know that steel is a much more durable solution when compared with cast metal.

Depth Of Cut

Versacut will provide you 1-16-inches in depth, while Ultra-Saw can reach up to 3/4-inches. Have in mind that Rockwell circular saw is best if you wish to cut two-by-two dimensional stock, but you will need depth to cut everything in a single pass.

You should also know that Dremel can fulfill a wide array of jobs, but it features a focus on metal.

Versatile Blades

Rockwell has to use 3/8-inches arbor, which means that it is compatible with a wide array of blades from both its brand and third-party manufacturers.

On the other hand, Dremel saw features a unique-sized arbor, and that is something that will not allow you to use other blades than the manufacturers.

It is a much better choice to choose a tool that features standard-sized arbor because you will be able to handle more knives regarding their cutting abilities, quality, and price.

Which One to Choose?

When we compare these two tools, you should have in mind that both of them will provide you the possibility to make accurate and deep cuts through vast array of materials.

However, you should choose Dremel Ultra saw if you tend to cut through various materials with the idea to handle metal and wood.

Of course, it has fewer features when compared with Versacut, and it is more expensive overall, but it will provide you the ability to handle metal and other materials.

On the other hand, you can choose Rockwell Versacut if you want to find a powerful tool that will cut through any material. The best thing about it is the more affordable price and more powerful engine overall, which means that you will get more for less.

Both of them are compatible with DIY assignments; the idea is to choose the one based on projects that you wish to handle. Rockwell Versacut comes with additional features such as dust collector and laser guide that will increase the precision during the performance.

In overall, we can say that when it comes to performance and convenience, Rockwell Versacut is a much better choice because you will be able to find it for the affordable price tag and it will provide you the ability to cut through narrow areas without any additional problem.


As you can see from everything that we have mentioned above, both small circular saws are efficient for DIY assignments, and everything depends on the type of projects that you wish to handle within your household.

If you want a versatile tool that will be a grinder if you wish to add this application, you should go for Dremel Ultra Saw. However, you will have to spare more money for it and enjoy in less additional features that will help you deal with any material.

On the other hand, Rockwell Versacut is cheaper and has convenient features such as laser guide and dust collector so that you can increase convenience during the performance.

However, you will not get the same number of attachments as Dremel saw.

If you wish to ask us something about this particular topic, we recommend you to leave your question in the comment section below, and we will answer you on short notice.

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