What is Teak Oil Used For? How to Use? How to Apply?

applying teak oil

When it comes to wood oils, people tend to get confused because they do not know where to start when choosing the appropriate one. This is especially certain for beginners that want to start dealing with wood on a daily basis.

You would be surprised with different types that you can choose such as Danish, Tung, and Teak oil which is essential for our guide.

Of course, there are others that we won’t mention here because brands are now making specific oils made for particular types of wood.

We decided to present you comprehensive guidelines on teak oil so that you can determine why do you need it and how to use it in the first place:

What is Teak Oil Used For?

What is Teak Oil Used For

First, we have to start from the very beginning. Oil is one of the most popular ways to make wood finishes.

This particular protection is not adequate and robust as varnishes or other wood finishing products of the modern age, but it will give your furniture a wooden character, and it uses natural processes that will protect the wood along the way.

Apart from that, it is simple to maintain and to apply which are other reasons for its popularity. Wooden surfaces have to maintain the awesome look of nature, which means that we have to care about them and support them appropriately.

This is especially important if you’re leaving furniture outside because the combination of sun and outdoor moisture can interfere with its appearance and reduce its life in overall.

If you want to choose the non-toxic solution that will eliminate negative factors and revitalize and protect wooden furniture you have, teak oil is the best solution for your needs.

The biggest misconception that people have is that it comes from teak wood because this particular finish features a combination of soy oils, tung, and linseed as well as other components that will protect wood for a long time.

It possesses a powerful, penetrating property which is why most people recommend it for protection of wood because it lacks negative factors as other coatings. Since UV rays tend to cause wooden furniture to fade out, using appropriate oil will help you protect them longer for both indoor and outdoor use.

How to Use Teak Oil?

When it comes to using a teak oil, it is plain simple for both novices and experienced woodworkers. You will be able to check recommendations by each brand on how to use the oil, so we recommend you to read labels before you decide to start:

Have in mind that most brands will suggest application on a clean and dry surface, so you should follow this particular tip all the time. That way, you will find it more convenient than before especially when it comes to spraying, brushing or wiping.

You have to prepare the furniture you wish to protect by removing the previous coating by using light sanding, most preferably hand sander, and wipe it with white spirit for additional cleanliness. You should test it only on a small area before you start so that you can see how it functions.

After you see that tested part is the way you wanted, you should apply it into grain by using a soft and dry cloth to even it down and wipe down excesses along the way. It is vital to let the first coat dry and to apply another layer.

We recommend you to leave it overnight to dry and to reapply it again, but in case of good weather condition, you can’t wait between six and eight hours to dry. The sufficient protection is to add three coats, and you can rest assured for the next period.

How to Apply Teak Oil to Outdoor Furniture?

The most significant advantage of taking teak oil is that requires low maintenance when compared with other types of coatings. These oils will help you protect the wooden furniture from weathering and other damage due to conditions.

It is the superb choice if you want to protect outdoor furniture because durability and strength that this particular oil will provide you are ideal for enjoying an outdoor area and in your garden without any additional problem.

The same procedure as the one we’ve mentioned above will apply for outdoor furniture too, so you can rest assured and try to protect the beauty of it.

When To Use Teak Oil?

It is essential to protect your wooden furniture at least once a year entirely especially if you use it outdoors because various weather conditions would reduce the oil efficiency.

Of course, everything depends on various factors such as whether you live in areas with warm summers or moisture areas, which requires different procedures.

Making Teak Oil

The logic seems usual because corn oil comes from corn, olive oil comes from olives, but you should forget about it when it comes to teak oil because it doesn’t come from teak at all, similarly, as motor oils do not come from motors.

Teak oil is a favorite wood finish product which is perfect for teak wood, and that is the reason for its name. It penetrates way better than other contemporary oils, and it will increase their aesthetic appeal.

Teak oils feature mineral oil, tung oil, linseed oil and solvents such as petroleum distillate, or paint thinner. The idea is to add solutions so that you can increase the speed rate of penetration into a dense wood.

You should choose types of oil we’ve mentioned above and added naphtha or petroleum distillate. Use one of each, and for additional protection, you can add varnish that contains solvents so that you can enjoy all the way.

How Long Does Teak Oil Last?

Everything depends on the area you live in an environment altogether. You will be able to protect your indoor furniture for a longer time than those that are placed outside because that outside will interfere with weather conditions.

Therefore, we recommend you to think everything through and to maintain teak furniture so that you can use it for years after purchase without any additional problem.

If you want to ask us something or share your experience with us, feel free to leave a comment in a section below.


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