Twin Turbo Hair Dryer 3200 vs 3500: Which One is Better?

We can all agree that hair dryers are essential for styling in your household, especially if you are doing everything by yourself.

However, there are numerous disadvantages of using them, which is why you should find a high-end model that will provide you peace of mind and reduce the severe consequences you can make to your hair after prolonged use of a hairdryer.

That is the main reason why we decided to present you differences between Twin Turbo hair dryer 3200 and 3500.

Twin Turbo 3200 Hair Dryer

Twin Turbo 3200 Hair Dryer

If you wish to find a hairdryer, which will provide you an ability to use it for a long time with high air output; you should consider Twin Turbo 3200.

Have in mind that people with curly, long and thick hair will see the results as soon as possible, especially in the case that current dryer requires plenty of time to start working.

Apart from that, the unit will not just dry your hair faster than other dryers you can find on the market, but it will maintain the health of your hair while reducing the side effects that come with basic models.

It features compact design and lightweight, which means that it is useful to use it at home bathroom for the DIY styling process.

Due to lightweight appearance, you will be able to hold it in any position for a long time, so that you can get the desired result without experiencing hand fatigue or strain.

The handle comes with a contoured design, which means that you will get additional ergonomic features with the switches for control positioning and temperature within reach of fingers.

If you wish to enjoy in professional performance, using this particular hair dryer will provide you additional perspective due to ceramic ionic heating element.

This particular component is a convenient solution when going to your nearest salon, but finally you can have that technology in your household.

Even after a single use, you will notice that your hair will retain the natural vitality, luster, and moisture, and you will not be able to cause severe damage to it. The critical consideration is that you will get additional settings and accessories within the package.

Apart from the idea that you will get the appliance that will help you speed up your drying process, it features settings for temperature, speed as well as cold shot. You can choose two-speed settings so that you can get faster drying results.

You can dry your hair for various circumstances due to four temperature settings that you can choose as well as a cold shot button that will blast a fresh air for finish.

It is simple to use, and you do not have to think twice because it features efficiency and power similar as salon-grade device, and you can use it wherever you want due to lightweight and portability.

Twin Turbo 3500 Hair Dryer

Twin Turbo 3500 Hair Dryer

When it comes to Twin Turbo 3500 hairdryer, you will get the piece, which is perfect for salon performance, but you can also use it in your household. It is highly influential, and you will get 70 cubic meters of air as well as 2000-watt motor.

According to most users, it is one of the best hair dryers that you can find on the market because it features fast performance, which is two times faster than others are. Understanding all characteristics will help you know whether this is the right product for you or not.

We have mentioned above that it features 32000-watt of power, which means that it is capable of blowing large amounts of hot air. You will be able to choose two-speed settings, which will allow you to adjust speed for drying and styling processes.

Apart from that, you will get four heat settings, and that will provide you the ability to change the temperature of the blower. The heat will also help you create various hairstyles in your home, and you can turn it down when it reaches the scalp so that you can avoid burning.

The great feature that you will get is a micro-switch that will provide you a burst of fresh air so that you can set your style with ease. This will keep your hair just as you want it for long periods.

Have in mind that it will not just keep your hair fixed throughout the evening or day, but it will sooth the scalp after using styling chemicals that may burn it.

It features one nozzle that will force hot air directly in the area that you want, which means that you will be able to dry it much faster than before.

At the same time, the other nozzle will slow down the airflow so that you can avoid changing your style and affecting the result you wish to achieve.

Due to concentrator nozzle attachment, you will have additional control of heat that you should direct at your hair so that you can handle drying process with ease. Have in mind that if you use it in high settings, it may get hot.

Therefore, you will get a safety thermostat that will turn the unit off when it reaches the threshold. That will save the group from overheating and keep you from burning. This is another significant reason for its popularity.

Hairdryers in the past did not feature ceramic heating elements, but they feature metal coils. However, heat that comes from ceramic features higher levels of moisture than metal coils, which will reduce the possibility of damaging your hair and it, tends to heat up much faster.

Final Verdict

As you can see from everything, we have mentioned above, and both hair dryers feature a technology that will retain the beauty of your hair.

Of course, Twin Turbo 3500 features additional characteristics and possibilities that will provide you peace of mind, but you have to spare more money than having Twin Turbo 3500.

Therefore, we can say that everything depends on what you wish to do with air dryer as well as the budget capability that you have for the initial investment.

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