Best Scroll Saw 2023 [Do NOT Buy Before Reading This!]

best scroll sawWe can all agree on one thing: Reliable tools are essential for all household owners.

That is the fact.

You just have to look around you to see all things that you can make in your garage.

Finally, those tiny details that provided us frustration are possible and not in the professional workplace. You can have it all in your household.

You just have to start cutting, and you will see how it will affect your everyday life. You will be able to show other people what you have made and create something useful.

At the same time, you can also have a lot of fun.

That is the main reason why we decided to present you Best Scroll Saw 2020 – Buyer’s Guide and Reviews.

Model NamePrice
Wen 3920Affordable Scroll Saw for DIY Projects$
Dewalt DW788Flexible Scroll Saw for Hobbyists$$
Delta Power Tools 40-694Perfect Scroll Saw for Beginners$$
Shop Fox W1713Lightest Scroll Saw on the Market$
Porter-Cable 18″ (Editor’s Choice)The Most Powerful Scroll Saw$$
Jet 727200KScroll Saw with the Greatest Design$$$
Craftsman 16"$

1. WEN 3920 16-Inch – Affordable Scroll Saw for DIY Projects

WEN 3920If you want to purchase WEN 3920, the first thing that you should know is that you will get a low-level scroll saw. Of course, the price goes with it. The budget price is the main reason why people decide to purchase it.

Therefore, we can conclude that is individually great for hobbyist and beginners because of the small price tag and low range of productivity.

You don’t have to worry because apart from getting the most affordable scroll saw; you will get lots of great features too. The stroke range is between 400 and 1600 strokes per minute. That is an excellent range when you have in mind the overall price.

On the other hand, other scroll saws range between 500 and 1700 which means that you will get lower capabilities. Of course, everything depends on the type of project and materials that you plan to use.

You can quickly adjust the speed without any additional problem. You will also get the transparent speed knob which is on the front so that you can protect your arms. The table has lots of room when we compare it to other scrollers. Space which is 16-inches x 10-inches is perfect for smaller pieces.

In case that you want to have more substantial cuts, you should choose a larger table. You will get the possibility to tilt it at 45 degrees, but only to the left.

There is one feature that makes it accessible, and best scroll saw, and that is throat depth. It includes 16-inches throat depth which means that you can quickly cut and handle more significant pieces. According to their website, you can cut wood thick up to 1.9-inches. Finally, you can enjoy numerous DIY projects.

Stroke length is 9/16-inches, which means that you will get more finesse without taking too much force. That way you will be able to shape wood without any additional problem. You can add in blade holder both pinless and pinned blades. You will get an extra blade in the package. However, some users state that blades are too weak for the price.

You will get also reduced vibrations when compared with other scroll saws. The weight is 28 lbs. which is heavy but also a standard among similar saws. Cast iron frame contains two bolt holes for mounting that will reduce vibrations and provide you more convenient and comfortable working.

The main disadvantage is weak blades. Therefore, we recommend you to purchase few extra ones just in case. And use protection while cutting for your safety.


Stroke range is between 400 and 1600 strokes per minute
The table contains acceptable size which is 16-inches x 10-inches
Reduced vibration because of cast iron
You can add both pinless and pinned blades
2-Year Warranty


Weak blades

2. DEWALT DW788 – Flexible Scroll Saw for Hobbyists

DEWALT DW788The Dewalt FW788 is one of the most popular and best scroll saws that you can find on the market. Canadian company Somerville Design manufactured it became wide hit among home and commercial users.

The primary targets were semi-professionals and hobbyist because this is a machine that can work for lots of hours without any additional problem. Most people use it to make the moderately styled cutting.

The first thing that we have to mention is the installation. This is always the main problem with every scroll saw, but not with this one. You will be able to set it in a few minutes and use it afterward without hassle.

The table contains a single hole, which means that you don’t have to make too many inserts during the installation. It is convenient and straightforward, perfect for first-time users.

You can also change the blades in a few seconds or set the tension with a few moves. Therefore, we can say that by purchasing this particular scroll saw; you will get versatile and convenient household tool. You will also have the possibility to move the project around in case that you want to get the right angle.

The flexibility is an excellent feature, and you will get movable top arm so that you can enjoy in a perfect fit.

You will also get a steady table where you cannot move the rear blades. That means that you can use it slowly and cut with precision. It will provide you extremely accurate cuts without too much noise and vibration. It contains controls where you will find on and off switch, flexible dust blower, electronic variable speed and blade-tensioning lever.

Dewalt DW788 contains speed motor that works on 1.3 amps. This is the high power that will give you years of working without changing anything. At the same time, you will get everything with a three-year warranty.

When we compare it with other best scroll saws, we can say that Dewalt will provide you durability, high-quality cutting and what is the most important the affordable price tag. That is the main reason for its immersive popularity among hobbyist.

Of course, we don’t recommend you to purchase it for heavy-duty usage. There are numerous better commercial scroll saws for those purposes.

According to some users, the main problem is that you cannot attach dust collection and system vacuums to the saws. Even though this is not problematic, when we compare the price and capabilities, this feature is the main downside.

In overall, by purchasing this particular scroll saw you would be able to accomplish numerous home projects without too much hassle.


Simple scrolling
You can easily remove blades
Great amount of power
Three-years warranty
Less noise and vibration than similar saws


You cannot manage chips and dust

3. Delta Power Tools 40-694 – Perfect Scroll Saw for Beginners

Delta Power Tools 40-694If you want to purchase a scroll saw that would give you the possibility to enjoy your DIY projects, you should pick Delta Scroll Saw 40-694. Within each category of scroll saws, there are essential types and capabilities. First, you have to determine what you want to do with it before you purchase anything.

This is an excellent scroll saw for beginners that will give you the possibility to enjoy electronically manipulated speeds. In case that you want to understand how scroll saws function and how it is to work with it, this is the best scroll to start with. You will be able to test your abilities to adjust the speed while working.

The table is also excellent and acceptable when it comes to size and stability. You will be able to mount the equipment so that you can tilt both rights and left. This is what makes Delta Scroll Saw 40-694 unique and different than others.

This particular feature will provide you the possibility to maneuver in any direction you find necessary. That way you will get the convenient possibility to have a thorough and detailed cutting. At the same time, the flexibility is an impressive way for a beginner to understand the philosophy of this machine.

You should have in mind that scroll saws can work with other materials than wood. You can create numerous works with plastic as well. It contains pinless blade, which means that blades can handle a wide array of materials. You can quickly change blades in a matter of seconds without too much hassle. Inside the kit, you will get quick change clamps that will help you do it more efficiently.

The table is large and correctly positioned in square format. As soon as you start working on it, you will sense no noise and vibration. It contains tensioning mechanism that reduces additional vibration.

Even though, Delta Scroll Saw 40-694 is beginner scroll saw, you can still work long hours without affecting and hurting it. You can also use spiral saw blades in case that you want to cut in curves. This is the exceptionally significant thing that you should have in mind when it comes to this particular scroll saw.

The stroke speed varies between 400 and 1750, but you can adapt it based on material that you are working on. In case that you work on plastic, metal or plywood, you should use a slower speed, while for other materials you can use faster. It will offer you great versatility and accuracy, which is terrific advantage and benefit.


You can quickly adjust the speed control
It contains numerous useful features
The table comprises cast-iron tabletop
Simple to use
Perfect for beginners


You must have prior experience to change blade tension

4. Shop Fox W1713 – Lightest Scroll Saw on the Market

Shop Fox W1713First, we have to mention that Shop Fox W1713 scroll saw is considered as the best on the market because of a great combination of value and features. You will get premium features for the affordable price tag. That is something that you shouldn’t miss.

It includes a gauge that will help you set plain blades. You will be able to see it on the upper arm. That meant that you could quickly change the tension and blades without any problem. Of course, in case that it is your first time in doing it, we recommend you to ask someone experienced to show you how to do it.

When we compare it to other models on the market, this particular scroll saw contains smoother design and paint job. It also includes a lot of features similar to high-end models.

Shop Fox W1713 comes with 1/8HP Amplifier with stroke speed of between 550 and 1700 strokes per minutes. That is the excellent result when it comes to performance. You will get sufficient power to cut both small and thick woods at any speed.

It will provide you perfect cuts without additional vibrations even if you don’t bolt it down. That will eliminate the risk of poor projects and accidents. The blade is also excellent, and it performs well when you want to make straight cuts. It is also exact for tightly rounded corners. You don’t have to worry because the chances of getting relief cuts are small.

Shop Fox W1713 is not only compact because of its size, but it is also lightweight with just 38 pounds. That is very convenient when you compare it with other scroll saws on the market. You can quickly move it around and carry it without fatigue.

It includes gooseneck so that you can work on projects in the dark. The dust blower is also convenient because it will clear the area where you’re working. The table is large and made of cast-iron.

The main problem with Shop Fox W1713 is that you will need lots of time to change blades. It is time consuming and complicated procedure. You have to unhook top and bottom blade holder, and use 4mm Allen wrench to loosen them so that you can hook the blade holders and tight the tension.

The other downside is that you won’t get too powerful motor, so don’t try to use it for heavy-duty work. But still, you will be able to enjoy and have a great time in your home workshop.


It is compact and lightweight
It contains lots of useful features
It comes with affordable price tag
The table is large with aluminum and cast-iron


Changing blades is time-consuming

5. Porter Cable 18″– The Most Powerful Scroll Saw

Porter Cable 18In the world of best scroll saws, Hegner scroll saw is the name which is a synonym for quality. That is the main reason why we decided to present you all relevant information about it. You should have in mind that it comes with tremendous and standard motor speed.

It contains 2.83 Amp induction motor which is the most significant motor that you will find in scroll saw. It is much better than other types of scroll saws when it comes to raw power. Finally, you can quickly cut through any material. It doesn’t mean if it is high-density or low-density metal, it will reduce it like butter.

As the name says, 18-inches Hegner scroll saw contains 18-inch throat depth, which is the best thing about it. You will be able to accommodate substantial material without any additional problem. You can do everything from the workbench. It will provide you an enormous amount of productivity and maneuverability.

18-inches Hegner scroll saw has a depth of cut of 2-5/8-inches which is both versatile and generous. Therefore, you can work with any commercial material such as metal sheets, plastic boards, engineered lumber and many more.

The most amazing thing is its weight because it is only 43 lbs. That is incredible when you have in mind the size of the engine and the amount of power.

It can quickly reach stroke speed between 400 and 1700 strokes per minute so that you can work with numerous materials. You will be able to change the rate just by turning speed knob smoothly. It is that simple.

The other great thing about it is that you will get superior accuracy, which is the main reason why people choose it in the first place. That is because the smart design of 18-inches Hegner scroll saw.

It comes with a cast-iron table, blade holders and arm that will reduce the vibration and increase the accuracy. It is both accurate and precise, which means that your final product will be the same.

Scroll saws are not expandable products, which mean that they will stand the test of time. Everything includes cast-iron except drop foot knob. At the same time, if you purchase stroll without stability you won’t get enough precise finish. Therefore, we have to mention that you won’t experience any problem with balance.

You can release quick lock tension with a few steps. Just change the blade in a matter of seconds and continue working.

The main disadvantage is the fact you cannot find it in the affordable price tag. It is way too expensive when we compare it with other scroll saws from this list. On the other hand, you will get the most powerful machine on the market, so is it worthy, depends on you.


Simple to use for both beginners and professionals
Large throat size which means that you can work with more abundant materials
The most powerful motor on the market
Stable and without vibration
Speed can go between 400 and 1700 strokes per minute
You will get 7-year warranty


Too expensive

6. Jet 727200K – Scroll Saw with the Greatest Design

Jet 727200KIf you want to purchase scroll saw that will provide you everything you always wanted, we recommend you to choose Jet 727200K scroll saw. You will get the big table that contains arm that tilts while you keep the table stationary. It is the excellent feature that will allow you versatile cuts and finishes.

We have to mention also that you can quickly change blades, which is a convenient feature when you compare it with other types. It contains ¾ stroke length that could reach the cutting depth of 2-inches. The motor comes with variable speed control, and you can choose between 400 and 1550 strokes per minute.

This is a great deal of power, but still not enough for commercial use. Therefore, we recommend you to use in case that you want to use it to practice and to enjoy finishing personal DIY projects in your home.

Apart from power, you will still get the machine that can work for hours. That is a convenient feature because you can finish projects promptly. The throat depth is 22-3/8-inches which means that you can quickly cut more significant pieces of material. It doesn’t matter if you have wood or plastic, you can cut it like butter.

Just have in mind that speed for plastic should be slower, while you can cut wood in the fastest without hurting the material. The table measures 12-7/8-inches by 23-inches. You just have to lift the top arm up, and you will get more significant and more substantial workspace. At the same time, the arm contains spring-load so it will stay in the same position until you put it back down.

If you want to make angled cuts, you just have to tilt on 45-degrees to the right and 40-degrees to the left. You should have in mind that table has to stay level so that you can do it efficiently.

The lower part of the blade comes with a lower blade holder that you can capture with the lower arm. The best thing is that you don’t have to feed the blade through a hole because it contains slot which will make your entire process simple as possible.

It also contains air blower that will clear all sand-dust from the blade so that you can get cutting transparency. You can remove dust port at the bottom, which is a convenient feature.

The main downside is that it is expensive when you compare the performance and price tag. There are various other types of best scroll saws that you can purchase for the same amount, and you will get the similar and maybe better features and performance.

In overall, this is an excellent scroll saw for your household use. It doesn’t matter what you want to do with it because it is versatile and it will serve its purpose for a long time.


22-inches throat capacity will ensure the larger projects
Dust blower will keep table clear of dirt and debris
You can quickly remove both upper and lower blades
Cast iron table for stable working space
Minimal vibration



7. Craftsman 16″

Craftsman 16Scroll saws are an indispensable addition to everyone who loves or works with wood. It doesn’t matter if you do it professionally, or for fun, because this particular scroll saw will provide you everything you always wanted. It is mid-level saw that you could purchase for the affordable price tag.

Craftsman 16-inches scroll saw contains numerous features, which is an excellent balance between price and features. The first thing that we want to mention is a new parallel-arm assembly which is unique. It also contains cast-iron base and table, bellows, tilt, dust port and variable speed.

Even though the main problem with best scroll saws is the problem with noise and vibration, this particular model is different. The latest types contain cast-iron material that makes it much quieter and with fewer vibrations.

The weight is another factor in reducing the noise and vibration. It weighs 38 lbs. Which is the reason for its stability? It comes with tilting working table that will offer you the possibility to tilt 45-degrees of the left side. You can quickly cut through 1-inch of material at 45-degrees. On the other hand, when the saw is flat, you can rip through 2-inches.

The main downside is that you won’t be able to tilt it on the right side. Therefore, you have to cut twice as hard. If you wanted to purchase a scroll saw that contains both left and right tilt features, you should choose a different one.

It also contains arm-driven bellows so that you can clean space from debris and dust. You just have to direct it anywhere because it includes movable links. It also comes with dust port so that you can attach your sawdust removal or shop vacuum.

You can use it for numerous types of jobs. It doesn’t matter if you want to cut plastics, hardwoods or some soft metals because it contains stroke speed of 400 to 1600 strokes per minute. That is not so powerful, but still, you will be able to enjoy in your household without any problem.

You can quickly change blades with a few steps and seconds. This saw is the excellent choice to enjoy in your garage for a long time.

In overall, Craftsman 16-inches scroll saw is a great saw that will offer you great and robust features. At the same time, the reduced vibration is an excellent feature when you compare it with models of the same price range. You will get everything you always wanted, and we hope that this review helped you decide.


You can quickly adjust bellows so that you can clear cut line
It contains dust collection port
Bench mounting
Variable Speed Dial
It accepts plain and pin blades


Only left tilt
Breakable hardware

What should you look for in a scroll saw?​

​There are some things that you should have in mind when it comes to best scroll saws. Okay, you want to purchase scroll saw, which means that you have some criteria. Of course, everything depends on what you are planning to use it.

In case that you don’t know what to ask for and what to look first, we will present you all factors that can determine the type of scroll saw that you need:

Throat Size

The first thing that you should know about scroll saws is term “throat size.” When you look at the box, you will see that says “30-inch scroll saw” or “16-inch scroll saw.” The throat size measures distance of back throat of the saw to the back of the blade.

The main reason why this is important is that the throat size will determine the extent of material that you can cut. When you choose 16-inch scroll saw, you will be able to reduce 32-inches piece of material. 16-inch scroll saw is the standard and essential for beginners.

In case that you are more experienced, you should choose those with 20 or 21-inches.

Blade Types

There are two types of blades. Pinned ones are much thicker blades that you can use for more adhesive materials and woods. However, it is not for fine details and cuts.

Unpinned or pinless blades will provide you much more cutting possibilities. You can choose different types of pinless blades that will help you make more detailed cuts.

Tooled or Tool-less Blade

If you want to reach many cuts, you should choose a tooled blade, because it will change the blades after each cut you make. There are some tooled blades where you have to hassle around to change the blade out.

It may cause frustration to swap out the blade each time you want to make another cut. That is why professionals choose a tool-less blade because they can change the blade without replacing it.

Blade Tension

Some scroll saws have cams, some have levers, and some have knobs at the back that can loosen and tighten blades. Therefore, before you choose to purchase it, check the location of tensioning. Some stroll saws have lever or knob on the back which makes it more difficult to get to.

The Work Table

You should consider three factors for a working table. First is size, because it is essential to have enough room to work comfortably.

The other factor is material because you have to make sure that texture and material of your table are smooth so that you can protect the pieces of woods that you cut. We recommend you to choose cast-iron or aluminum because it is much more durable than wooden tables.

Dust Collection

Even though stroll saws are not cleaners and they won’t provide you thorough possibility to catch all dust and debris, you will still be able to clean the working space. Some of them contain compressors or blow tubes. Therefore, you have to make sure that blow table is flexible and that you can move it.

The Hold Down Foot

You should also check whether is it capable of holding the piece of material that you are working on. The solution is to purchase the best scroll saw that contains hold down the foot.

As a beginner, it is useful to use the foot. As you get used to it and become better, you won’t need foot anymore because it may hurt the possibility to make delicate details.

Blade Rocker Arm Type

This particular feature will provide you the strokes or down and up motion. Some scroll saws have a solid arm that comes from front to back and handles movement.

The arm leads as well as foot. However, some people think that it is difficult to make tiny details and delicate cuts. That is why we recommend you single arm which is more affordable.

Table Tilt

We can differentiate left tilt, right tilt or both of them. You have to know whether scroll saw contains correct angle. Therefore, you should check precise measurements of inclination. It is always better to choose the ones that include tilts on both sides, but they are much more expensive.

Blade Storage

As soon as you get a scroll saw, you should get lots of blades with different styles and shapes. Therefore, you should consider the place where you will place those blades. There are scroll saws on the market that contain the possibility to store them inside for additional convenience.

Work Lights

This is another bonus that will increase the convenience of the working. For making beautiful cuts and tiny details, you must have good lighting.


We have presented you thorough reviews and buying a guide on best scroll saws on the market. Finally, you will be able to determine which machine is the best for your DIY projects. It doesn’t matter if you want to use it for commercial uses or household projects because there are different models in different price ranges.

Still, the essential tool for cutting wood and other material and making tiny changes is scroll saw. Therefore, everyone who wants to understand the idea between them should reread this particular review for additional knowledge and information.

In case that you have your thoughts or you think that we have missed something, you can quickly comment on the section below. We will answer on short notice. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites.

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